Dark III || Z.M

Brook and Zayn have been through to much to go back now. Now Friends are Enemies, and the world is against them. With more murder, alcohol, and gangs, will it ever end? In this world can they really get their forever? Or will they never get there infinity.
“Don't regret me” he replied. “Can I leave now?” she smirked softly as he still held her hand and she looked to it, and so did he, they smiled at their intertwined fingers. “You mean can I let you go?” Zayn asked, she nodded, and he shook his head pressing his forehead against hers, “No” he smirked.


1. Friend or Foe.

Previously In Dark.


From the back of a motor back came a boy with a helmet on tattoos covering his body, some familiar and some fresh. The helmet was ripped off, and for a moment I couldn’t breath, the long hair was the pain in my chest that reminded me, the purple scarf I had given him months ago for his hair. “Harry...” I whispered, and Zayn’s grip got tighter. My heart broke. As he approached he smirked at me, his eyes not leaving mine. He grabbed the girl named Carly, and put two arms around her, kissing her roughly. Not like how he kissed me. “Fuck me” a voice whispered in shock. Harry dropped the girl and she smirked up at him. I already didn’t like her. Harry walked forward, and looked me in the eyes. No one dared to reach me, and Zayn let go of me. I stepped forward, and his peppermint breath was hot on my skin.  “No more Mr nice guy” he seething, smirking down at me, and brushing a strand of hair from my face. This was my worst nightmare, but also my wildest dream. Zayn, grabbed me again, but that didn’t change anything. I was right, it was not Zayn who was the the creature of the night. It was him. Harry Styles, was dark. 


Dark lll


Brook’s Pov


“What happened to you?” I whispered, shaking, stepping towards him. 


Zayn had reached for me, but I shook his arm from me. Needing to know if I had stepped into some alternate reality. 


“You, You happened” he smirked up at me, reaching for my face, I step back a little. Looking at the monster I had now created. 


“See, this is why we couldn’t be together, because you’d change even more than you already have” I choke up on tears, “Oh please, don’t act like you care now” he snapped at me. 


I glanced over his shoulder, and I saw the girl named Carly. “Who’s your new slut?” I say sourly.


“That, is my girlfriend, I would appreciate you not talking about her that way” he frowned at me, and flew a smirk back to the girl called Carly. 


“Girlfriend?” I asked him.


“Brook” Zayn warned me. 


Hearing every ounce of jealously in his voice, I turned and glanced at him, feeling far too pale. “I’m sorry” I told him, but turned back to face Harry. 


“Your working for him?” I crave to know, he looked over and Steve gave him half a smirk.


“Is that a problem?” he asked.


“Actually, Harry, It’s quiet a big fucking problem” I shout at him, and step forward. 


“Darling, you want to calm down, it’s far to early for this rowdy behaviour” he smirked.


“This isn’t you” I shook my head, with watery eyes. 


“You made me like this” he frowned at me, taking a step forward.


 “No I didn’t, I left so this isn’t what you would become, I left so I couldn’t hurt you! They did this to you Harry, and they have twisted everything to make you think that I did this” I yelled at him.

“They care about me!” he lowered his voice, threatening me.


“I care about you” I whispered, holding my ground, in front of the boy who now scared me. 


He shook his head, “You don’t, you never even did” he whispered to me, and I gulped. 


“Let me guess, they fed you that bullshit?” I snap at him, and he rolled his eyes. 


“And you, who even are you?” I pushed passed Harry and walked right over to his new slut. 


“Carly” she told me, and her devilish grin made it so hard to stay calm. This girl was fresh, thick red lips and dark brown curls, and that dress. Could she be showing more skin? I know I said I didn’t like her, but now that was an under statement.


“What do you want with Harry, you don’t seriously expect me to think that you love him, do you?” I snarl at her, and she smirked at me.


“I don’t know, darling, is that what you believe?” she asked me, I stepped forward closer to her. 


“I don’t know what your game is, or what you think your going to get out of this, but stop” I tell her.


“Why, so you can hurt him again?” she asked me.


“No, or I am seriously going to hurt you” I seethe at her.


“Oh now this really is getting interesting” she laughed at me. 


“Brook” I heard Zayn’s voice, and I turned around to look at him, and he cocked his head. “Come here” he told me, I looked back to Harry.


“You’ve become the very thing that you said you hated” I whispered to Harry. 


“Cry me a river” he rolled his eyes at me. 


“Well this really is a lovely reunion, but we should probably move on” Steve spoke, and grabbed my arm pulling me from Harry.


“Get the fuck off her” Zayn stepped in pushing Steve back from me.


“Zayn” I whispered reaching for his hand, but he snapped it away from me. 


