My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


23. What the hell? (part 1)


A/N I just did this for fun soooo...I will maybe update a real chapter in the weekend so yeah.Keep reading!!

 Valerie's P.O.V

"Hey".I was in my room and when I got out I saw Harry hugging some blondie."You know I love you right?"she said.They started leaning in but I just went to my room and closed the door slowly behind me and slid down with my back on the door.I was crying by now.All I did was just close my and put my head in my arms.I started shaking my head with thaughts running all around like 'He wouldn't he loves you' and other stuff.


"No,no,no"I yelled as I sat down on the couch (with fast motion).I felt two hands wrap around my waist and I just stood there like I got frozen."It's okay babe.It was just a horrible dream"Harry's soft and calming voice said.He pulled my head in his chest as I just cried "Shh don't cry im here for you"he said 'playing' with my hair"I looked up at him and he smiled at me "Now can you tell me what's wrong?" "Well I-I had a dream and-and there-there was this blondie and she said 'you know I love you right' and-and you nodded and you were gonna kiss but I-I just entered my room and-and cried"I stuttered."Hey" he said making me look in his beautiful eyes"I will never ever go out with some one else."Harry looked me in the eyes and I looked in his we leaned in and kissed.We kissed for like 3 minutes until "Get a room"Aaliyah said in the middle of a yawn."Give us one"I smirked.I don't know how but when Harry kissed me and held me close it really calmed me down.I got up and went to the kitchen.I got out a cooking pan and some ingredients for pancake mixture just to try to forget all about that stupid dream I had."Hey" "What?Im cooking you dinner you now miss Aaliyah?"I said smiling "Carry on misses Styles"she said hedding to the stairs "Bye misses Horan"I yelled so that she coulde've heard me from in her room."What ya coooookin?"Harry asked "Cakes in the form of a pan also known as...drums please...Pancakes"I said laughing "Panakes in like five in the morning" "No it's not five in the morning it's five and two minutes(5:02).Be precise."I said.He sat on the couch and switched the tv on.I started mixing the micture for six pancakes.Two each."Put on trace"I said "Hey did you like the film yesterday?"he said putting trace on while I put the first pancake on the stove."Well..I liked your colonne that I sniffed in the first half of the film so yes yes I did like it"

*skip 15 minutes.*

*the pancakes were done*

*A/N btw Val was sitting on a chair while making pancakes because of her foot.Sometimes she told Harry to flip the pancake too*


Wiggle came on and I went infront of the tv and started dancing like crazy "Ally get down here so we can eat and Val would finally stop dancing wiggle."Harry yelled and Ally came running down "Where's my breakfast?"asked Ally sprinting to the table.You should know that Aaliyah really really likes eating just like Niall but she hates Nandos so yeah."There coming"I said and stopped dancing to go and get the plates on the tables "Yey pancakes.."Ally said.She looked at her watch " five forty five in the morning"she said akwardly while I got some nutella,sprinkles and three knives. "Disigne your plates with some nutella and sprinkles"I said like when some one is making a commercial.


After we all ate we decided on watching The Fault in Our Stars and Ally and I finished up crying.By know it already was seven thirty and I went to take shower.When I was done I got out from the bathroom Ally had in her room with a towel wrapped around me."Hey beautiful."Harry said looking at me "What are you doing?"I asked "Waiting for you" I smiled and went to my bag to look for my pj's and after ten minutes of searching I found them on the bed under Harry's but "Why are you sitting on my pj's.Get up"I yelled jokingly.He got up and went in the kitchen while I changed


Hey everyone so I will update soon I think if you have any questions or anything tell me please and my characters accept questions too.See ya

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