We never really did hear about the Amity initiation but I thought it would be cool to try and write it.
When 16 year old Danielle gets the result of Candor, she's not swayed in her decision to choose Amity. But during initiation she finds it difficult as she knows when someone is lying to her. . . and confrontations cause conflict.
Will she survive in Amity or end up factionless?


1. Pre Aptitude Test

The aptitude tests are a way of determining what faction we all belong in. For most people, staying in their birth faction is the only way of life, but for others, leaving their families is an inevitable decision. It all depends on what you get though. For Abnegation families, the test doesn't matter, they stay in Abnegation. Not me though. I'm from Amity and the choice between this and any of the others is scary. Will I choose to stay in the safety and peace of Amity or leave and explore another faction. I guess most of the choice lies in what my test tells me, but I'm almost certain that I'll choose Amity.

The chair is cold as I sit down in it and watch some woman from Abnegation get my test ready. If she was from any other faction, she could be quite beautiful. With light brown hair twisted tightly into a knot and blue eyes rimmed with long eyelashes, then yes, she's quite pretty I suppose. I've never really had an opinion on the Abnegation but that doesn't mean I have to be rude.

"How are you?" I ask pleasantly, but she only shoots me a quick smile before answering. Damn it, I almost forgot about Abnegation's customs.

"I'm fine thank you," she smiles again, "how about you?" She seemed almost afraid of talking about herself, as most of her kind are.

I shoot her a polite smile and say, "yeah I'm really good actually. I'm so sorry about asking, I totally forgot about Abnegation's customs which is really inconsiderate of me. I'm so sorry. I should know better but I guess that my nerves got the better of me today. Can you ever manage to forgive me?" Had she been Dauntless, she would have told me to shut up a long time ago, but the Abnegation are polite.

She smiles at me and hands me a small glass filled with a clear coloured water, "drink this. I can't tell you what's going to happen."

I take the glass from her and stare down at it. "Why can't you tell me? It's just a drink. Or is it part of the test?"

All I get is a knowing smile, which annoys me a bit. How hard is it to simple to the truth? Even if you are from Abnegation, surely a little rule bending wouldn't hurt? Not for the truth. Who cares about their customs. The truth to stop one girl's nerves wouldn't hurt anyone.

"Can't tell you," she says, almost sadly, like she's upset about not being able to tell me. Maybe even Abnegation don't feel like this is fair on everyone. I don't really think it is but then again, if we knew what was coming, we could prepare for it in some way and then it wouldn't really be a test as much as it would be an almost cheat.

So I smile at her and say, "that's completely fine. I understand. Even though I have no idea what's going to happen but I know it's not dangerous because everyone else is fine." With a widening of my smile, I pick up my glass and lift it to my lips. Swallowing, I shut my eyes and wait for whatever's going to happen.

The world goes dark.


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