Dark III || Z.M

Brook and Zayn have been through to much to go back now. Now Friends are Enemies, and the world is against them. With more murder, alcohol, and gangs, will it ever end? In this world can they really get their forever? Or will they never get there infinity.
“Don't regret me” he replied. “Can I leave now?” she smirked softly as he still held her hand and she looked to it, and so did he, they smiled at their intertwined fingers. “You mean can I let you go?” Zayn asked, she nodded, and he shook his head pressing his forehead against hers, “No” he smirked.


13. Save Yourself.


Brook’s Pov  - 4:30am


I lay out of breath, pained and broken. 


Blood that was not mine, and not anyone’s who was still alive covering me, I hurt.


“Brook, we need to go” Zayn stumbled over, holding his ribs to hold himself up. 


“Zayn… I can’t…” I whispered.


“Brook, I know your tired but you have to move” he told me.


“No Zayn…” I cried, and couldn’t sit up, the last bullet that had been fired had been lodged in the bottom of my spine. “I can’t feel my legs” I say softly to him, tears rolling down my cheeks. 


“You told me the bullet missed you” he whispered and forget his own pain fishing to my side. 


“You had to safe yourself” I whispered breathlessly, “Zayn… just call someone, anyone” I whispered.


Earlier that night - 11PM 


“This isn’t a game anymore, Brook” Ricky smirked as I sat in the back of his car as the rope rode my hands together even tighter. “Speak up if you want me to stop” he turned around to look at me, but the gag was too tight. 


I looked beside me to Niall, who was in the same situation as me. Looking to me with soft eyes, that told me it was all going to be okay, when I really didn’t know how we were going to get out of this one. 


We came for a meeting with them all today, and before we even got inside in the last evening blackness, we were jumped, separated, gagged and took away.


“So Harry is with Zayn, I have you two, Louis is pre-occupied with William, Liam is last on the hit list” Ricky spoke, as Jason sat in the passenger seat, who was Flo’s on off boyfriend. 


I hated to say it but Tiff and Flo were our last hope. 


Today had started to well, but now it wasn’t going to get any worse. - With blood that was not my own covering my legs, and my arms, it was difficult to actually contemplate how things got this way from a morning of happiness.


“You know, Brook. If you had just said okay to coming with me, none of this would be happening” he sighed, but smirked.


Jason reached over and yanked the gag from my mouth, and I coughed as he did so, he looked at me with apologetic eyes. 


“If your going to fucking kill me, go ahead” I snarled.


“What makes you think I would do such a thing, you have me all wrong Brook” he spoke. 


“Your a dick, just let us go, we aren’t going to help you with whatever fucking game your playing” I snapped.


“I already told you this isn’t a game” he turned around and looked at me, slamming on the breaks. “Now if you’ll please, get out of the car” he smirked at me. 


The door was opened for me, and I was yanked out by a stranger, who looked down on me like I was dirt. 


We stood on a dark road, surrounded by woodland, “You see Brook, and girl like you is helpful for business deals, I wouldn’t sell you, I would use you as a defensive or… persuasive tactic” he smirked at me, and pushed me forward with Niall trailing behind.


“Why would I help you? I have helped people like you in the past and it got me no where” I say.


“Because we have a common goal” he smiled, and stood in front of me, stopping me from walking. 


“Oh yeah, and what’s that?” I snap.


“To make the people that hurt us, hurt” he says. 


“Like you even know what its like to be hurt” I whispered.


“My dear, you’ve been through so much, I understand, and people have hurt you, I get it, I see it in your eyes, you’ve got a troubled soul, and it haunts you, people like us, want nothing more than to love and be loved, but when that doesn’t happen, we hurt, and we get used, and we turn into this monster that just keeps eating away at the goodness you’ve got left inside you” he spoke.


“I’m nothing like you” I whispered.


“I loved a girl too, she was a lot like you in some ways, and I would of given her the world, but I saw her friend, and he friend loved me, her friend had the kind of look a devil would wear, and I was weak, I broke the girl that I once loved, for a night of sin with the devil, and then I hurt them, I got mad, and for once second I lost it, smashing a bottle of brandy against the wall, and holding a piece of glass to the devil’s throat… and I could of done, that monster had taken all my soul, and left me a hallow shell of what I was” he spoke to me, and I gulped.


