Thriller Land

One day, two girls were born. They were best friends. They were also freaks. (In a good way.) But the other girl got curious when she noticed that her best friend was avoiding social interaction...


5. Still in the Brain

Cat's P.O.V

Suddenly, me and Emily saw lightning. We also saw little fire sparks, rising up onto our body's. We ran, but it was no use. We were on fire. 

"Bye Emily." I said.

"Bye Cat." Emily chuckled.

Fire burned through our heads as the demon laughed. 

*Two Hours Later*

Me and Emily woke up. It was crazy that we weren't dead. But, I also grew furious, because I forgot, I haven't eaten in days. And, I bet that Emily feels the same way.

"Emily, we need food and water!" I almost screamed.

"Oh, there is a chest over there!" She said in excitement.

"Hello, we are in m mind!" I said. "This could be a trap." 

"Oh come on!" Emily walked towards the chest.

"I'm not going in there." I said.

"I will though." She said.

"Fine, I won't stop you." I said.

Emily walked even closer to the chest.

"Cat! They have apples in here!" She screamed.

"No traps?" I asked.

"No traps." She said.

I ran to grab an apple. Then, the demon grew big, and picked up Emily. Emily's life and death was sitting in the palm of he demons hands. I was scared. The demon through Emily backwards. And we both screamed.

"Why? Why do you do this?" I asked.

"Ha, ha, ha..." He laughed...

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