My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


2. Chapter 2


I wake up knowing that today is the first day of school.I got out of bed and went down stairs by starting the day with a "Goodmorning sleepy head" mum said putting our lunches in the bags "morning mum,dad"i replied while getting a cup and the container with some nesquik powder in it scince i didnt have time to make a bowl of cereal.I wasnt happy at all knowing that it will be hard to make friends like always.You would probably ask about the friends I had last year in form 4 but they went to another country so they had to change schools.But anyways my bro came downstairs with a smile on his face because he and his friends are going to create something.We get dressed and get in the car with mum.As we arrive the bell rings and we have essembly and the head tells us in which class we are.I try to atleast make 1 friend."Hi"I said "Hello whats your name?" "Im Valerie and you" "Im Aaliyah but you can call me Ally" she replies.I saw Zayn happy that hes in the same class with his friends telling them the stupendes idea."Soo Im not really good at making new friends soo are we kinda friends?" i asked Ally. "hhh"she smiled "yes ofcours were friends so you can trust me if you want." "thanks your a good friend" I say as zayn and his friends walk infront of us when one of them stares at me and i stare at him in each others eyes.... it's love I think but I dont even know his name soo I am going a little far I think???

========================================================Hey guys hope you liked it and you Hazzies_Bear you will love me after this book believe me well bye guys hope you liked it... see ya

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