“Did you kill her?”


“No, I didn’t want to stain the carpet” he spoke, and the intensity that his eyes held was so strong, I felt it ripple through me. “Do you see now Brook, do you see why we would work so well together?”


“Just because I loved Harry and Zayn, doesn’t we are the same, I never tried to kill one of them” I defend.


“We are though, Brook. Your so blind if you can’t see that” he whispered, “Last chance…” he whispered, putting his large hand around my neck, reaching for the gag.


“Just gag me already” I snarl at him. 


Zayn’s Pov


“I didn’t want to do this you know?” Harry muttered, tying my arms up and leaving lying against the wall standing up.


Blood dripped from my nose, my head ached with the blood rushing around. But all I thought about was Brook, and what that dickhead was doing to her. 


“You really don’t sound to heart broken at the fact you had to beat me up mate” I snapped at him, and he gave a light guilty chuckle. 


“I am man, I never wanted any of this to happen” he muttered. 


Struggling to lift my head up, I look over to him. “Why did you do it then, I know I said I wouldn’t forgive you but Harry if you came back now, I wouldn’t object” I sighed in defeat. 


“It’s not that simple Zayn” Harry sighed sitting down opposite me, leaning his back against the dusty wear house pole.


“It is, look… Harry.. You’ve been my best friend since for fucking ever, and I don’t want to loose you, maybe this is the bang to my head or some shit, but I love you man, and I miss you… Brook needs you, she tells me she doesn’t… but believe me she does, she's sick Harry… she drinks so much, and cries… have you heard her cry?” I whispered the last part, and hummed a yes.


“I don’t like hearing it either” he told me, “But she doesn’t need me, she needs you, she loves you” he finished.



“You know I always hated admitting it, but she loves you too” I spoke, “You were the one who always made her smile when I could, and I don’t know if I ever said thank you for that” I tell him.


“It’s fine, it made me happy to” he seemed to say with out thinking, but I was okay with it. 


We sat in silence for a few moments longer.


“Remember before the gang thing started and that summer before we went on that fishing trips with our dad’s, they spent most of the time, drinking beer and watching the football, but we sat outside, skipping stones, talking abut how we wouldn’t ever grow apart, and we wouldn’t let anything bad happen to the other person, and how…” I paused feeling weak, dazed and emotional, “How we’d always be brothers?” I whispered.


“Your still my brother, Zayn” Harry told me, and I smiled up at him. 


“Then come home” I tell him. 


He shook his head. “This is my home, look at me Zayn, I’m not exactly stable myself, you want me to come a fix a broken home with a broken mind, I can’t do that… I have always defended you Zayn, and I always will, but you have to do this on your own, I can’t walk back into a house with you and Brook, and pretend like none of this ever happened, because it did Zayn.. and every night I dream of it, and I can’t wake up, I can’t stop the thoughts of it all… of you, and of …” i cut him of.




“Yeah… her” he whispered. 


“I don’t know why I expected you to come back, you said it yourself, your not the same person as you were months ago and-…” I shook my head, and struggled as I felt my lungs ache with breathing too much.


“Zayn?” he whispers.


“I forgot how good a punch you can swing” I chuckled softly, in pain.


“Sorry” he chuckled a little back, in pain.


Liam’s Pov


Searching for them was like searching for a needle in a hay stack, they could be anywhere by now. She could be anyway by now.


My phone rang from the table, and I looked over and it was Louis. 


“Hello?” I asked.


“Would you come and pick me up p-please?” he shuddered, and I sensed a familiar tone in his voice. 


“Louis, where are you? What’s happened?” I asked him.


“Fuck, I can’t… Liam… it’s everywhere, I can’t… there is so much…” he trembled, weeping helplessly into the phone.


“Louis, what the fuck has happened?” I snap, concern growing in my voice.


“He just… he isn’t breathing…” he panicked. 


“Who?… Who isn’t breathing?” I whispered, worried, was it Niall? Was it Zayn?


“William” he spoke softly, and cried a little bit harder. 


“Louis did you…?”


“I don’t know” he cried. 


“What do you mean you don’t know?” he asked me. 