“You need to leave” Liam stepped forward telling Steve, Niall grabbed my arm and pulled me back from the confrontation.


“Your not getting hurt this time” Niall told me.


“And neither are you” I spoke, moving from behind him, to stand by Niall’s side. Though I wanted to hear everything that Zayn and Steve we saying, I just stared at Harry, and the smirk he held on his lips. “I did this” I whispered.


“Huh?’ Niall hummed looking to me, and I shook my head telling him to forget it. 


“You want me right?” I spoke up, and all eyes turned to me.


 “Brook, shut it” Zayn snapped at me, I walked forward and stood near him.


“I’m not letting anyone else fight this battle for me, I won’t let you boys get involved again, you were right, It’s my fault anyway, I should take the responsibility for it” I spoke.


“Feeling Brave?” Steve smirked and I turned to him.


“Look, just leave them alone and do what ever the fuck you want with me” I snapped.


“Brook” I heard the boys say, and for a moment even Harry’s smirk left. 


“You think it is going to be that easy, you think that I am just going to let you get away with not getting hurt, I am going to rip everything away from you one thing at a time, and then when you have nothing, you’ll be on an even playing field with me” he snickered at me, and I gulped. 


“It’s a good thing Cassie is dead, she got away from you, this life, she didn’t get to see what a sick and twisted fuck up her dad really was” I snapped at him, and he stepped back his eyes not yet leaving mine.


 “You don’t fucking have the right to say that!” he yelled, and the back of his hand struck my cheek with such force. Everything slowed down as the powerful blow came to my face, and I felt my self fall backwards. 


I lay on the floor, and I blinked a couple of times sitting up a little dazed. 


“You dick!” I heard someone yell, it wasn’t until I felt two arms grab me that I realised what was going on. 


“Inside now” I heard, and I looked up to see Liam, looking around I saw Zayn throwing punches at Steve, then Liam threw me backwards, and lunged forwards. 


I steadied myself, and looked to see Niall yelling at Harry, and Louis was being held by Jason, and punched by William. I saw Zayn and Liam both confronting Steve. 


“Liam” I struggled a little to speak, and he looked over and I pointed over to Louis, and he jogged over, yanking back Jason and hitting him harshly in the face, and then pulling Louis from the floor, and letting Louis take William. 


Harry had now threw the first punch at Niall, and Niall fought back as hard as he could. I felt a harsh tug on the back of my head, and the person pulled me to the floor, and I looked up seeing Carly. 


“Well that’s classy” I snarl up at her, and she lunged on top of me, and clawed at my face. 


I pushed her off and stumbled to my feet, and she stood up, and I clenched my fist, remembering back to that one lesson I had with Zayn’s friend Thomas years ago at the gym, and I punched her with my left hook. 


I smiled lightly as she tumbled backwards, and wiped her lip, crimson blood trickled. I felt to arms pull me back, and it was two strong arms that were too familiar. 


“Harry” I whispered looking up at him pleadingly, and with out any sympathy, he held my arms behind my back. 


“Carly” he called to the girl who toddled to her feet.


“Please” I whispered, and he barely glanced down at me.


“Shut up” he whispered in a low voice, purring in my ear.


The girl walked towards me, and a light smirk danced on her lips, and I closed my eyes, not at her, but at the fact it was Harry who began this.


 I stood still, only to be greeted by a heavy blow to the stomach, and Harry’s tight arms holding me up, and I shrieked it pain. Carly repeated this action, before using her own fighting skills, and hitting me in the face twice as hard as I had her. I flung my head back onto Harry’s chest, and he looked down at me as my vision blurred.


“Stop” I beg, feeling blood trickle down my chin. I see Zayn turn to look at me but as he moved to help, a heavy fist is thrown in his face. 


“Brook” I heard, and I glance and see Niall struggling to his feet.


Harry had done that too him, and I stand up a little straighter in Harry’s arms, and throw my head back, hearing his nose crack behind me, and he let go taking his hands to his nose, and he looked up to me.


A bloodily mess, and I gasp as he lets me go, and and catch my breath, I rush over to Niall’s side, and help him up. 


“Are you okay?” I asked him, and he nodded, and touched my cheek, my blood covering his hand.


“I think I should be asking you?” he told me, and I shook my head. 


“I am okay” I told him, just being a little bit dizzy. 


I looked over to see Zayn hitting Steve, and I momentarily drop Niall.


 I rush over, and drag Zayn’s arm from Steve’s face, “Stop” I whispered, and he shrugged me off with force, and I fell backwards onto the floor, Zayn wouldn’t stop. 


Zayn grabbed Steve by the collar, “You should listen to her, this isn’t going to get you anywhere” Steve smirked up with blood falling from his mouth.


