Friends Forever

Ella was a girl moving in with her cousins to a new house, new life, new start. When she moves in she meets her super cool/hot neighbors, Zayn Malik, Edward Styles, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Luke Hemmings. She meets new friends and maybe she will find something else......

Read Friends Forever to see what happens. (WARNING: first movella it might suck.)


13. One Problem

*****Ella POV*****

When I got to Ash's room everything was messed up things were on the floor, but something caught my eye it was a picture me and Ash took when we were done painting the garage he was hugging me while I took the picture. "Whats wrong Ashton what happened in here its a mess." I said really calmly. When he looked up I noticed that he had been crying. "What happened? You are going out with Edward when it should be me I don't understand why he always gets the girl first." He almost screamed. What he just said was so not coming this way. Did he just admit that he liked me this is no good my best friend can't like me thats just wrong I mean he isn't ugly its just that I don't like him in that way. "I'm sorry Ash I just don't feel the same. I'm so sorry." I just walked out and walked to my house. (Its was a long walk right just going to the house next door lol) I went straight to my room sat on the bed really confused. Then I heard a knock on my window I turn around and see Ed. "You scared me what are you doing outside you know that there is a door." "Yeah I know...." "Ella can we talk?" It was Ivan. "I'll tell you when to come." I whispered to Ed and he just nodded going back to his house. "Yeah sure." I told Ivan then he opened the door and sat on the chair that belonged to my desk. "What do you want to talk about?" "Ugh you know that I don't like guys like Edward they are dangerous they can get you in trouble. He just isn't a good influence to any of us." "Seriously Ivan!!! Ugh you don't know him you just judge. Remember don't judge a book by its cover thats what you are doing." "I know but you can totally read this guy he has tattoos he drinks I bet he uses drugs maybe he is in a gang you know all that stuff." "Ivan he is not like that he is a good person." "Whatever you say but when he hurts you don't come to me." Ivan left and after a few minutes I called Ed. "Hi what did Ivan tell you?" "Ugh I hate him. He doesn't even know you and he says that you are a bad person he is the one that liked the fucken girl that uses drugs." "Calm down ok know tell me something about you like your past so we both know our pasts." "Why I don't really think that you want to hear my past." "I don't care I'm all ears." "Ok so it started in high school...."

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