Dark III || Z.M

Brook and Zayn have been through to much to go back now. Now Friends are Enemies, and the world is against them. With more murder, alcohol, and gangs, will it ever end? In this world can they really get their forever? Or will they never get there infinity.
“Don't regret me” he replied. “Can I leave now?” she smirked softly as he still held her hand and she looked to it, and so did he, they smiled at their intertwined fingers. “You mean can I let you go?” Zayn asked, she nodded, and he shook his head pressing his forehead against hers, “No” he smirked.


4. Us Against The World.

Brook’s Pov


Waking up the next day was painful. My face ached with bruising, and my head pounded from alcohol. 


I walked into the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee. No one was downstairs yet, I heard someone showering, and Niall’s voice mumbling upstairs. But I had heard no footsteps of the one person I wanted to see; Zayn. 


I crawled back onto the couch and wrapped my arms around myself.  Everything was so close to falling apart. 


Soon I heard Louis, and I see him peaking his head around the door. “Morning” he smiled, and I flash him a weak smile. 


“Hey” I smiled. 


Louis continued to the kitchen, “Do you want anything to eat?” Louis called.


I yelled back, “No”. 


Liam soon came down, and he kind of knew I wanted to be left alone, and so did Niall. It wasn’t until there was a knock at the door, that the house actually fell silent. 


I stood up and walked to the door. I opened it up, and James stood there with a smirk on his face. “Good morning” he smiled.


“Your early” I snapped and opened the door further for him to walk in. 


“How are you feeling this morning?” he asked, ignoring my statement. 


“Shit” I spoke.


“Yeah, you look it, how’s the cuts?” he asked me, and I rolled my eyes, he was far to honest, and I was far too moody to deal with him today. 


“Oh your up too?” I saw James look to the top of the stairs, and Zayn stood there looking down at us. 


He ignored the question of James’s and walked down into the kitchen and ignored me. “Things still rough with you two?” he asked me, and I sighed in annoyance. 


“I would appreciate it if you would stay out of my relationship” I tell him, and he smirked at him. 


“Not a morning person, sweetie?” he asked me, and I closed the space between us. 


“Not a James person, sweetie” I seethed at him, and he smirked down at me. 


“Well learn to be, we are going to be working together” he told me. “For a very. long. time” he finished bringing his face closer to mine, and I rolled my eyes and moved. 


“The boys are in the kitchen” I snarl, and walk back into the living room. 


“I need to see you too” he told me.


“Fuck of” I snap at him, and he chuckled walking into the kitchen.


 Minutes later, I see Zayn standing at the door. 


“Hey” I say to him, he doesn’t say anything he just walks in and sits beside me.


“How did you sleep?” I say, after an unbearable silence. 


“I didn’t” he told me, and I nodded in agreement. 


“What happened there?” he asked me, looking to the stained rum carpet and shattered glass.


“I exploded” I whispered.



“I heard you and Niall talking last night” he spoke. 


Everything was a little hazed from last night, but I remembered most of it. “Your mad?” I asked him, and he stood up and ran his fingers through his hair. 


“You said, you thought he didn’t love you, and thats why you didn’t marry him” he spoke, and took in another breath before continuing. “I hoped…no… I thought you left because you loved me and not him” he told me.


“That’s is why I left, I was drunk Zayn, so much had happened can we please, just forget it?” I begged him. 


“No we can’t” he snapped.


“But Zayn…” he cut me off.


“What do you expect Brook? You want me to be calm, you practically confessed your undying love for Harry yesterday!” he yelled at me.


“I don’t love him, not like I love you and you know that” I sighed.


“But you do love him?” he frowned.


“Not in the way that your thinking!” I exclaimed. 


“Look, I care about you so much Brook, and you know that, you know I would do anything to keep you safe, but your just lining yourself up to get hurt by being involved with Harry again, you need to understand he isn’t our friend anymore Brook” he told me.


“I know that, but I just don’t want to believe it” I sighed. “Well you need to, because I can’t loose again, not to Harry” he snarls at me.


“Why do you think you’ll loose me, I know I do stupid things, but I wouldn’t go to him, I wouldn’t call him up, or even try and reason with him… he isn’t the boy I knew” I spoke softly. 


“You mean the boy you loved” Zayn uttered, as I went to defend myself, the door opened and a smirking boy stood there.


“Interrupting?” James smirked leaning against the door frame, Zayn groaned and rolled his eyes, running his fingers through his hair.


“Great timing James, really great fucking timing” Zayn snarled and walked out of the room, leaving me stood there with James.


James raised his eyebrows to me, telling me to leave the room to join the others. I groaned and walked into the kitchen with the others. 


I walk in and smiled softly at the first person I see who is Liam, and he smiled back at me. 


I stood beside him, and saw Zayn stood by the back door with a cigarette in his hand. “Are you okay?” Liam whispered, and I looked up to him, and gave a small nod. 