“You should really shut the fuck up” Zayn spoke, and punched him in the face letting his head fall back and hit the floor. 


A car shrieked, and everyone stopped. 


We all looked up, and out of the car came another piece of the past. “Dominic” I whispered. 


Dominic smirked at us, and rolled the cigarette he had between his teeth, and then blew away the smoke and threw it out onto the pavement. Stepping towards us, no one knew where to move. I looked to Zayn but his eyes were focused on Dominic. 


“Started all the fun without me I see?” he smirked up at us, and I stumbled to my feet. 


“Your in on this too?” I asked him, and he smirked again. 


“It doesn’t take a genius” he told me. 


I walked over to him, and went to push him back, but I felt a hand reach out for me, and it was Harry’s he had stopped me. Maybe it was to stop me rushing towards my death, or maybe it was so he could do it himself. 


“Let her go” Dominic waved to Harry, and I turned to look at him, and he gulped dismissing me. 


I walked forward, and before I knew it, Dominic pulled me forward, and turned me around with an arm around my throat, and I fought with his arms and mine to stop the growing tightness. 


“You know darling, I really don’t appreciate you meddling in my relationship” he snarled at me. 


“You said you would leave it” Harry stepped forward, clearly still not knowing of the situation I had put Hanna and Dominic in.


“Save it Harry” Dominic snarled. 


Dominic pulled out a knife from his back pocket, and ran the cool, fresh blade down my face, the smooth side, just so I knew he could still turn it to cut. 


“You should keep your nose out of other people’s business” he whispered in my ear, “and your fighting with my friends” he sarcastically spoke, “Your treading on very thin ice darling” he whispered, and Zayn stepped forward. 


“Get the fuck off her” he snarled reaching for me, but Dominic moved the blade to my throat.


“Ah, Ah, Ah… Back off”’ he spoke, and I gulped at it was dangerous close to cutting. 


“What do you want?” I seethe.


“Just a chat” he spoke.


“Would you mind fucking talking with out a knife a my throat?” I tell him, and he chuckled.


“There’s that sense of humour” he told me, and I rolled my eyes. “So, you know why we are here I guess, Steve blames you, for me killing his daughter, and wants to take everything away from you bit by bit?” he spoke, and I gulped a yes. “Right, glad we are all on the same page then” he told me, and laughed a little as he did so. 


“You see me and Steve have put our differences aside and decided to form a unit, with a common enemy” he told me, and then looked to the boys around me. “Zayn, you really don’t like this, do you?” Dominic smirked running the blade along my jaw line. 


“No, I really fucking don’t” he seethed.


“Here, take her” Dominic dropped me and threw me to the floor, and I groaned as my hands hit the floor, and more of blood fell. 


I looked up, and Zayn helped me up, cupping my face in his hands. “Are you okay?” he asked me, and brushing my hair back, and I nodded my vision all still blurred. “Your not” he whispered, and moved himself in front of me, and spared me more beatings. 


“What is this?” Zayn yelled to Dominic.


“We are all working together, we would invite you to help us out with everything Zayn, but your to focused on keeping Brook safe” he smirked at me, from over Zayn’s shoulder. 


“I wouldn’t help you again” he seethed.


 “Well that’s wonderful an all, but you remember Ricky, right? Ricky North, the man who owned that bank we did the robbery on? Well he thinks that it was all you” Dominic gave a smile at Zayn. 


“You know that’s fucking bullshit!” he yelled stepping forward.


“Details” he rolled his eyes, “Either way, thought I should warn you, I mean he can be a nasty piece of work” he told us. 


“Not as nasty as you” I slur slightly, trying to steady myself. 


Dominic smirked, “I really like you this way Brook, maybe Zayn leaving and working for me for a while bulked you up!” he exclaimed. 


“Maybe you also made Harry the fine you man he is today” he told me, looking back to Harry, who stood with his hands in his pockets, and a swollen nose. 


“So is Ricky working with you now too?” Zayn frowned.


“Not exactly, I just like to help him out every now and again, it keeps me clean, and it wasn’t really a lie, you were the brains of the operation Zayn” he smirked, patting Zayn’s shoulder, and Zayn pushed him away.


“So what is this, enemies become friends and all of that shit” Liam steps forward to join the confrontation, with a little bit of blood above his eye. 


“Oh no, we just thought we would come to warn you… show you what we can do” Dominic smiled warmly, but it wasn’t a good kind of warm that gave you butterflies, it was the kind that burnt your soul. 



“You need to fucking leave, right now” Liam growled, looking once at me to see my weak state.


“We don’t have to go anywhere” Dominic spoke. 


