Ugh, High School.

Marlie is a normal, 13 year old girl. Shes smart, funny, and can be a little crazy at times. She's not the bravest, yet she gets by. Starting high school is a big challenge for someone like her. Will she cope?


2. Another Day, Another, Well, Lecture.

Chapter 2: Another Day, Another, Well, Lecture.

The school bell rang. Bailey and Marlie jumped at the sound.

"Whoa! That's loud! Gotta get used to that." Bailey said, in a way which made Marlie forget about their previous conversation.

"Yeah, my ears are still ringing," Marlie replied, as she began walking to the meeting spot for all the new students, with Bailey. She continued, "Where to, Bailz?"

"I'm not sure. It says here that we meet on the library terrace."

"Well, here's the library." They stood before a gigantic, three storey high building. The word 'Library' written on it in huge, plastic-coated metal lettering.

"Yep, this is definitely it." They walk in the automatic doors at the entrance. "Whoa. This is huge." They say, in unison. It was so huge that neither of them stopped to say jinx, as they normally would. They were in such shock, at the size of this library. The walls were covered in bookshelves, filled to the brim with books of every size and shape (don't forget colour). To their left was fiction, to their right, non-fiction. There were enough books to rent three to every person in the country, and there'd still be left overs! They stumbled across the room before reaching a sign next to the stairs which read: All new students meeting on terrace at level two, 9:15 sharp! Marlie glanced at her watch.

"9:13?! We are gonna be late!! Hurry Bailey!!" She bolted up the stairs, Bailey couldn't keep up.

"I'm.. *puff* coming.. *puff* Marl.."

"Oh, hurry up Bailz, I know you're faking."

Bailey giggled, "Yeah, you know me too well, I can't fool you."

"No, no you can't." They laughed all the way up the stairs. Soon enough, they were both on the next floor. The whole room went silent. All the kids were lined up perfectly in rows, all facing the terrace. It had started raining, so they were all called inside. Everyone in the room was staring at them. They hadn't realised how much noise they were actually making. One of the teachers in the room, a tall, lean one with a nerdy look, walked over to them. They stared in shock as he came closer and closer to them. They were in trouble, they could feel it. The closer he got, the more tense they felt.

"Ladies. You do realise this is the library don't you?"

Marlie hesitated to answer, his eyes were staring, directly at her. The were a weird colour, almost a magenta. They continued staring at each other for about a minute or so, until Marlie finally said, "Yes, sir. We know. We didn't realise how much noise we were making, sorry, won't happen again, promise." She glanced behind him to see a coupe of students giggling, and the rest trying to hold it in. She was a humiliation, and it had only been the first day, let alone the first hour. She joined the rest of the students on the floor, Bailey following close behind.

Another teacher approached the front, this one short yet lean and had long hair. He stood and looked at the students for about two minutes or so, just observing them. "He's a nutter." Bailey whispered to Marlie, making sure no one noticed.

"Yep. I think so too." They tried to hold their giggles in as he started pacing, from left to right.

He finally spoke. "First of all, I would like to welcome you all to Rofaltz Girls High." His voice was low and croaky, yet it had a Texan twang to it as well. It definitely needed a tune-up. "My name is Mr Stuart, and I am your new principal. As your principal, I am here to teach you about our school, and the rules that come with it. I run my school under strict policies. Students don't dare to break rules, as they know of the serious consequences which follow. The teachers are handing a list of rules out to each of you, we will go through then together, very thoroughly, to make sure you all understand."

Bailey and Marlie were handed a sheet of paper. The paper had the rules on it, and there sure were a lot of them. They started reading it quickly, almost skimming it. Some of the rules made sense, but other didn't.

"No clapping in class? Why?" Marlie questioned Baliey.

"I'm not sure, some of these rules are pretty stupid, like this one. Students must remain calm when bells ring. Why is that a rule?"

"Wow. That one is quite dumb to be honest." As they whispered to each other, Mr Stuart continued lecturing them on 'responsibility'.

"This guy needs to learn the responsible length of a speech." Marlie whispered to Bailey. They giggled. "How long has he been going on for, anyway?"

Bailey glanced at her watch. "Well, it's 10 o' clock now, so.. 45 minutes."

"45 minutes?!" Marlie exclaimed. 'Whoops' She said to herself. The tall teacher with weird magenta eyes signalled for her to stand up. He approached her, this time looking as angry as ever.

"Young lady. Did you not just hear what we told you? What did we just say?"

"Uh..uh.. I-I don't know sir.. I-I wasn't paying at-attention.."

"Exactly. We just told you to pay attention, and how important it is to be listening. What is your name, young lady?"

"Mar-Mar-Marlie, sir. My name is Marlie."

"Well, Marlie. I hope you like detention. I presume you will be getting a lot of it over the next six years." He signalled for her to sit down, and Mr Stuart continues his lecture. He went on for another half an hour, before handing out timetables and showing people to classes. Bailey and Marlie stayed close as they walked to their class.

"Wow, that guy really didn't like you." Bailey said, in a way which made Marlie giggle.

"Yeah, I know. But it was your fault I got in trouble." Marlie remarked, in a cunning, yet joking way.

"My fault? How?!" Baliey followed along.

"You are the one who caused me to yell."

"Oh, whatever, Marl. It doesn't matter."

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