My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


38. I'm a ......

    Louis's P.O.V

We were all at Zayn's when we suddenly heard someone singing from the back garden and guitar strums. We all went out and saw Valerie and Harry outside and Aaliyah at the side while Valerie was singing.

'My little baby is growing up' I thaught to myself. You see me and Val have come so close we are like siblings.I never knew she could sing or play guitar. As she finished singing Harry decided to speak but was stopped. 

''Wow I ne-'

''No Harry wait. I-I need to tell you something. You see when I started football I started going secretly and then told mum and Aaliyah but I still didn't tell you. And you probably wonder why because well you are my boyfriend and in relationships there are no secrets. That's how I always imagined it. I started thinking, 'would he except my decission?, will he except me now?' and I really didn't want to make us even worst I-I-I really love you. Even at school when they fou- ammm- I mean I didn't tell them either an-''

She started but was cut off by her phone ringtone.

''Hey mum'' she said smiling. You could tell she was faking it and that she was on the verge of crying. Zayn mouted her to put it on speaker and she did so.

''Hey hunny. It's your dad.''

''What's wrong dad?'' She asked worried putting it off speaker and taking it up to her ear as fast as a cheetah. Suddenly she ran inside grabbed her mobile and her purse and ended the call.

''What's wrong?'' Zayn asked running to her. ''Mum's givin' birth!!'' she yelled running out of the door with us trailing behind.We ran it all the way scince it wasn't thet far away.

    Valerie's P.O.V

Once we arrived I sped inside and asked the receptionist the room. Room 220. We all went up to the second floor and when we reached the door I heard a faint cry and sped inside.

I saw mum holding my little sister I've been waiting these past months. Mum looked up at us and smiled and I gladly, happily and also proudly smiled back.

''Can I holld her?'' I asked as I aproached her.

''Yes sure'' she smiled and handed her to me. I held her in my arms, swinging from side to side and slightly bouncing.

''What did you name her?'' I asked as Zayn came to my side and smiled at our little baby sister.

''Her name is...''



Okay I need help with the name!! :) Any ideas??


             Val xx

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