My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


16. Free day Part 1


Aaliyah's P.O.V

Today we didnt have school because all the teacher's had a meeting so the Head and Assistant Head's decided to give us a break from homework and studying.Val and I decided to make two alarms on her fone,one at 8:00 and the second one at 9:00.We woke up with the second alarm.Actually Val woke up first and then she woke me up.So Val woke up with her morning ringtone and sat on the bed,rubbed her eyes and burst into laughs.She woke me up and I sat down just like her.She has a sofa but it opens as a double bed so she slept on the right and I slept on the left of the bed.I burst into laughs with her looking at the boys with there make-up and mustace's.They were staring at us in a mad face Niall was standing infront of me while Harry was infront of Val.We stopped laughing and "Hey Zayn you hav something right here."Val told her brother pointing under her nose just were we did his mustace"Do you see it?"she asked me "Oh ye its kind of a white mustache"I said holding my laughs "I think you're getting old"Val said as i stuffed my face into the pillow and laughed "Hahaha" Zayn said mad."Here you go" I said handing all the boys a wipe.After they wiped there faces Louis talked."So today we got an idea that we would go some where the seven of us.You in?" "Im sorry but I cant."Harry said "Amm.. ye neither can I"Val said "Ok then.Are you coming...Ally right?"Niall asked me "Ye its Ally and ye ofcours im coming it will be fun"I smile.Niall smiled back at me."So come on now lets go"Niall said "Come on Harry"Zayn said "Im going to the bathroom please." "Ye sure see you tonight."Zayn said as we left out of Valerie's room."I stood near Niall "Hey Iwas wondering wanna tell the boys about you know our reationship?"Niall asked me "Yeah I guess why not weve got nothing to hide"I told him "Hey are you guys ok?"Liam asked "Yeah am we we are goingouttogether."Niall said.He said the last part fast."What?"All the boys said Its just that Niall and I feel some thing for each other"I said

Harrys P.O.V..

I opend the door when I heard the front door close.I went in Valerie's room.I  knocked on the door "Come in"Val said and I went in and found her on the bed listening to music with earphons and she was typing.As I could see she was chating with some one named Kim Bone on skype.She closed her leptop and waked up straight on her feet.She fell and "Ow.I think I twisted my ancle."She said and a tear slide down her cheek "I'll go tell your mum to come help.We have got to get you to the hospital"

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