Dark III || Z.M

Brook and Zayn have been through to much to go back now. Now Friends are Enemies, and the world is against them. With more murder, alcohol, and gangs, will it ever end? In this world can they really get their forever? Or will they never get there infinity.
“Don't regret me” he replied. “Can I leave now?” she smirked softly as he still held her hand and she looked to it, and so did he, they smiled at their intertwined fingers. “You mean can I let you go?” Zayn asked, she nodded, and he shook his head pressing his forehead against hers, “No” he smirked.


22. Here's To Endings.

Zayn’s Pov


I walked into the old wear house, where a lot of mine and Brook’s misery had taken place.The boxing ring is still in the centre, and i see the dirty men that used to call themselves my friends, betting money with girls in little clothing around them.


But I am not here for any of that. I am here for Ricky. With Brook being reckless and dangerous - which she seemed to have adopted as her own middle names, it was down to me to try and put some kind of deal in play, or at least rescue her a little bit.


I clocked eyes on him. Jason, Flo’s boyfriend was stood with him, and he looked at me as if I was about to blow the whole thing. Steve stood the opposite side of him, and Dominic joined them too. Riley however sat in the back, away from it all. I knew him now, and I wanted to help him too, but before I could, I had to help Brook.


Liam, Niall and Louis all looked at me, and nodded for me to walk forward. The followed behind me, like my security, stern faced, tattoos on show, and a tense jaw line. - Harry was getting the first flight he could back to England, so he could be here when everything was going to happen tomorrow. The Wednesday the gang were going to come.


“Zayn, good to see you here… where is that pretty little thing of yours?” Ricky stood up, and it amazed me how he was so calm, and didn’t get angry. How he wore a suit to a place like this, confused me even more.


“She isn’t here. But that’s what I need to talk to you about” I say. 


“You look a like a man trying to strike a deal?” he walked forward, and loosened the space between us. “Go ahead” he smirked.


“Brook’s taken off, we know about Wednesday and how you are going to attack us” and he smirked widening his eyes.


“Nothing gets passed you, does it Zayn?” 


“Look, she is trying to fix this mess her self, she knows what you want and that its her, that is always going to be her that some fucker like you wants, so she is trying to sort it all out. I don’t know what she planning on doing, but I know she is coming to find you, and I want to make a deal that if she does find you and offers you deal for herself, you don’t take it, you let her go and don’t hurt her” I spoke.


“Now this is what I like to see” he clapped his hands, and put his arm around me, and walked me forward. “How about, me and you in the ring? I win, I keep her, and do every dirty, manipulative, reckless thing I want with her, and  if you win, I will let her go when she finds me… Sound fair? Oh, and we won’t attack you if you win either, but I will, we come in and blow your brains out” he asked.


“When do we fight?” I ask.


“Tonight” he smirked.


“I’ve not boxed in months”


“Brook didn't like it, I know, I know, but as a business man, I have been out of the ring for a fair amount of time myself, it’s only fair, that are both out of practice” he told me, and he turned to face me, with his men behind him, and my brothers behind me. “So, what do you say Zayn, deal?” holding his hand for me to shake, he grinned. 


“Deal” I say. Knowing Brook would completely object to this, but she wasn’t here to stop me. She was the reason I was here.


Brook’s Pov


Hours later, whilst still on the plan, I had a wash of something fill me. It was nauseating, and I had a feeling, a feeling that something was about to go incredibly wrong.


Zayn’s Pov


I had walked around, and gone to my old locker that I stored the clothing and gloves in, after I know longer needed them, not with Brook not being here. 


“You sure you are up for doing this?” Louis asked, as he held my mouth guard for me, and I nod slowly. 


“Brook wouldn’t like it” Liam spoke from the corner of the room.


“I didn’t ask for your opinion, Liam” I snarl at my old friend, who may or may not of slept with my girlfriend. Who may of lied to me all these months. Who maybe less that two weeks ago tried to sleep with her again. Or, he maybe completely innocent, and Flo was just trying to hurt me, and and hurt us all, nothing she wouldn’t of tried before, and she would be likely to try again.


“You really think he would keep his promise either way? Even if you win and Brook hands herself over on a silver plate, he wouldn’t tell her to leave, he’d take her and still shatter her, you know that!” he yelled at me. 


“I have to try something, Liam. I can’t just sit around why she tried to get her herself killed” I tell him.


“You think she is doing this for us, she may say she is, but she’s not, she is doing it for you, not for me or Harry, or anyone fucking else, you! She is trusting you not to do things like this, to do something good with your life, and you’re throwing away the final thing she wanted from you, she wanted you to just be happy” he grimaced at me, scowling heavily. 


