Lead Me to You

My dreams led me to him, to my only hope. I couldn't fathom what we would find along our way, it was almost an impossible task. Finding some guy that I had only ever seen in dreams. We didn't know what he looked like and we didn't know his name. The only thing we did know ahas that we were connected, in someway or another. We just had to hope that would be enough to save my life.


2. Chapter two.

Day One.


"If we take this shortcut, we should be near the place you described" Noah had mouthed with his eyes closed, he was looking at the sky like it would lead him to the place in my dreams. Knowing Noah, it probably was leading him there. 


That was his ability. Some were good with knives, some running and stealth. The bad boy that is Noah Storm, is good with maps. Anywhere else, in my own world for example, this would have made him a 'geek' or a nerd. So when someone looked at him from behind, the clothes, shoes, everything screamed nerd. When they looked at the front though, damn. Girls would literally swoon and give him anything that he wanted. Ah, the life of the incredibly hot. The people in their world was different though. They could see through his hotness and charm.


"Noah remember what happened when we last took one of you 'short cuts'?" Eva snapped, throwing her dagger in the air, catching it, then doing it all over again. Somehow she had managed not to even break a nail let alone break skin. 


"Yes I remember, that won't happen again. There are no demons in these parts." Noah, always one to make you feel like an imbecile. 


After a short argument that I cannot be bothered writing, we headed to where Noah's shortcut was. 

Day Two


We have decided to stay in the lovely forrest that Noah expertly led us through. Our camp was set up in-between three great, big trees. We were all now seated in a largish tent eating what we had cooked earlier, this places equivalent of a squirrel, except it walked on two legs. When I had first seem them, I passed out. It was that freaky. But after a few months of living here, they had become a normal thing. All of the animals inn this place are different to the ones at home. When you picture a dog, you usually think of some fluffy little creature that wags its tail happily and drools over everything, maybe it reminds you sum what of a garbage disposal? Well that dogs here were, lets say..different, their teeth were about two inches long, their ears poisonous, their eyes red and angered. You would not want to feed these things anything. 

Most of the cuddly animals on earth were, in this realm, fierce and terrifying. While with the scary animals, lions, tigers, crocodiles, they were now the cutest little things you have ever seen, especially the tigers. All of those animals were a lot smaller here, but some are still just as vicious, even if they were tiny. 


"Who are you? Why can I never see your face? Are you the one thats suppose to save me?" I asked him, it was one of my weird dream. 

His face whipped around and I finally got a look at my supposed saviour. His short hair was spiked on top of his head like it always was and his eyes, still so bright. He seemed familiar, probably because I have seen him every night for the past few months, just never his face... 


"Winter? You are Winter Vaughn, daughter of John and Layla Vaughn? It must be time, Im sorry." He turned away, dropping something in the ground, he then walked away. Once he was about to fade into the nothingness, he pointed at the ground. He disappeared. 


​After an fair amount of trouble, I finally got to the place where he was pointing. There on the ground sat a necklace. It was a large round locket with a key not he front, next to it was a gemstone that I had never seen before. It was beautiful and warn to the touch.  


The locket started burning my hand, a fiery hot pain seared through my hand and no matter how much I wanted to drop it, I couldn't. It was like it was attached to my hand. 


The locket fell to the ground on its own, and I looked down at my hand-



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