I didn’t really remember what being okay felt like, though things had changed yesterday, it felt like this had been going on for months. Thought the feeling of having all the boys back, all of them together was a wonderful feeling, that I wanted to keep ahold of. 


“Nice to see you all” James walked in.


“Can we just skip the small talk please” I snarled at him, and he cocked his head and me smirking. 


“Very well, the people joining your team, they are on there way. Now if you remember what I told you - which by the look of things you don’t - these girls are dangerous, they are like you guys, they’ve pulled of a few murders, bank frauds and in exchange for their freedom, they work for us” he told us. 


“They are twins, 21 years old, ran away from home at 16 when there mother became an alcoholic, and their dad walked out” he told us, I could see why the girls were so dangerous with a childhood like that. “They are going to be staying with you guys, you don’t get the choice in the matter, we need the whole operation under one roof, and this one seems to be the best place for you all be in” he explained. 


“Names?” Liam asked.



“Tiff and Flo” he looked Liam’s way.


“They will be here in about half and hour, so you guys can clean up or get ready and whatever” he told us. I stepped out of the room first, and James grabbed my arm, tugging me back. 


“No disappearing acts, I know what your like” he whispered in my ear, and I turned to look into his chestnut eyes, and yanked my arm away. 


“You know nothing about me” I snarled, and walked out of the room, and up the stairs. 


I grabbed some clothes from the bedroom that me and Zayn shared, but I felt so out of place in it. As I was rummaging through the draws, I heard the door open. “Are you okay?” Zayn asked me, and I sighed turning to him, throwing the clothes on to the bed. 


“Aren’t you still mad at me?” I ask.


“We need to just move on, ignore it, I have to accept the fact you had a thing with Harry, and somewhere your going to have feelings for him” he told me.


“I don’t though, I don’t have feelings, I love him like a brother, or a best friend… I don’t have feelings for him, that is why I didn’t marry him, not because I didn’t love or because he didn’t really love me, because I didn’t love him, and because I am so crazy in love with you… I only have feelings for you” I tell him, and he looked down. 


“Yeah… Well… You need to stop making everyone think that, because honestly Brook, the way you defend him and the way you look at him, sends so many fucking mixed signals” he told me, and I nodded softly. 


“It’s just hard, when you think you loved someone and you watch them change right before your eyes, you know?” I asked him, and he looked at him and sighed. 


“I have had to watch you change, so yeah, I do know” he whispered.


He was still so mad and me,and I was mad at me. I had no reason to be mad at Zayn, but someone how, whether it was due to tiredness or just the whole situation, the way he didn’t believe me, and the way he talked about me now, made me sad and mad. 


“I should shower before the new house guests arrive” I say and pick the clothes back up. 


“We can’t keep doing this Brook” Zayn stopped me. “We can’t fall apart now” he told me. 


“We won’t, I won’t let that happen” I tell him, and he sighed. 


“Can you do one thing for me?” he asked me, and I sighed, and I nod softly. 


“Ease up the drinking, I don’t like it when your drunk” he told me.


“Why, because I say stupid things” I ask him, and he gave a half smile that was completely forced. 


“No, because your the not the same person, and I am so scared that your not going to know being drunk from being sober” he told me.


“Life if better when your drunk Zayn” I tell him.


“It’s not, remember when I came home drunk and I scared you and you didn’t like it?… That is all it is for me” he told me, and I sighed, he was right.


I drank to much, but was it such a crime to not want to feel this world, feel everyones pain, the guilt I have placed upon myself. 


“I’m sorry, I just… I don’t know when you left it was kind of a numbing aid, and then when everything happened again, I just wanted to feel numb again” I told him.


“You’ve been through a lot, but whats the point in doing it all, if you don’t feel anything, where are you Brook? The Brook that I know, wouldn’t back down from a little pain with a bottle of brandy, that was my job” he told me, and I sighed. 


“Zayn, don’t think that i’m a drinker, I can stop if I want, the only thing is, I don’t want to” I tell him. 


“But you will for me, right?” he asked, and I sighed looking down.


“Yeah” I mumble.


I shower then, and quickly get ready. 


I heard voices down stairs, and greetings. I wasn’t ready for another two people in this house. But I walked down the stairs, and Zayn isn’t far behind me. At least we were doing this together. I see Zayn, and he offered me a weak smile. 


“I will clean up your cuts later” he told me, and I nod thankfully. 


“Brook?” Zayn stopped me. “Please… Please don’t leave me” he begged, and I pull him into the living room. Closing the door. 


“I’m not going to leave you” I tell him, softly. 


He cupped my face delicately, “I mean it Brook, I don’t want to live in a world where I don’t have you” he tells me, and I smile up at him warmly. 


“You don’t have to” he tells me and kisses me softly, and his lips are warm and soft, and I let myself fall into him, deepening the kiss. 


“It’s scary isn’t it?” I whispered against his lips, and he pulled back looking at the broken girl before him, “That one day all of this is going to end” I tell him, and he kissed my lips sweetly once more. 


