Friends Forever

Ella was a girl moving in with her cousins to a new house, new life, new start. When she moves in she meets her super cool/hot neighbors, Zayn Malik, Edward Styles, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Luke Hemmings. She meets new friends and maybe she will find something else......

Read Friends Forever to see what happens. (WARNING: first movella it might suck.)


1. Introduction

Hi my name is Ella I'm 17 years old and i live in California. I would say that i have a totally normal life. I have friends, a dad, a mum, and two little sisters. I live in a medium sized house and I love hanging out with three of my best cousins Cris, Ivan, and Cici. We like to hang out so we made a plan on buying a house for all of us. Cris is tall he has kind of grayish brownish eyes, brown hair, is really skinny, pale, and plays football ( soccer). Ivan has green eyes that sparkle, he has brown hair, he is a little fat not much though, and pale with all time red cheeks. Cici she is short, tan well a bit dark, brown hair with red ends, super skinny, and really funny. And well me I'm not tall but not short, my hair is brown but shines red in the sun, also having red highlights on my hair, I'm quite skinny, dark tan, my hair is almost touching my shoulders, and I have big dark brown eyes.

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