Your Life, My Life Together

Isabella Swan was pregnant at 17 years old she got bullied in high school and she was the town that talk about her around whisper ugly stuff but then she move in with her big brother Emmett and his family then some time pass and Bella is looking for a job but she can't fine one and she meet Edward Cullen went she had to bring lunch to her brother one day and she bump to him and then he fine out that she need a job. So he give her a job of kind of a Nanny to take care of his 7 children he has but one thing that Isabella didn't know was that they didn't like her. But maybe by time goes they maybe change what they feel about her or maybe they will still hate her?


1. The begging

Sometime life is unexpected on what they trout at you . Sometimes you think you strong to face it what is in your way but dip down you know that you weak and that you can't do things for yourself anymore that at one moment you will need all the supper of your family , especially me that I life on a small place town. And only for one damn mistake I make of my life. Went I was 17years old that I got pregnant I was I big talk of the town. Everywhere I go people will look at me with sad eyes other with mean looks but mustily they will whisper be hide my back. But worst it was in school they will call me names mustily slut , whore ect.. Or sometimes they will pass paper around school about me.

But still I didn't cry in front of them because why should I cry ? Why should I make them feel that they defeat me by doing that to me they don't know where I being trout in my life by being and going to face in the future of being a single mother and mustily being a teenager.

But that's the pass and now am in the present. And my present is going to be in New York with my brother Emmett and his wife Rose and their two son that I love a lot. But the only thing I am moving in with them is because I want a better job and a better life for my son Erick.

I hope that I make a good decision of moving with them.

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