Demigod Savers

3 demigod girls form an organization called the demigod savers to help helpless demigods get to camp. Even though they don't even want to be near the camp which you will learn why later in the story. But when one day they have to save one of the greatest demigods of all, are they up to it? They have to battle monsters they never seen before there to late. Do they save him in time? But during their journey, they realized this is more than saving Percy. It's about saving the world!


7. The Camp

" Were's Percy?!" Annabeth yelled. He's disappeared two days ago. At first, she wasn't really that worry, but when someone saw him go into the and woods never came out. Well that's what scared her. We just checked it and we can't find him anywhere.

That's when someone tapped on her shoulder.

" Hey Annabeth," said her new half sister Riley. " I don't think you should be worried about Percy."

" Why not?" Annabeth asked.

" Just don't," Riley said.

Later that night, the Demigod Savers came into Riley's and everybody else's dreams that they have brought to the camp. They told them to get packed and to go outside. They did what they said to do to find Skylar, Faith, and Hope outside. They said they would never enter the came and here they were! They didn't look comfortable though.

They explained what happened to Percy. Riley and the others promise to help as much as they can. Now were getting somewhere.

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