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We were never perfect,but that was us. Our love was made to make miracles. Our love took us togeher. And even if i was too soon, I didn’ t mind it as long as he was wi’th me. Hand in hand,forever.
And you mus’t remember. Only once - is the number of times you can truly and deeply love someone. And you will love them unitil infinity runs ou’t (Which is never).


2. Blue jeans

BLUE JANS JUSTIN POV There's always a moment when the road forks. Each one goes off, thinking the roads will come together again. You see the other person getting smaller and smaller. That's all right. We're made for each other. She'll be there at the end, I tought. But that didn't happen. Winter passed by and memories of her faded slowly until I finally forgot the sound of her soft voice. But there was one thing I didn't forget. Her blue jeans. The ones who brought me to her and the same are the ones who started US at the first place. FLASHBACK -'Did you lose your fricking mind?' - she was literally screaming. Such a girl.- - 'Well sorry there miss 'I am all perfect,can't take little mud.'- I rolled my eyes. I would lie if I would say I wasn't amused by this. – I didn't see you there,its like you are invisible.- Well she was sometimes. It's not like she has friends. - 'Well that's not the case 'Mister KnowItAll' –She was clearly annoyed by this- 'These are my favourite jeans.' - She looked up to me- 'I don't care how are you gonna do this but I want them clean.'-I stared at her with blank expression on my face- 'Like right now.' -'Nice try there. I'm not your bitch. It's not my fault you are so stupid that you can't even walk straight.'-She looked up at me .- -'Bu-ut I can't go to school like this. Everyone will laugh at me!' -'Not my problem. You should really start watching your step. See ya! ' END OF FLASHBACK I later found out that those blue jeans belonged to her mother who was seriously ill and that those were her lucky pants. Funny right? Anyway,we were nothing extraordinary. I was popular,she wasn't and our ways would cross from time to time.But something about her annoyed me so much that I had the urge to treat her really badly.With no respect.Sure we had our moments since Chaz, her brother, was my bestfriend. She would help me if I would asked her for to and I could actually talk to her but mostly she would stay away from me. And that was strange for me. Everyone wanted to be seen with me but yet she was always avoiding me. I know I wasn't the best company, I was more like the kids your parents warned you about. But she was always somehow different. And we were never a legit couple but we both had feelings for each other. I was too stupid and blind to do something and she kept running away. But than I got famous and we had a huge fight which was my fault and I have never seen her since. I lost every contact with her and Chaz. I tought that I wanted her out of my life but than I started to miss her and realized that I never deserved her. She was nothing but nice and I was a major jerk. And now? Now I'm 20 and I sleep around with girls.Partying,drinking and smoking way too much for my own good. I got myself a bad boy reputation and everyone thinks I'm happy,when the truth is that I feel so lost and empty. I missed home and my mom and the way I felt happy around my real friends. I need help,but I'm too cool to admit. I hurt everyone around. But mostly myself. I need to get back home. This isn't working anymore. I need my damn privacy,things got out of control. I need to see Miss 'Blue jeans'. ADRIANNA POV -'Chaz could you please close the damn door. It's freezing outside.'-I yelled after him.- -'Sis I... Well I have some bad news.'-I closed the door and waited for him to speak.- -'Well it can't be worse than me working night shifts the whole week. Which means you'll mostly be hungry.-I chuckled, hitting his soft spot-FOOD.- -'Well normaly I would be crying like a little bitch now but this is bigger than me being hungry...'-He was serious.- He is coming home Anne. He just texted me.'- The floor started spinning. I was in total terror. I couldn't breathe but mostly I felt sick. Immediately after that mom's words started playing over and over in my head. I made a promise. - 'Are you oka-I'm not ready Chaz.-I cried. Right now I want a word that describes the feeling you get – a cold, sick feeling deep down inside – when you know something is happening that will change you, and you don’t want it to, but you can’t stop it. And you know, for the first time, for the very first time, that there will now be a before and an after, a was and a will be. And you will never again be quite the person you were. AN: So this is 2nd chapter of Only once and I really hope you will like it. Please comment if you like it or not or should I continue to write this. Anyways I love you so much!
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