Ugh, High School.

Marlie is a normal, 13 year old girl. Shes smart, funny, and can be a little crazy at times. She's not the bravest, yet she gets by. Starting high school is a big challenge for someone like her. Will she cope?


3. Lets Begin!

Chapter 3: Let's begin!

As they reached their first class (science), Marlie wondered if she should be excited or not. Would she like this teacher? Will she like her classmates? Her classroom?

They arrived at room 18.

"Here we are. Science." Bailey told Marlie.

"Yep. But why is the door like that?" She pointed to the door, which was painted a bright yellow, and looking through the tiny window, you could see that it was very thick, yet it was still made of wood.

"I think it's for protection, so if there's an accident, the whole school won't light on fire!"

"Oh, yeah that makes sense. Thanks Marl" She gave Marlie a crooked smile which would scare everyone. But to Marlie, this was a normal face.

The teacher arrived and they quickly got into two lines. This teacher was tall, lean and HAD MAGENTA TYPE EYES. 'Oh no. Not him!' Marlie thought to herself. As they went into class, Marlie tried to sit as far away from the teacher as possible. She didn't want to draw attention to herself, yet she didn't want to sit in the back row. Marlie decided on a seat on the right hand side, all the way on the right, in the second row. This way she was not in the middle drawing attention, and was not in the back row. Bailey joined her by sitting next to her.

After about 5-6 minutes, the teacher stood up from his 'teacher seat' and walked up the the whiteboard. He wrote the name 'Mr. Wolsen'.

"So, that's his name. It sounds like Olsen, you know, like Ashley Olsen?" Bailey remarked. Marlie tried to hold in her burst of laughter. It seemed to work. She just thought about music. It helps her get her mind off things. Music helped her do everything. It helped her concentrate, helped her remove stress, helped her get ideas, basically anything.

Mr Wolsen walks into the storeroom and comes back out in what seemed like three seconds. He came out with a large black box. Inside the box was a small piñata, and a large object with a mallet, a dial, and a button. He hung the piñata up on a bar which ran around the edges of the whole classroom. It was about three metres closer to the middle of the room from the edges. The piñata was about half the size of a normal one. But, looking in the box, Bailey could see lots of them. Mr Wolsen put the mallet machine thing underneath the piñata and approached the front of the class.

"Welcome to your first class of the year! I am," he points to the whiteboard, "Mr Wolsen. Your science teacher. I hope you're all looking forward to science class today." He smirked at them. It was quite creepy actually, considering he looked around 35 years old. "Well, on to business. Today, we will be learning how to do an experiment. This means learning how to record data correctly, and the safety precautions that you need to use. Doesn't sound like much, does it?" The class timidly shook their heads, signalling a 'no'.

He grabbed a ruler and placed the end of the mallet on the mallet-dial-button-machine-thing on the table, measuring thirty centimetres away from the edge of the piñata. "So, let's begin!"

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