This is the story of two teenagers from the middle class. Please comment to help me to improve myself.


1. Chapter I

It was a wonderful sunny day, with a bright blue sky. A cosy and old house was standing in the fields, and in that house, lived a happy family ; of course, this family had troubles like every family, but they knew how to face them, and they knew it would never destroy them. This family was in ther garden, kids were playing with the dog in the greenest grass ever, the cat was lying on the fences, his eyes half closed in a lazy and arrogant way, the parents were having the breakfast with the grand-parents,  sitting in the shadow of an old ang huge oak. Not far from the house was running a river with woods on a side and the fields on the other side, as a limit between the savage and the domisticated nature. Above the cystal clear water, fruits were hanging making the branches of the trees bend by their weight. The postman dropped some envelopes in the house's blue mail box. The grown ups invited him to come in. He jumped over the fences, awaking the cat from his torpor. This one looked at the intruse with anger, and climbed over a tree, where he would not be bothered by anyone. Birds were singing, a soft wind was refreshing everyone, the many scents of the flowers, the fruits, the arbors, and the grass were melting into one stunning fragrance, This was a happy day.


Two teenagers about 17 years old were in a bedroom. The girl was lying on the unic bed of the room, looking happy, watching something the boy next to her couldn't see. He could hear the cars' noises coming from the roads, even though the windows were closed. The room the two teens were in was smoky, and clear crismon light was spreading all over it. The tall boy was sitting in the floor, looking at the girl. She was really happy, and the young man wished she could be this happy naturally. He sent a look at the small table where many pills of differents colours were scattered, some empty syringes between them. A white powder was strewing near. The boy stood and the girl turned the head.

- Garett? I think I found out what happiness is, she said.

Garett looked at her, amused.

- Did you? That's great, you'll share that with, OK? he said.

She didn't say anything for a moment, as if she was gone.

- Yes, but I don't remember it, she answered, perplexe.

Her pupils were dilated, and she smiled without reason.

- Ana? What are you on? asked Garett, sitting on the bed.

- On a bed, she replied, as surprised by the question. Garett looked at her and showed her the table with his head.

- Oh, you mean that... LSD, coke, ecstasy, heroine, maybe all of them. I don't remember.

A silence came. Ana tried to stand but fell back down on the bed, like the earth was turning too fast for her.

- We can fly, she avered.

Garett sighed.

- No we can't, he answered.

- Yes we can. How do you know we can't? We never tried, she said, stubbornly.

- We did try. You said we could fly but I was not sure we could, I brought you to the first floor of a small building, you leapt from a window, and broke your leg.

He said the last words in a louder voice.

- Well, maybe it was because we were not high enough, she told him.

- No, it's because we are not physically adapted to fly. Birds fly because of wings, do we have have wings?

- They also have tails. You have something wich looks like one.

Garett helped Ana to stand brought her in the bathroom, he lade her sit on the toilets and came back few time later with clothes.

- Maybe, we have reactors, she proposed.

She seemed so confident about that, that anyone else a bit stupidwould have checked. But Garett wasn't stupid. Or he knew her well enough to know she was still dazed.

- Do you see any on me? No, then we can't fly, he declared.

She looked at him, disapointed and disgusted.

- Why are we even friends? she asked.

He held out a towel to her.

- 'cause I make you have showers.

Garett looked at his friend when she went out from the bathroom : what he had to tell her was something he never did before he felt abit nervous about it. They rarely made serious comments at each other, or even advise. But he had to try. Ana sat her bed, and got out a bag of weed and joint filter of her jacket pocket.

- Are you totally with me? he demanded.

The young woman smiled :

- Yes for now, love. You have three minutes to talk to me, before marijuana distord my perception of everything.

- I think you need a rehab.

She rose an eyebrow, stopping what she was doing. There we are, thought Garett, really uneasy with the conversation that he knew was going start.

- You or your momma ? she mocked him.

- You know my mother doesn't give a damn at you anymore.

Ana went back to her joinnt preparation, the mocking grin still on her face.

- Why?

- Because she thinks you're damned fo eternity and only God can help you now, said Garett, quoting the exacts words of his mother. He had learned these by heart.

- No, I know that, but why do I need a rehab, mommy boy? she smiled larger.

She gave him the joint she just made.

- Well, because you're an addict. Obviously, he said, showing her the joint he was setting on fire.

- What? No, I'm just someone who likes to take things as these and who can't hold herself to take it, because if she does, she feels bad, Ana explained half exhausted, half amused.

- That's the meaning of addict.

Once again, the girl stopped what she was doing, looked into her friend's eyes and smiled.

- Then you're right, I'm an addict, and I enjoy being one.

- Right, you assume it. But this addiction destroys you, replied Garett.

- Maybe, but that gives me the strenght to wake up in the morning. That's one of the thing that make me want to live, that gives life this I-don't-know-what great. That's like pepper in an untasty meal, answered Ana.

- That secludes you of your family.

- .Nah, it's just, I don't really care about my family these times.

- It can kill you, for instance, when you think you can fly.

- God saves me.

- You don't believe in God, Garett made her notice.

- I do, when I need to, Ana stated.

- It's not even God who saves your ass, I do.

- Then you're God, she declared.

- It made you stop going to school, Garett  responded,without considering her last words.

- No it didn't, I never liked school, she answered.

- You're selfish! You just care about yourself! exclaimed Garett, out of arguments.

- It's not because of my addictions, Garett, it's because I was born this way. And I care about you.

Garett looked at her, and made a dismissive gesture. Ana took a toke, inhale, held the smoke inside her lungs, appreciating her first puff, then breathed out. Then she took her jacket, and said:

- Now, let's go God, we have things to do.

Garett looked at her perplexe.

- Such as? he asked.

- Working. Trading.

Garett smiled. And they headed to the door, and he said:

- Pepper in an untasty life meal, seriously? What you say sober is worse than what you say high.


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