“How do you know all of this?” he asked me. 


“She answered my call, she told me, I got Harry to send me a picture of the note, I found out what she wanted before I decided what I was going to do” he frowned.


“She answered you?” my voice is low, and fragile, she answered him. No one else. Him. She didn’t even try and call me. He just looked away from me. 


“Do what you want Zayn, but I won’t sit here, and watch you do the one thing she hated most” he shook his head, and walked out of the room.


Niall and Louis looked at each other, “You still sure you are up for doing this?” Louis asked, and I pulled my eyes from Liam’s exit, and looked at Louis.


“If have any chance of easing what she is doing, I am going to do” I tell him, nodding for him to hand me my mouth guard. 


Brook’s Pov


The plane would be landing in little over an hour, and I could feel myself slipping further away from Zayn, I knew I was physically getting closer, but in every other sense, he was so far away.


I wanted to call and explain myself, but I worried for if I heard his voice, it would make me want to stop with this stupidity and go right back home.


Instead, and I heard a voice from behind me. “For the last hour of this fucking flight I have been considering come to talk to you” I heard, and the voice was familiar. It was low, and frightened me ever so slightly. - But it was warm like sticky honey on toast.


I turn and look behind me, “Caleb?” I ask and cock my head. Remembering him in hazed patches. The night that Perrie moved in with us we had travelled to the restaurant in which I had sat and drank wine, whilst she drooled over Zayn, and her flaunted over her in equal measure.


“Long time no see” he smiled, and I stood up to greet him, hugging him slightly. I remember us in the bar, how I stood on the bar with two bottles in my hand, and he hand watched me. 


“Yeah, here, sit down” I smile, and clear the seat beside me for him to sit. 


The more I tried to let go of the past, the more it seemed to creep up on me. This was refreshing though. A nice part of my past, which I wished to keep hold of. Well, at least for the next hour. 


“How have you been? What’s happened since I last saw you, knowing you a lot?” he suggested, and I nodded laughing. 


“I’ve had two weddings, almost been killed, killed a guy, and now I am about to hand myself over to a gang member” I tell him.


“Shit. Well I got a new job” he told me, and I chuckled, and so did he, my laughter got louder in the late hour, and his did too. 


“Well, when we land, would you have a drink with me? Before you go and hand your self in?” he asked me, and I nodded happily.


“Of course” I say.


“So, you’re not with Zayn I take it?” he asked me.


“I am. We went to get married, he left me, I ran away with Harry, and then got engaged, left him on our wedding day to run back of into the sunset with Zayn” I spoke.


“Wow” he shook his head in disbelief. “You make me sound dull” he told me, and I smile again.


“Well, after tonight I plan on everything going back to normal, the way it was two years ago” I say, and sigh into my seat. “Zayn doesn’t know where I am going” I tell him. Guilt swimming in my stomach. 


“Oh, well, if its any consolation, I am not going to tell him, he fucking hates me” he told me, and i nod laughing. 


“He’s not a fan of many people”


Zayn’s Pov


I sat in the chair in the corner of the ring, and Louis spoke to me, but I blanked it focusing on which part of his face I wanted to hit first. 


The bell rang, and I stood up, keeping light on my feet, and holding up my fists, violent yells of angry men rang over the sound of the bell. I couldn’t help but try and prepare myself for his first blow. 


However, he just circled me, as I did him. holding up his own fists, and smiling at me. “No hard feelings today, Zayn?” he suggested. 


“Fuck off” I snap. 


I swing, and knock him in the jaw, and he turns back and smirks cracking his jaw back into place. “Good left hook” he told me, and then threw his arm out straight forward, hitting me in the nose, as it crunched beneath his gloved hands, he grinned. 


I could feel and taste the blood as it ran from my nose. So I hit him again, in the gut, and he lunged forward, and I banged on his left cheek, as hard as my hand would let me. He came back up breathing heavily, and he spat on the floor. “Playing dirty” he spoke, and then hit me. 


This must of gone on for a bout half an hour, neither one of us, wanting the other to win. “Done trying yet?” he asked, out of breath with a black and a bust up lip. I shook my head, and tok in heavy breaths of air.


The roars of men grew like lions, as they got closer to their prey. I looked down to see a face I didn’t expect to in the crowd. A face I wasn’t sure I would ever see again. A face that I wasn’t sure how it left out lives. She was prowling like a lioness. 


“Eyes up” Ricky smirked, and threw all his weight behind one final punch, my distraction being the final fatal blow. I fell backwards, letting my body hit the ground in which I stood upon, two years ago so strong, when no one dared to take me on at risk of a death. 


