Dark III || Z.M

Brook and Zayn have been through to much to go back now. Now Friends are Enemies, and the world is against them. With more murder, alcohol, and gangs, will it ever end? In this world can they really get their forever? Or will they never get there infinity.
“Don't regret me” he replied. “Can I leave now?” she smirked softly as he still held her hand and she looked to it, and so did he, they smiled at their intertwined fingers. “You mean can I let you go?” Zayn asked, she nodded, and he shook his head pressing his forehead against hers, “No” he smirked.


36. Weakened Embrace

Brook’s Pov


Many weeks had passed, and I had become custom to this lifestyle. The new Brook was someone who could actually be loved. When Adam saw my scars, he loved them. Not in the way Zayn did, no one would ever know the truth behind them except Zayn. I told Adam that my scars were from a car crash I was in when I was younger.


Harry had refused to talk to me. He thought that Adam would be phase, it broke him a little bit to know that he wouldn’t be. Louis still spoke to me, and so did Niall, they were happy. Zayn had apparently kicked Perrie, out and he was seeing a new girl called Cece.


I loved this life. The beach, the wonderful company, a happy Liam. Adam. Adam was a work of art, I loved the way his face shone when him and Liam would sit and chat at the bar. Rosie had become a good friend of mine, and I found myself slowly forgetting the pain of the past. 


“We are going to go back to the apartment now.” Liam took a step out onto the beach with Adam, “Are we?” I asked Liam, “Well, we are all going out tonight aren’t we?” Rosie spoke, “That’s a good point, we need to get ready.” 


Adam’s eyes didn’t leave me this whole time. “I suppose I will see you later then?” I spoke, and took a step towards him, and he brushed the hair out of my face, and placed his lips on my, ever so gently. “I suppose you will.” he muttered, I laughed and bit down on my lip.


On the way back to our small hotel, Liam seemed rather edgy. 


“Liam, are you okay?” I asked him, and he nodded slowly, “Is this how it is suppose to be?” he asked me, I shrugged, “It’s different, isn’t it?”.


“I’m just worried this lie of ours is all going to crumble.” he told me, “What if the boys come over here, or there is unfinished business with someone, and out past catches up?” he shook his head, and I smirked, “What if it does? At least we had a shot at being normal.”


Liam stopped and pulled me to stand in front of him. “You are not Brook Green.” he chuckled, “I’ve never had this Liam, in three years, this is all I have wanted. It’s nice not being Brook Green, girlfriend of Zayn, or anything. It’s nice to be who I was supposed to be.”


“You look peaceful.” he smirked, “You look like you did when you were dead.” he touched my cheek, “I told you, didn’t I? When you wanted to find yourself, you needed to be with me.” and I laughed, and intertwined our hands. “Liam Payne, I like it here. I like it here with you. I like Adam and Rosie, and I like this life.”


For the first time in years, the air was clear, and it was easy to breath. 


All of those tears that I used to cry - made me feel so stupid. And maybe everything was suppose to be this way, maybe that’s what Josh’s death was. Maybe it was the end of a chapter, someone had to die for me to move on.


I realised then that we were already back at our hotel. Still entwined we entered the room, and waiting on the bed were four people that I didn’t want to see. 


“What the fuck?” I shook my head, and saw Harry’s beady eyes look at our hands, “What happened to Adam?” he snarled, and I snapped my hand away from Liam - “We are friends.” I spoke, and then smiled realising Louis was there with open arms, so was Niall, and so was Ashton. 


After the welcoming stopped, I then remembered that they shouldn’t be here. “Why are you here?” I sat down on the chair near the bed. 


“We don’t want you to hate us, but you need to come home.” Louis spoke. 


There was a silence, “it’s been six weeks, that’s not long enough of you to miss me.” I tried to chuckle.


“Believe me, it is.” Harry muttered, “It’s not for us, it’s for him.” he continued. 


I was trying to ignore the empty space in the room, with a Zayn shaped hole. “He isn’t himself.” Niall spoke, “Well, I am sorry that isn’t my problem anymore.” I spoke, and walked over to grab my clothes from my suitcase. 


“Really? Well, what if we told you he’s in intensive care.” Harry stood up, spoke cold-heartedly. I dropped my things, and turned to face them, “What happened?” I whispered.


“Someone murdered his mother. They found her body in the middle of the road, she’d been ran over three times. Every bone in her body was broken.” he whispered, “Zayn tried to kill himself.” 


I dropped to the floor. His mother had always been so wonderful. “We have a new enemy, we don’t know where they have come from, but they are attacking everyone close to us. We needed to warn you. You are the only person that Zayn will listen too.


“What about his new girlfriend?” I asked, “She doesn’t know him like you do.” Louis spoke.


I couldn’t give this up. None of it. I loved it here. Zayn had dumped me, and though I would always love him, I couldn’t go back there, I couldn’t let him reopen all the scars that Adam had closed. 


“Liam, could I talk to you?” I asked him, and he nodded. Harry rolled his eyes, and I walked over to him, “Don’t. You don’t have any right.” I snapped at him, one old scar opened.


In the small bathroom me and Liam stood. “What do we do?” I sighed, “We can’t let Zayn do that to himself.” he told me, “He doesn’t love me anymore, Liam. Why will it make a difference?” I asked him, “Brook, I love it here too. But if someone else is after us-“ I cut him off, “No. There’s no if’s, someone else is after us, and I am not wasting more time waiting to be killed, if I am then I am.”


“Brook, please, think about this.” 


“I have thought, and I’ve thought. That there are four boys out there who love me, and I love, and one in here that I love. I would rather them protect themselves then me.” I gulped,


“What about Zayn?” he asked, and I closed my eyes. “I will go and see him, but I will be coming right back here.” 