“Promise me, you’ll always love me, no matter where I go, or where you go, where ever we end up after this mess is over, forever, right?” he asked me, and I smiled easily at him, and I nod. 


“I will only promise, if you promise me the same” I tell him, and he nods at me. 


“Until death do us part” he whispered smoothly at me.


Zayn and I heard had been called to the kitchen, and though things weren’t perfect, they were fine, and that was enough for me. 


Then, two blonde stood in our kitchen, and James spoke so highly of them, and they fluttered their eyes and stood there looking pretty. I already didn’t like them. Regardless of their harsh life. Neither did Zayn from the look of things. 


Twins, was more than likely to cause the well known, double the trouble. 


One girl walked over to me, thin blonde, and brown eyes. As she walked over to me and Zayn, she ignored me and went for the handsome boy next to me, my boyfriend, Zayn. 


“Well don’t just stand there like a wet fish” she smirked, reaching for his arm, but then turned to face me as I stepped closer to Zayn and he allowed it, swirling his arm around my waste. 


Momentarily we put every single difference aside, and were one strong unit again. 


“Is that meant to make me believe you two are in love or whatever?” she smirked.


“Flo” the other girl spoke - who must of been Tiff- was telling her to come back over to her. 


Tiff had Louis and Liam practically drooling over her though, she was smiling and laughing with them. Though nothing was funny. I thought James said this was going to be a professional thing. 


“How long are they going to be staying with us?” I asked him.


“I don’t know, why?” he asked me, and I stare at the two girls. 


“I don’t like the blonde one” I whispered to Zayn, and he lowered his hand to the bottom of my back and came down to my ear.


“They are both blonde” he told me, and I turned to look up at him. 


“Exactly” I say.


James looked over to me, and raised his eyebrows. 


“Zayn how about you show, Tiff and Flo there rooms” James spoke, “Don’t tell me what to do in my own fucking house” Zayn snapped. 


The two girls walked over to Zayn, and Flo looked at me. “Brook, right?” she asked me, and I nodded. 


“Don’t fuck around with us, don’t get in the way, do what we say… and we will get along just fine” she spoke.


“Your in my house, you do what I say” I seethe. 


“Brook” I heard sternly and it James. 


“It’s okay” Zayn whispered to me.


“Yeah, sweetheart, it’s okay” Flo smirked at me. 


Leaving the room with Zayn and Tiff. I looked over to James, who nodded for me to go outside with him. 


I looked to Liam and Louis, “They are so hot” Louis smirked.


“I’ll work with them” Liam laughed back.


“Seriously?” Niall asked, being the only one keeping common decency. 


I step outside with James.


“Now, I know you don’t like them” he told me, and I smirked.


“What gave it away?” I asked him, stepping forward to him.


He turned to me, with a grin on his face. 


“I don’t get you Brook, I mean you want all of this to be over, you want it all to just stop, but you know that won’t happen without our help… my help” he whispered stepping forward to me. 


“It doesn’t mean I have to like it… or you” I snarl at him, and he cocked his head.


“Why did you choose Zayn instead of Harry?” he questioned.


“That isn’t any of your business” I asked him.


“Well i’m just wondering… because maybe you’d choose me over Zayn” he smirked, and I laughed rolling my eyes, and shook my head. “Or would you choose Zayn again” he smirked, “But then I have my ways” he continued. 


“It’s not attractive you know? A boy that thinks he can have any girl he wants” I say to him, and he chuckled nodding.


“I agree, but that isn’t me” he told me, and I looked to him.


“Oh, Really?” I asked him.


“Yeah, I’m not a boy, i’m a man” he told me, and I smirked at me. 


“Brook?” I heard from the door, and I looked, stepping back away from James. 


Zayn stepped further outside to us.


“Remember what I said Brook” James winked at me, and I rolled my eyes stepping towards Zayn. Zayn grabbed me and kissed me quickly and deeply in front of James, he was trying to prove a point.


“I will give you two some privacy”James smirked.


“Yeah, sorry… she’s mine” Zayn put an arm out to stop James in his tracks.


“You don’t need to tell me twice” he smirked and I gulped looking away, and James disappeared inside. 


“I really fucking hate that guy” Zayn muttered.


“What did he want, anyway?” he asked me.


“Nothing important, he was just asking about how I felt about the girls” I told him.


“If he fucking touches you, or looks at you the wrong way, you tell me” he told me, and I smiled softly and laughed at him. 


“And thats the Zayn I know” I whispered against his lips. 


“I’m serious, I don’t want his dirty hands anywhere near you” he told me, and I smiled slightly at him. 


“I know you don’t, I won’t let him touch me… really don’t listen to him either, he will turn us all against each other” I spoke and he smiled.


“Things are just going to get tougher for us, from here on out, so lets promise it now, that we don’t let shit come between us, people or distance or anything… it’s us against the world” he spoke, and hugged me lightly.


“Us against the world” I whispered softly to him, and for a moment, once again, everything with Zayn was perfect.




Does anyone like this chapter? How do we feel about Zayn, and James?!

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