But now I had changed, I was weaker from love, weaker from giving away my heart, and I spat out blood. And people cheered why other groaned. Bets had been won, and lost. “Nice try, I will try and go easy on her” Ricky knelt down beside me, “I will keep her tender for you” he grinned, and I looked away from him, and got to my feet. 


Niall tried to pay me on the back as a sympathetic gesture. “Don’t” I say, and throw my gloves to the ring, and step out of it, walking outside. She had distracted me, and I don’t understand why she was here, or what she could possibly want.


I sat out side and take out a cigarette and it feels like I haven’t had one in months, “Got a light” I heard, and I turn to see the girl that ruined everything. 


“Perrie” I spoke, “What are you doing here?” I say. 


“Leo was here, he told me you were fighting, thought I would come and see the legend himself in action” she spoke, and held a cigarette between her lips, and I held a lighter for her. 


“As if that is all you’re here for” I say.


She smirked up and me and blew away her smoke, “You’re right. I heard Brook is doing to something stupid, something you don’t want her too, Liam told me” she spoke. 


“Yeah, well Liam’s a dick head” 


“I am offering you my help” she spoke, “For the second time” she reminded me. 


“Why would you want to help us? You don’t have any ties to us, there is no reason for you two help us. If you think I will fuck you again, I won’t” I snarl.


“Why, are you and Brook stronger than ever?” she seethed, sarcastically. I looked to her, then back out to the clean air, thick with dirty smoke. “Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought”. 


“Look, Perrie…” she cut me off.


“No. Look, I was a bitch, and I came between you and Brook, and I am sorry for that. But you know and she knows, and I know, you two brake so easily, I was helping it along, but now you need to understand that I want to really help… I told you when I first met you, that I wanted to help because I knew what is was like to actually loose someone I love, and I never told you who” she spoke. 


“Are you going to tell me now?” I ask. 


“Walk with me” she spoke, and I nodded following her footsteps into a nearby field. “I knew this guy called pete. He was sweet, and kind, and his hand everything I ever loved. He was everything I ever loved. But because I was involved with the likes of Leo, and his gang, he got involved and then he got into places he shouldn’t of, taking things into his own hands when he didn’t understand the fucking world he was living in with me. Someone called Ricky… killed him. And I know that the guy that is after Brook” she spoke.


“So, you don’t want to help us, you want revenge” I say.


“No. I don’t want you to feel like I did. I don’t want Brook to turn out like Pete did, dead and gone because of her foolish actions, when she should of listened to you. I want Ricky to pay, yes. But I want you to be happy with Brook” she told me. 


“Did you go on a three month retreat to some spiritualist place, where everything all about love?” I joke, and she smiled, and it was genuine smile, something I hadn’t seen on her before. 


Though she had been through a lot, there was something pure about that smile, and something uniquely beautiful about her in that moment. As her white hair caught the moonlight, and her blue eyes held the stars, she looked perfect. 


I hadn’t seen a girl so broken, and so beautiful. Not like her. She held beauty and sweetness, in her, and though it had never been seen it was there. 


“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked me, and her cheeks rose a crimson.


“You’re kinda beautiful” I tell her slowly, in a low and calm voice, and she smiled at me, and nudged me lightly.


I realised then why I had found her so beautiful. 


She reminded of Brook, when I first met. The hope in which you can change a person. The way she saw the bright side of it all, how she thought she could save everyone. However after everything, she smiled. She was the Brook that I had killed, the Brook that I had lost. But now, I had found her. In someone else. 


And that, above all else. Scared me. 


Brook’s Pov


“I can’t have another one, Caleb! I will on top of that bar!” I say laughing. I had been drunk many times in the past months, but not this kind of drunk. This drunk was a happy kind of drunk. The room was moving softly, and I went with him. 


“You enjoyed it last time” he smirked.


“Last time, Zayn was with Perrie, tell her how fucking wonderful she was, and he isn’t here now, he isn’t with her” I say and smile.


“I’ve never seen a girl so in love with a boy” he told me. 


“I do love him” I say. “But no more of that soppy shit. I need to get to my hotel for the night, and then first thing tomorrow, I am going to go and hand my self in, and all this will be over” I say. 


“You’re so brave” he slurred. 


“Brave? I’m not. I just want everything to stop, and this is the only way, it is gonna happen” I say, and he nods. 


“Well, here’s to endings” he spoke, and rose his glass, as I rose my bottle. 


“To endings” I smile, and the glasses clink. 


My last thought was when, would I be this happy again.




Ashton is in the next chapter !!! - Did you all like this, I love that she was with caleb, and he was with perrie, it was just so ironic. Anyway comment please lovelies :) x

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