Demigod Savers

3 demigod girls form an organization called the demigod savers to help helpless demigods get to camp. Even though they don't even want to be near the camp which you will learn why later in the story. But when one day they have to save one of the greatest demigods of all, are they up to it? They have to battle monsters they never seen before there to late. Do they save him in time? But during their journey, they realized this is more than saving Percy. It's about saving the world!


16. A Witch Bringing An Army

When Percy climbed on the drakon, Skylar grabbed hold of its neck.

" Let's take this out for a test drive," Skylar said kicking into its side.

" What?!" Screamed Percy as they took off. They went in circles, squares, anything you could think of. When we got to the ground, Skylar saw Jason staring at the drakon and me.

" Beat that," Skylar said knowing he was so full of himself and voted one of the strongest demigods of all time.

That's when Skylar heard someone calling my name right behind her. It was Hope.

" Where out numbered," she said. " Another army just showed up."

" What about are troops?" Skylar asked.

" Most of them are badly injured." Hope said.

Skylar was thinking.

" I think we should let the gods take care of it," said a boy who was listening to our conversation.

" No," Skylar said. " This is one of the reasons I started the Demigod Savers. To show we don't need the camp or the gods to protect us. We done this to show we can fight our own battles."

" She's right!" Skylar heard Faith yelled over the people who was listening to her. " We can do this!"

" Ya!" Screamed everyone.

" Wait Faith look!" Yelled a boy who is known as Leo. One of the top seven.

There was the witch we saw earlier with an army behind us.

" Know that's what I'm talking about!" Skylar yelled smiling.

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