Friends Forever

Ella was a girl moving in with her cousins to a new house, new life, new start. When she moves in she meets her super cool/hot neighbors, Zayn Malik, Edward Styles, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Luke Hemmings. She meets new friends and maybe she will find something else......

Read Friends Forever to see what happens. (WARNING: first movella it might suck.)


4. Work

****Ella POV*****

When I woke up it was 9:34 I had to get ready because Cici and me work babysitting kids we teach them how to draw things, how to plant stuff, how to be clean, how to read, write, and stuff like that. Cris is a football (soccer) coach he works at 2:00 pm so he is very lucky. Ivan works in a hospital for kids he buys toys and plays with them the only difference with mine and Ivan's job is that he works at a hospital and sometimes gets home crying because a patient had died and I work at home. Cici was already up eating breakfast. "Hey did you clean the garage and back yard and also put Spikes fence up?" "Yep did you buy the things we need?" "Yep." -ding dong- "I'll get it." I opened the door and saw a boy and a mother standing there. "Hello I'm Ella how can I help you two?" I asked smiling. "Good morning is it true that you babysit here?" Asked the mother." Yeah do you want a babysitter?" "Yes please. I have to go to work and i had no idea where I could leave Kyle. Then I saw your sign." "Alright come in......can you fill this sheet please." She filled the paper and left there was seven more kids we were in the garage painting when I heard the doorbell ring. It was Luke. "Hi Luke want to come in?" "No thanks I just have a question is everything fine there is too much people coming here?" "Everything is fine we are just working. Also known as baby sitting." "Ok just making sure got to go to work before I'm late." "Ok bye." I went back to work.

Today was great day Cici and me won $80 each. "Damn were good at this." "Yep." -ding dong- "I'll get it. Cici said.

~~~Cici POV~~~

When I opened the door there was a guy with black hair and brown eyes. "Hi how can I help you?" I asked. "Hi I'm Zayn I live with Luke, Michael, and other two guys I was just asking if you and your cousin need help with the kids because I need a job and I like kids but I don't like going to other places I'm too lazy. So can I work here?" He asked in a nervous tone. "Well we kind of do need help so yeah why not you have the job." "Really thanks when do I start?" "Tomorrow be here at 9:00 am sharp. " "Thanks bye." "Bye."

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