We never really did hear about the Amity initiation but I thought it would be cool to try and write it.
When 16 year old Danielle gets the result of Candor, she's not swayed in her decision to choose Amity. But during initiation she finds it difficult as she knows when someone is lying to her. . . and confrontations cause conflict.
Will she survive in Amity or end up factionless?


2. The Aptitude Test

We don't get to practice for these things in any way but my fellow Amity always talk about it like it's a wonderfult thing. That's the way they we talk about everything. However, sometimes it's like I can see the lies written all over their faces. It can't be as wonderful as they all make it out to be then. Hardly anything ever is but we're trained to do the one thing that the Dauntless hate with a fiery passion; talk and talk and talk. We don't exactly mean to annoy them but when your faction norms dictate everything, some things happen that kind of contradict each other. Just like this. We talk about the tests but no one has really given any insight into what happens. That would be illegal and wrong.

When I open my eyes again I'm in the chair and confused. Nothing happened? I turn to the lady from Abnegation to ask her what happened but she's not there. Nothing is there except for me, the chair and the mirrored room that shows me laying down. I immediately sit up and start looking around for clues as to what is happening. Did what she give me make me sick? Or pass out or go really crazy. i giggle.

That's when I see two elevated plates appear out of nowhere in front of me. I blink and rub my eyes. Maybe I'm hallucinating. But I don't think so as a voice appears from nowhere and I can't find it, not even as I jump up and start looking around.

"Choose," I says and the plates seem to be illuminated. One holds a sharp knife that makes me flinch and the other holds a hunk of cheese that looks fresh but no appealing for some reason.

"Why?" I ask, moving closer to them and examing them. The knife looks just as sinister as I thought it was originally and the cheese as unappealing.

"CHOOSE!" The voice sounds annoyed now. Pity. It was such a beautiful, clear, almost sing song voice. The kind of voice that most girls would kill to have.

I shrug and pick up the cheese. The scene dissolves and then I'm in Candor headquarters for some reason. Definitely a hallucination. We're right in the middle of a court case and the criminal is talking.

"I didn't do it! Why would I? It was just a blanket. Not like anyone actually needed it."

I think he's lying. It sounds like it and his tone of voice certainly suggests it. I decide to tell him that as he may as well know that SOMEONE doesn't bvelieve him.

"You're lying!" My voice rings out, as clear as day, and he rounds on me.

"No I'm not you silly little girl. Go back to where you came from!"

"If you're not lying then why are you getting so defensive? If you were telling the truth then you would not be as mad as you are."

Something shines on his face; fear.

The scene disolves and this time when I come to, the Abnegation lady is standing beside me with a small smile on her face.

"Well?" I demand, but politely. "Can you tell me now?"

She brushes some hair out of her eyes, "your result is Candor."



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