My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


9. First date!!

           Aaliyah's P.O.V.

After school I went straight home prepared a little math homework and went to wash.It was five oclock and so I started looking for clothes what to wear.I started panicking as I didnt know what kind of colors he likes or if dresses or tops and jeans.I really like him and I dont want to mess this thing up.I found a white dress that stays streched with me.It took me an hour to find something to wear that is cute and perfect for a first date.Before I put on my dress and everything I wash my hair,comb it and then I did some curls at the end of my hair just like always.I started putting on my clothes,put on my shoes and do my make-up.Its 7:30 and so I left to groovysmoothies.When I arrived there I saw him standing there on a table for two waiting for me,man I shaky this is my first time on a date with a cute guy like him,I never liked anybody else atleast those my age.No more talking come on im going in. "Hi"I said "Hello" he said waking up from the chair "Is this chair for me please?"I asked him "Sure" "So you look fabulouse"he said to me and I blushed."Thanks.You look good too"I said to him."So, I heard you are in a band."I said trying to start a conversation "Ye but we havent written any songs yet we were gonna start tonight but I rather be here with you."he said to me.I froz what was I soppos to say."Well thanks.If you want to go it doesnt matter I-I we can hang out another time it wont be a problem I dont want to get in the middle of your stuff."I said to him in a low voice."No no dont worry we changed the day anyways we were gonna write with a video chat on skype." "You have skype?"I said with a smile on my face "Yes why do you have skype too?"he said and then I said truth "Yes" "Than tommorrow we can chat my name is Niall Horan and you?" "Im Ally Brooks.I'll add you tomorrow."I said we kept on laughing,drinking smoothies and talking until I checked my phone to check the time and it was already 11:00pm and in 30 more minutes I have to be home."We better go its already 11."I said to him."Ok lets go.I'll go pay"he  said."Wait here you go"I said giving him some money "No need its on me."he sad to me.After he paid we went out and started walking to my house because he wanted to make sure I arrive safley.(What an excuse).When we arrived we sad good bye to eachother while staring into eachothers eyes and the next thing I know my lips were on his.


Hey everyone hoped you like it.

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