A shy girl with her own little world of books and a popular jock cross paths and sparks may fly. Is it fate? Completely opposite teenagers. Do opposites really attract?


2. the other side of her

Chapter 2: the other side of her

Jack's POV

so her name is Christina. At least I know something about my mysterious lab partner, I seriously have never seen her before. Was she really in my class the whole of last year? I guess she just doesn't want to be recognised.

After I took her to her next lesson I went back to mine in which I'm greeted by Brit my hot head cheerleader girlfriend, she hugged me "where have you been? I was worried!" Her perky happy voice said.

"Oh I had to do something, but I'm here now, come on let's get to class" I put my arm around her and went to find a seat. Sometimes I wonder what am I even doing here, dating the most popular girl, while being the popular jock. Isn't it a bit... Cliche? I've seen movies like this before, we don't really end up in the best of places. Anyways I guess I am lucky, and Brit isn't as bad as the movies, I will have a football scholarship, graduate, get a job and have a family. Simple plan, simple life.

I insisted that I would follow Christina back to her home to work on the model since her hands hurt and she couldn't do the model all by herself as she said she would this morning. I waited for her outside the school entrance.

She came out and I said hi.

"You know you don't have to do this, I'm okay." She replied, looking at her feet hair almost covering her face.

"Yea I do, I couldn't live with the guilt. Plus it's a pair assignment."

We walked over to her place, as she leaded I couldn't help but notice that I lived around the neighbourhood.

"Hey, I live around her why don't I see you much?"

"I uh.. Don't really go out much so... Yea. We're her..." She opened the door. "You could just um... Yea..." I entered to a pretty normal living room, she closed the door behind us and walked upstairs, me following.

"Where's your parents?"

"Oh they umm... Well... They died when I was young... So I live with my aunt and uncle... They're at work, so yea..." She stuttered. I nodded slowly. Never thought that her parents would be... Well.

"I didn't mean to you know, umm bring back memories and such-"

"No, it's okay, I'm uhh over it so, yea"

I looked around the room and realised its actually quite interesting. Posters on the right side of her turquoise wall, speakers on her bedside table where she could play music, not to mention the bookshelf filled with books on the left next to her closet. I also just realised a set of headphones on her neck. I guess she is quite normal.

"Soo where should we start first" I said breaking the silence. Rubbing my hands together, I'm ready to make a kickass model. We started to make our model. It was pretty awkward, we didn't talk, we just went on making the model. Our hands were in sync, like we knew exactly what to do, but I brushed her hand with my hand at once and we looked at each other. Not expecting that at all. I feel like I have crossed the boundaries, her mouth was like an o, like she's about to say something, I looked into her hazel brown eyes, wow they were pretty. WAIT, no Jaden you have a girlfriend. The moment snapped as a doorbell ringed.

"I uhh... That would be my aunt. Umm, wait here." She went downstairs to get the door. Wow, what was that... Jaden no. Phew, that was close. I heard her come back. "Umm I think um you should go, it's getting late, I don't want your parents worried, so yea."

"Oh okay, well it was nice working with you, if you need anything then just call or text me, umm here's my number." I handed a piece of paper to her with my number on it. Wait did I just give her my number? Uh. Idiot. What would she do with my number? I left the house and headed back home.

After dinner I laid on my bed.

Text from Christina...

Here's the finished model.

*picture of model*

I guess she finished the remaining parts after I left... It looked great.

"Christina. Huh..." I said to my self. Then I snoozed off.

Authors note:

Hey guys! Hope you liked this chapter, Do you think Jaden would start falling for Christina first? Hmm let's see what will happen :) please leave a like or favourite it if you want ;) suggestions in the comments and yea have a nice day :

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