“I just… fuck… Liam.. get here now” he spoke. 


Harry’s Pov


I had given up, and untied Zayn. Helping him up onto the couch in my lousy apartment, I kept for me and Hope, he sat beside me and I gave him a cold beer.


“Thanks” he muttered, and I nodded.


“I want to find her you know, and if I knew anything about where he had really taken her I would help” I begged for him to listen. 


“I know you would Harry, but I don’t know what to think, you tried to kill us, and then we had a deep conversation, and now your helping, I just think you need to choose which side to be on, and if it is my side, then you need to promise me you won’t look at Brook the way you loved at her before, again” He spoke. 


“I know its not that simple for you to trust me” I whispered. “All the love is still there though Zayn… I just don’t know what to do with it” I explained, and he sighed. 


“It’s like the whole conversation never happened before, isn’t it?” Zayn asked me. 


“I don’t know, how much are willing to wait, to see if you can trust me with Brook?” I asked.


“In all honesty Harry, I believe every word you say, I know your sorry, and I know now that because I have asked you won’t go near her, I know that…” He spoke sadly.


“Then what is the problem?” I asked.






“She is so easily swayed by you, Harry. I don’t know what you do, or what power you have over her, but you have something that I can’t even begin to understand… and it is her who I worry about, that she will go right to you, the minute I do something stupid, or say the wrong thing, and you won’t have the will power to tell her no” he sighed.




Brook’s Pov


We got to the top of the woodland way, and I was a mess. My legs ached, and my heart was even worse, was as that much like Ricky?


“Tie her up there, along with him… and bring the other one” Ricky spoke to two men who were there and waiting with dirty knuckles. 


I was tied down next to Niall, and the rope being tight, was a little looser than before, and I grabbed Niall’s hand, frightened for our lives, and now I realised for all those months I thought I wanted to die, I thought there was no point, I know realise more than ever… I wanted to breath.


“So, we are going to play another game” Ricky spoke. “Who is good with a gun?” he crouched down in front of us, and grabbed my chin, “Are you darling?” he asked me.


I snapped myself away from him.


“No need for that, now come on, you can do this… get her up” Ricky snarled to one of his men.


As I was yanked, I felt the urge to run, but I was unsteady on my feet, and could not leave Niall alone. 


“Right, So. Take this Brook” Ricky handed me a gun. From behind the trees, came a figure.


“Get of me” he yelled, and struggled in the two larger mens grip. 


“James!” I went to run for him, and he looked up, but Ricky yanked me back. 


“So quick to run” he spoke, and I turned to look at Niall, who’s bright blue eyes had faded a darker colour than the ground he sat on.


Looking back to James, he was beaten, and brutally at that. His nose was bloody, and he had dirt covering him. “Kneel him down” Ricky spoke, clicking a trigger, pointing it at my head. “Cool it, or she is going to get it, and her blood will be on your hands… literally” Ricky smirked. 


James sat silently on his knees before me.


“Right, here is the rules, lets see how good with a gun you are Brook.” Ricky spoke, and I gulped turning to face him. 


“No…” I shook my head.


“No? Well I think you’ll soon change your mind” he spoke, “Get him” Ricky muttered, nodding to Niall. 


They threw Niall to the ground in front of me, and had him kneel beside James. A pistol pointed to Niall’s head.


“Shoot James, or Niall” he smiled at me.


“What right is it to mine, to choose who gets to live or die… they haven’t done anything, it’s me you want, take me, do what you want to me, but let them go and leave them all be!” I exclaim.


“Shoot James, or Niall” he smiled again.


“I won’t!” I shout.


“Do it” the trigger clicked behind both of their heads. “You have minute to decide or it is goodbye to them both” Ricky grinned at me. 


“Shoot me, Brook” James spoke. “Niall is going to be better for you, he is going to be their for you, you and the boys can cope with out me, and I will promise you, nothing bad will happen to you all when this is all over, you get to move on, and be happy… Your going to have to shoot one of us, and I’d rather it me” he breathed out.


“How heroic” Ricky smiled.


“I can’t just shoot you, I know you can be a dick, but your one of us now, and we don’t kill our own” I told him.


