A Younger Past

This is. A story about famous Niall Horan and not so famous Katie Shantell. The to, sepperated by years, once lovers, now complete strangers.

Everyone thinks Niall Horan of One Direction is gay, because every girl that tries to date him is shot down, one day its on the news, and the boys are bugging him, so he decides to confes a secret no one knows but him and that girl.

That girl, I mentiond is Katie Shantell. She lives in Vancouver B.C. and just tirned 16. Its right after her sweet 16, and her friend is bugging her about the fact that she has Never had a boyfriend, and katie also decides to confes, a secret no ine know except for Him.

This is told in 2 point of views. Nialls, and Katies.


1. Confess

Chapter One: Confess


Niall Horan's P.O.V.


"This just in, shocking rumors are hitting the media, about british boy band One Direction's Niall Horan and his sexuality. Now, the media is saying, Niall Horan, is apparently Gay. This is not for sure, but evidence is on the 'Yes' side. Back to you Loo-ann." I turned the T.V. Off and stamped my feet as hard as I could on the floor. Why must people do these things, and use these lables. Im not gay, I just havnt met the right girl yet, is what I tell them. They still think Im gay! I just wish I could go back to that first day I saw her. "Niall, why wont you go out with any of the girls who ask you out! You NEED to get a Girlfriend!" Liam started to lecture me on how it was bringing the ratings down. "I know but-" Louis cut me off. "But you havn't met the right girl yet, you meed to at least try Nialler!" Now all the boys were in the room. "Louis, I have met her, its just, I could never go back to her." They all looked at me shoked and almost angry. "What do you meen Niall? What secrets are you keeping from us?" I looked at the boys and took one deep breath for each of them, then one for me. "Guys, I have something I need to tell you, She is the reason why I won't date any girls again." They looked at me. "She?" They all said at once. "Yes, I will start from the biggining so you get the whole picture. It all started when....."


Katie Shantell's P.O.V.


"Katie! You need to get a boyfriend! You cant live your whole life single!" Ashley shouted at me in the parking lot. "Look, Ash, I have told you a million times, when I find the right boy." She huffed and rolled her eyes. "No. You need at least ONE heart breake in you life before you are truly a woman!" I laughed and patted her on the shoulder. "Ash, I have had my heart break, trust me." She scoffed. "How! You have never not once had a boyfriend! Your gold fish dieing doesnt count!" I started to feel my blood getting hot. "You dont know HALF my life Ash! You dont know the heart break I felt that day when I was 12! It was worse then any other kind. And I dont want to feel it again!" Her eyes widend. "That day? What happend 'That Day' Katie? What secrets are you keeping from me?" I gulped, I had never ever told anyone my secret. Not even my Nona. "Uh well, I will tell you, but you cant tell anyone ash. No one. Got it?" I stuck out my finger. "Got it. So, who was he what happend?" God I hate how girly she is. "Well it all started when I was on vacation to Ireland with my family when I was 12. A lot more things happend then what I told you Ash."


Niall Horan's P.O.V.


"It was about a month before the X-Factor was starting, and I was just cruesing along the street when I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She looked about 16 or 17 to me, and she was gorges. I ended up walking into a pole staring at her." The boys all laughed. "She came over to me and asked me if I was alright, of course I said no so she would take care of me. She asked if I lived far and I said no to her, which was true. She walked me home and helped me and she was so sweet and funny." Louis Oood and awwwwd, then the rest of the boys joined in. "Oh shut up guys, she broke my heart, remember that."


Katie Shantell's P.O.V.


"Its not funny, It broke my heart Ash." She mutterd a sorry and I continued. "I put a steak on his head and gave him an ice pack for his nuts." Ash started to giggle. "Oh shut up." She did. "So I asked him, 'Whats your name?' He looked at me and said...


Niall Horan's P.O.V.


"She asked me my name and I said, 'Niall Horan. And you are?' She giggled and said, 'Im Katie Shantell, But you can just call me Katie. Its nice to meet you, Niall Horan.' She giggled and I blushed. I was starting to feel...


Katie Shantell's P.O.V.


"We were going to be friends, he was really sweet, if I had been older I would had kissed him by them." Ash hooted. "Ya girl! Woo thats thinking like I told you!" I laughed. 

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