Steve then pulled himself together, and walked to stand next to Dominic. “Your seriously working together? He killed your daughter!” I yelled to Steve, and Zayn held me back, steading me at the same time. 


“No thanks to you” Steve blurts back, not missing a beat. 


“I feel sorry for you” I step passed Zayn, dropping his arm, and he lightly follows at a slow pace behind me. 


“You’ve lost everything, your wife, your daughter, and now you lost me, I mean I thought we were friends Steve… but you ruined this one yourself.. I just feel sorry for you, you are a pathetic excuse for a man, and if you think this is giving Cassie a purpose, or its going to help her rest in peace, then god forbid the things you do if it was really me who killed her” I tell him. 


“You feel sorry for me?” he smirked down at me, trembling with anger. 


“Yeah, because I have the the four most important people backing me up, those four boys, and you can try and take them away from me, but I would of thought you of all people would of learn, when you push us down, we come back fighting ten times fucking harder” I snap at him, and he grabbed my by the throat. 


“I don’t know what you think you know about me, or why I am doing this, but I do suggest you shut that pretty mouth of yours or I am going to shut it for you” he seethed, and pushed me back, and I wobble. 


‘I’ve already took one boy from you Brook, how long do you really think it is going to be until, I take the rest” Steve stared at me, referring to Harry.


I looked over to him, “Yeah, but you didn’t take the boy I knew… the boy I loved… you took someone who was broken, and made them into your own personal toy” I spoke, and looked at Harry with no emotion on my face, just leaving him to look at the cuts and bruises he had made possible. 


“You changed him” I whispered. 


Then Steve stepped back, and Harry took the floor. 


“Yes, you know what Brook, I have changed, I am not the person I use to be, and I am not going to be that person again. You know why? … Because I don’t want to get used, and trust someone and tell them all my secrets, because behind every word you ever told me, was a back stabbing bitch, that’s all you’ll ever be to me now.. and I’ve learnt now the only person, I can really depend on is me” he snarled at me, “So, yeah… I have changed, pain does that to a person” he snapped at me. 


“I’m sorry” I whispered. “But that earlier, you letting that… bitch beat up… that isn’t you” I shook my head. 


“You don’t know me anymore” he uttered angrily. 


I looked to the floor, everything was spinning, but I stayed strong, and showed no sign of weakness. 


“We could of been so perfect Brook, we were so perfect” he seethed at me. 


“Maybe… goodbyes are the only perfect things left for us” I told me. 


He walked closer to me, and came down close to my ear, and I could feel his breath hot on my skin. 


“Maybe, we were always meant to say goodbye” he whispered, so only I could hear, and it meant more that way. 


No one knew, was the words he whispered were, the words that probably broke my heart more than any of them, because though he said them softly, there was still a big part of him that said them with vengeance. 


“Oh I am so sick of this” Carly walked forward, and dragged me down to the floor. “You keep thinking your something special, and you can just charm him again, well you can’t, he’s ours now” she seethes, and threw me to the floor, and my head banged against the concrete floor, leaving a gash in my head. 


The next minutes were blurred, Zayn was yelling at Steve, I sat up straight, and then saw Niall was arguing with William, Carly was screaming at me, and Liam had pulled her back, which made Harry go to him, and push Liam away, and Liam flew a punch in Harry’s face. 


Then heavy blue lights come into view and everyone stops, out of the car, walks a man. He’s tall, brown hair, and deep brown eyes, a broad jawline, and a brown leather loose jacket flung over his dusty blue jeans, and dark coloured shirt. 


“Shit, if I find out you called the cops… because it could only be you, then your going to have hell to pay” Dominic picked me up, and pushed me back down. 


The other fled. Harry glanced back putting his helmet on to me on the floor, and I looked desperately for Zayn, where was Zayn? I heard voices, but nothing made sense. Then the man from the car finally strolled over, and the boys are around me as I sit on the floor, and I see that Zayn is about to reach for me, until he comes face to face with the beautiful stranger. 



“Who the fuck are you?” he frowned, stepping in front of me, to protect me though I am already on the floor, and ready to roll myself into a ball. 


I pressed my hand against my cut open head, and I looked up to see a the blurred figure. I focused my eyes, and a the astonishingly attractive man was finally 100% revealed to me. “Here” he held a hand out to me, and I slipped my hand into his. Zayn watches carefully, as he touches, me and looked so uncomfortable.


As the stranger held me up, he gave me half a smirk, “James” he spoke, then shaking my hand, “I’m -..” he cut me of, “Darling, I know exactly who you are” he smirked. 


Looking to the boys around me, we didn’t know if he was friend or foe, but in any case, he could end up being both. 




Back in action guys!! I am sorry for the wait! I hope you really like this chapter! I can't wait for you to read the finished book. LY!

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