Prince Of Darkness (Jason McCann) DELETED!

Nicola Walsh is a typical teenage girl In Canada. She’s a good student, outgoing and well liked. This is shattered by a serious of nightmares- of a boy with red eyes (Jason McCann) who watches her every move, stalking her and calling her mobile phone numerous times. Will he take the chance to kidnap her?


2. Chapter 1

That morning I arrived at school with my friends Gina and Stacey. The three of us got out of Gina's Range Rover and walked to the doors of our school.

I was talking to them about my dream I had last night. "It was so scary, when I woke up it felt like he was still in the room with me."

Gina chuckled, "Sounds like a real bogeyman."

I sighed. "It was strange. The guy had red eyes, anyway I couldn't even go back to sleep last night."

We stopped walking and Stacey spoke, "Forget it Nicola, the point is that everyone has a bad dream in their life. It's no biggie."

Gina looked at me, "Next time your having a bad dream, just tell yourself that it's all right. At least, it works for me." I nodded my head. "Maybe were going to have a big earthquake. They say that things get weird around here." The three of us chuckled and walked into school.

Tonight Gina and Stacey were staying at my house for the night. We were sitting by the sofa talking.

"I'm so glad you guys came over tonight. When my mom told me that she was working Night Shift again, I almost died." I told them.

"No problem Nicola." Stacey said.

"All day long I've been seeing that guys face and his red eyes,"

Gina furrowed her eyebrows. "Red eyes?"

I nodded my head, "weird right?" The girls nodded.

After saying that there was a noise outside, Gina turned around to look at it. "What is it?" I asked.

"Nothing." Gina turned back around to face me. I heard a banging noise, this time we all turned our heads to the back door. "There's something out there,"

Stacey turned to look at me. "I didn't hear anything." We all looked at Stacey, I was about to say something but I was cut off from the noise again.

This time the three of us got up and walked towards the back door. I opened the lock to the door and the three of us walked outside. I walked a couple yards from the door. "Nicola don't go any further!" Gina shouted out to me shakily. "Is anyone there?!" I shouted.

I stood there for a couple seconds to see if anyone is there.

I turned around shaking my head and walked towards the door of the house feeling like there was somebody watching me, which gave me the creeps that someone could be out there watching my every move.

Unknown POV:

Seeing her beautiful figure walking outside made me just want to grab her and leave everything behind, but I can't do that right now, all I got to do is wait. She'll be mine one day, nobody else's and any guy that goes near her, they'll wish that they have never talked to her. I am the Prince Of Darkness, I can do anything I want.

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