“I know you don’t want to be a murder, I know that, okay? But I will be okay, you don’t have to be scared, you take that gun Brook, and you press to my head, right between the eyes, and I promise you, everything will be fine” he told me.


Niall was stuxk for words at the actions, of our new friend. 


“Promise you won’t hate me” I spoke, crying hard.


“I fucking promise” he spoke.


“This is very emotional” Ricky commentated, before picking out his phone, telling someone where he was, and that he needed to get down here with the cargo.


“Niall… I won’t shoot you…” I cry, looking for reassurance from James. 


The boys moved Niall away, and I shook with pure fear, I leant down to James’s height. I touched his face, and smiled softly at his bruised face. 


“It’s going to be okay Brook” James told me, and I hugged him tightly, and sobbed for a moment, “Look after yourself, and Hope” he told me, and I nodded softly his way.


“We haven’t got all day” Ricky spoke, closing his phone.


I pulled back, “Brook, I just want you to know, if I ever upset you, or hurt you, it was because I was scared I would love you” he whispered, and my heart was tore, it was bleeding out, how could I kill I kill him.


“The deal is still the same, don’t shoot him, we shoot them both” 


“I will!” I yell, “I will” I sobbed whispering. I reach for James face, and caress it softly, “Who knows…” I whispered, pity filling my soul, “I may of loved you too” I whispered, and kissed his cheek tenderly, mixing our salty tears.


“Count to three with me” Ricky nodded, and I stood, pressing the gun to his head.


“One” he whispered, clearly, as I shook, he had shook his hands loose, to steady my hands around the gun, and he held it still in the centre of his head.


“Two” I cried softly, closing my eyes shaking.


“When I say it okay?” James whispered, and I hummed a broken chord of yes… “Three” and my ears rang, as blood splattered across from me, and dripped down me, and his body fell to the floor.


Just then another two figures appeared, and I didn’t take notice. I was stood with the gun in front of me.


“What did you do?” I heard a voice.


“Is that you Harry?” I asked my vision burring as I fell to my knees.


“You made her fucking kill a man! How is she suppose to live with her self!” I heard him yell, he bellowed and it echoed across the trees.


“Doll?” I felt two arms around me, and I looked up. 


“Zayn…” I whispered, and he nodded. “They made me do it Zayn” I cried, and looked at my hands, “I killed him” I whispered.


“What the fuck is this, you let him go? Changing sides again Harry, I had more faith in you, you could of been so much more than this!” Ricky boomed. 


“I’m not changing fucking sides, but you know I care about her, I hate myself for killing people, she is broken and tormented enough as it is, you really think this was going help matters, all we have is two hostages, and one fucking dead body!” he yelled.


“Just trust him” I heard Zayn whisper to me, as he saw my fear.


I stood up, and turned to face Ricky, but walked to Harry instead. 


“Tormented?” I whispered, and he sighed at me, brushing hair back from my face, but I glanced over his shoulder at Ricky.


“Yes” he nodded.


“Harry, I am sorry, your not cut out for this” Ricky pulled out his gun, and aimed it at Harry. 


Something then ran cold through me, and I grabbed both of his arms, turning him so it was my back that the bullet would wound. Maybe then I wouldn’t have to live with the crime I had just committed. 


I fell to the floor, and everything moved quickly as I kay with everything spinning. I heard people run, and heard a chorus of voices. 


I looked to my left, and lying dead beside me was James.


As everything stopped, tingling feelings began, and then nothing.


I lay out of breath, pained and broken. 


Blood that was not mine, and not anyone’s who was still alive covering me, I was hurt.


“Brook, we need to go” Zayn stumbled over, holding his ribs to hold himself up. 


“Zayn… I can’t…” I whispered.


“Brook, I know your tired but you have to move” he told me.


“No Zayn…” I cried, and couldn’t sit up, the last bullet that had been fired had been lodged in the bottom of my spine. “I can’t feel my legs” I say softly to him, tears rolling down my cheeks. 


“You told me the bullet missed you” he whispered and forget his own pain fishing to my side. 


“You had to safe yourself” I whispered breathlessly, “Zayn… just call someone, anyone” I whispered.






This is probably the longest your ever going to have to wait again, I have had serval issues at home, with my health and family, so I am hopeful you stayed patient, and i hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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