When we went back outside, I saw them all look at me. “I won’t becoming back to stay.” I told them,  they all sighed, “I can’t give this up. This is the one good thing.” I looked down. “You boys have given me some wonderful memories, and I can’t thank you enough for protecting me. But, I have to stay.”


“For Adam?” Harry snarled, “Partially.”


“You are going to put him in danger.” they told me, and I nodded, “Maybe I am being selfish. But maybe just this once I am allowed to be.”


“I want you to come out with us tonight. All four of you, just so I can spend time with you. But, you need to lie.” I spoke, a confused expression covered all of their faces. 


“I didn’t want him to know the truth about you. About me. I’ve gave you each your own back story.” I felt ashamed now. “Are you that embarrassed of us?” Harry stood up, “No. I am not. I wanted someone to love me for who I should have been, not who I turned out to be.” I snarled, and fought back tears. 


“I needed you all to seem normal.” I spoke, “Because lets be honest, no boy ever looks for a girl who has a bad past.” I tried to defend myself. “Well you know what, some boy’s don’t care.” Harry snarled.


“Look, I know it sounds bad, but it’s because of you boys that I can’t be normal again, and you don’t have any idea how that feels. I didn’t choose this life, you chose it for me. I love you all, so much. But I didn’t want this. I am going to see Zayn, but I am bringing Adam with, I will tie of all loose ends, and then that’s it. This life is over.” I spoke, and they all looked around, and wondered if I meant it, and I did. I really did.


They spent the afternoon refreshing each other’s memory, I waited for them to be done, but they carried on reminiscing, about four months ago.


I sat writing a letter of all the things I needed to say to Zayn. All the things that I just needed to clarify, that at the time were far to painful to say, but now I’d say them all, get them all off of my chest. 


I took some paper from the guest address book - I began to write. 




Once again we are left scribble little love notes on some crumbled paper. I wanted to say I am sorry that I won’t be able to say any of this to your face. 

I’m sorry that I can’t be with you. Who’d have thought you needed me to save you, it sure does make a difference. I needed you know that you’re better than this. Wasn’t I suppose to be the one who needed saving?

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I love you, because you already know that, I am going to sit here and tell you why you need to get up out of that hospital. 


If you died, the boys would fall apart. If you died, I’d simply fall apart. If you died, your death would be in vain. If you died, your proving that you weren’t strong enough If you died, who would save me? If you died, who would have your children? If you died, you are doing someone out of a wonderful life. If you died, you’d haunt me. If you died, you truly have given up. If you died, who would love me?


It’s not about me, Zayn. I need you to remember life without me, I don’t want to be the one to save you. That’s someone else job now. No matter how much we love each other, we can’t be together. We ruin each other. Besides, I have met someone. 


Everyone is expecting this letter to be some profound letter about out eternal love. But, It’s not. We’ve had to many of those. This letter is show you that you are worth living, to prove me wrong. Prove to me you can find a love like we had. Prove to me you can love some one half as much as loved me. 


Prove that I am not the one. 


And in return. I am setting you free. You won’t have to live with knowing that you ruined me. No, you can live a happy and long life. Without me. No more LAST TIME’S and no more GOODBYES. 


I have always loved you Zayn. But, I am not yours, and I refuse to save you. You have to save yourself.





We went out that night, and we all sat and laughed. I must say the boys performed well. I told Adam I was leaving with them, he told me I should call him if I was ever back in the area. I smiled and kissed him, “Would you have loved me if I wasn’t in university, if my friends weren’t like they were, would you have ever considered loving me?” I asked him, just before I got into the cab to leave, he smiled and kissed my cheek, “I don’t know, I didn’t get the chance.” he smirked, “Maybe one day you will.”


I sat in the back of the cab with Liam, and he grabbed my hand. “The boys took another one to the hotel, our bags are in the packed for tomorrow. Are you ready?” Liam asked me, and I nodded and sighed, “It was nice, not being me.” I smiled, and he turned to face me, “Do you want to see Zayn?” he asked spontaneously. 


“I’ve wrote him a letter.” I spoke, he chuckled, “You and your fucking letters.” he shook his head, and I frowned. “Shut up, it’s easy to write it.” I nudged him.


It was silent for a moment. “I’m not done with you, you know?” I glared at him, smirking, and he cocked his head, “I thought we were going to travel the world.” I finished, and he laughed “I thought you’d fall back in love with Harry or Zayn, and we’d be staying.” he told me, I shook mine this time. “No, it’s me and you, now please. Before I fall apart, Liam. I need you to kiss me.” I spoke, and he almost laughed. 


Then he stopped, “Kiss you?” he asked me, “Liam, I need to be loved for half an hour, or how ever long you’ll give me. I know it’s selfish, but I need you.” I spoke, and he smirked, “Have you had to much to drink?” 


“Liam, please.” I begged, “I’m not a toy, Brook.” he told me, “If I kiss you, I’ll be trapped.” he whispered, his voice low. “I wouldn’t hurt you.” I tried to laugh, but I stopped as I knew I would. “I wish I’d had known your kisses were toxic before we met.” he smirked, and brushed my hair back.


We knew this moment wouldn’t last, but with every word he said to me his hold grew stronger on my heart while his arms weakened their embrace, and he let me in. But I just keep wondering if we were the one’s supposed to be happy. 

Not Brook and Zayn.

Not Brook and Harry. 

Maybe Brook and Liam.


----- I am so sorry I have been MIA guys. Weekly updates coming your way! and more edits, and i want your opinion on who your favourite character with Brook is :D ------

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