My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


41. Clubbing

     Valerie's P.O.V

I woke up and groaned, streaching my arms, hiting Harry by accident.

''Ouch!!'' He said in his morning voice, turning to the other side pouting. 

''Ohh, come on Hazza it was an accident!'' I said calmly

''You didn't say sorry!!!'' He said pretending to be sad.

''Sowwy daddy'' I said sniffling acting like a little kid. I loved it when we would do this!! 

''Sowwy ain't gonna fix this thang'' He said all sassy.

I leaned in and kissed his lips. He started kissing back,his hands cupping my cheeks while mine travelled up to his neck. He licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I parted my lips giving him what he wants. My hands went down to his stomach. He always slept shirtless. Suddenly the door flew open and we broke the kiss,rolling off of him from the wrong side, ending up on the floor.

I got up crossing my arms and smiling at the door. There stood Zayn confusion written all over his face, with Katya in front of him. She ran to me and I lifted her up. She slept here yesterday because mum and dad went out for dinner.

'' What's up?'' I asked Zayn. ''Ummm.'' He said. He cleared his throat and continued. ''She wanted to come wake you up but I see...'' he looked at Harry and back at me ''You already are.'' He ended

''Why are you looking at him?'' I asked him slowly motioning with my head towards Harry, having Katya play with my hair whhile on my hip. ''Nothing. Why? Can't I look at my best friend who also turns out to be your boyfriend?'' He asked raising  his eyebrows. 

''Oh come on Zayn nothing happenned ok? It was just a morning kiss.'' I said ''Yeah, umm I bet you and Perrie always do that!!'' Harry said

Zayn rolled his eyes and went to the kitchen with us following him to see the table with pancakes on plates. 

''PANCAKES!!!!!'' I yelled and ran to the table sitting down putting Katya on my lap. The guys and girls all gathered up at the table and we ate in peace. 

''So I was thinking about going to a club tonight since the last time we went because of someone we had to come home early.'' I said looking at Zayn. You see when we went it was my birthday and after I went grocerie shopping they surprised me. Zayn drank and when we arrived at the club he was already tipsy. Two cups  of vodka and he was really drunk that we had to leave.

We al agreed that we would leave here at 7. First we drive Katya home and then we would go so that we would arrive at 8 or something like that. Us girls decided on going shopping while the guys went out in the garden to play football with Katya tagging along. 

''Oh yeah that reminds me, tonight I got football from 5 till 6 so when I arrive i'll take a shower get dressed and we can leave!'' I smiled and closed the door behind me.

*After the shopping,going home,eating,changing and football practice* (sowwy but Im too lazy :D , Val)

I took a shower, washing my hair. I wore my black laced half top and short jean shorts. I blow dryed my hair, straightening it right after wanting to hurry up. I went down stairs, my heels in my hands, seeing all the dudes and dudetts in the livingroom. The guys were wearing button up shirts and jeans while the girls were all dressed up in some short dress.

''Let's go guys!!'' I said and they all got up. 

Zayn looked at me his arm around Perrie's shoulder. ''What are you wearing?'' He asked raising his eyebrows.

''Clubbing clothes.'' I said plainly. ''Well go change! You ain't gonna wear dose clothes!!'' He said ''And what will I wear?'' By now everyone was looking between me and Zayn, and Harry was almost drewling. Haha.

I huffed and Ellie (Eleanor) came up to me leading me up the stairs. ''Put these on'' she said handing me a red strapless dress.

I nodded and went in the bathroom got dressed, put my high heels on and went downstairs and to the car to find everyone inside it already. 

''Let's get clubbing people'' I yelled and they all laughed.



 Hey guys I know it's been a long time since I last updated but a lot has been going on and tonight my grandpa (He's 97 so it's kind of not a surprise but at the same time it is!!)  is at the hospital so I am really stressed!!! Oh and Jedi_Granger you'll be in the book next chapter ;) luv ya



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