Thriller Land

One day, two girls were born. They were best friends. They were also freaks. (In a good way.) But the other girl got curious when she noticed that her best friend was avoiding social interaction...


4. The Demon

Emily's P.O.V

"So, Emily... What is your worst fear?" The demon asked in a curious voice.

"Do I have to answer that?" I asked.

"Yes." He said.

I took a big gulp and said it.

"High roller-coasters." I said.

"Ha ha ha!" The demon laughed.

Suddenly me and Cat were placed into carts. I knew what was happening, he was taking me on a roller-coaster. Me and Cat swished around together. But then, we got really scared. The end of the roller-coaster was a giant tub of lava. 

"How did you get lava in your brain?" I asked Cat.

"It's what happens when I get angry." Cat said.

"Cat, this is your mind... Is there a way that you can stop this?" I asked breathing heavy.

"I don't know!" Cat screamed.

"Try thinking that the lava is water!" I shouted.

"Okay." Cat said as if she was relieved.

I couldn't believe my eyes. The lava had turned into water. the thing was, it was a lot of water. I couldn't just make her think that nothing was in that tub, we would fall straight in, and it really would hurt. But Cat doesn't know  how to swim, and we were heading right for the water. 

"Cat! I will try to help you, the water is deep and you can't swim!" I shouted.

"Thanks Emily, you have always been my best friend. And if you can't save me, and this is the end... I want you to know that." Cat said nervously.

"Thanks Cat." I said.

Me and Cat were right next to to water. A second later, we fell in. I got a chance to say something before we fell.

"At least it isn't lava." I said.

I could see Cat scared, almost drowning. Then drowning. I grabbed her by her arm and pulled her out of the tub. She wasn't awake. And her heart wasn't beating, I didn't want to lose my best friend though.

I had to do one of the weirdest things I could ever do to her. I had to give her air. I had to give her mouth to mouth and all that. It was disturbing, but it was to save my friend. 

I looked up to cat with a scared face. But the, I saw the best thing that could ever happen in this situation. She opened her eyes, stood up. And was breathing.

"Emily, you saved me." Cat gave me a hug.

"Yeah, I had to give you mouth to mouth too." I said.

"Ugh, whatever." Cat said.

"That demon sucks." I said.


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