Prince Of Darkness (Jason McCann) DELETED!

Nicola Walsh is a typical teenage girl In Canada. She’s a good student, outgoing and well liked. This is shattered by a serious of nightmares- of a boy with red eyes (Jason McCann) who watches her every move, stalking her and calling her mobile phone numerous times. Will he take the chance to kidnap her?


3. Chapter 2

That night, Gina and Stacey were staying in the two guest bedrooms, while I slept in my own bedroom.

I got comfortable and fell into a deep sleep. I was woken up by pebbles hitting the window. I ignored it and thought it was just the trees hitting the window. I got annoyed by this noise, i sat up and got out of my bed. But I heard someone whisper my name.

I shakily walked towards the window, seeing nobody.

"Who do you think you are? Well, whoever you are." I whispered to myself. I finally got the courage to walk downstairs, I walked over by the back door. I turned on the patio lights and walked out the door leaving it open.

"Is somebody there?" I called standing outside the door, I shivered by the coldness of the night. Just then, somebody called my name again. I walked further out into the backyard.

Once again I heard my name being called by a husky Canadian voice.

"Who the hell is that?" I asked scared to death of what was happening. Then I saw a shadow come from the trees, I saw his red eyes, I couldn't see him because he was wearing all black and he was wearing a hood, so I couldn't see his face.

"Shit." I whispered to myself, I was standing there like I was stuck so I couldn't move because he was getting closer to me. "Please, God-" I then got interrupted by his husky voice. "This is God." He chuckled. I started running back towards the back door screaming and hearing him running behind me.

I got to the back door opening it and locking it behind me running upstairs, I got to my room and shut the door then locking it.

I breathed heavily of what just happened.

Thinking that he was gone, I laid back on my bed.

"Found you." I turned my head seeing that guy, I screamed at the top of my lungs as he got on top of me, he covered my mouth as I tried to shake him off but he was to strong.

"Don't scream baby, I'm not going to hurt you." He whispered in my ear, I sobbed.

"Who are you?" I asked shakily.

"Don't you remember baby? It's Jason, Jason McCann." He whispered, I closed my eyes.

Then and there I woke up in a cold sweat seeing Gina and Stacey beside me having worried looks on there faces,

"Oh my god, Nicola are you okay? We heard you screaming all the way down the hall." I shook my head gasping for air.

"Guys I saw him again, and this time I know his name." Gina and Stacey both looked concerned.

"What's his name?" Stacey asked, I sighed.

"Jason McCann."

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