A shy girl with her own little world of books and a popular jock cross paths and sparks may fly. Is it fate? Completely opposite teenagers. Do opposites really attract?


1. Two Worlds

Chapter 1: Two worlds.


Christina's POV



Hey guys. I haven't written in ages. I really doubt anyone's reading this blog though, it's just my way of letting out my feelings I guess? More over I have a completely non-interesting life, I mean who would want to talk to the shy girl who keeps to herself in the back row at the very last seat? I wouldn't. Oh right, that's me.


Sometimes I feel like I'm a completely different person once I get home, I hope the people at my crappy public school could see it, instead of shoving me in lockers because I don't say anything back to those worthless delinquent bullies. Sorry went too far.

But today was rather... Interesting

My day consists of this:


BEEP BEEP BEEP it takes a while for my to actually get up, even the loudest alarm couldn't wake me up. As I sloppily get off my bed I turn on some music as I get ready. Not those one direction music every girls listening too. Green day, paramore, imagine dragons. I put on some comfortable clothes: white t, blue sweater and comfortable skinny jeans with black converse sneakers. My brown wavy hair down like always.

After breakfast I headed out to school, it's just a five minute walk away. I placed my headphones on and, just like every other day, went to school. The hallways are always noisy and full of people, most of them blindly walk into me and say sorry then leave. It's like I'm invisible you know? I went to home room and checked in with Mr. Dail then sat at the back row where it's usually a bit darker than anywhere else. I started to get my favourite book out "The Fault in Our Stars" I know almost everyone loves the book because it's touching and all that. I mean I am no different, I just think that some people only talk about that book because it's mainstream now. Typical. I start rereading it when I hear the jocks come in yelling and being all excited until Mr.Dail quiets them down. Jaden the lead of his popular jock gang takes his seat next to most of the cheerleaders. As you guessed he's dating ms head cheerleader - Brittany Hanks, they make out until the bell rings, disgusting. I plunge myself back into tfios world where there's romance that does not include cliche make outs and cliques. Funny phrases and heart warming moments make me smile in the dark world that I'm in currently. Books are my saviours they are the light in this boring life of mine. I am a fan girl in the inside and a shy weakling on the outside.


Second period- biology. It's the start of the term so we get new biology partners, the teacher is a real pain, she writes down each guys name on a small piece of paper, puts them in a bucket and makes the girls choose one, girl and a boy a pair. I just hope I don't get a dumbass who doesn't know how to do anything, it was my turn after Stacey willows that got billy beeze, phew at least I don't get billy. I should not have thought I was lucky, my whole day turns when the word Jaden Niles is on that scrappy piece if paper.


The teacher tells him to come over to my table.

"Hey, I'm Jaden." He said nicely, placing his hand out for me to shake it. Instead I acted like a complete idiot and ignored the hand he so kindly put out and just nodded then turned sideways not facing him and covering my face with hair. "Oooookay then." As he puts his hand back and listened to the teacher.

"Now class, with your new partners you guys would need to build a little model..." She kept explaining the project but all I could think about is Jaden the person sitting next to me. Soon after she explained she told us to discuss about it.


"I was thinking maybe.." He started to say, having an attempt to work together with me.

"You don't have to do anything, I'll make it." I said as quietly as possible but just able for him to hear.

"Oh okay"

The lesson consists of me looking out the window dying to read my book and him sitting at the next table talking to his friend. The day went on like usual. Wrong again.

I was walking in the hallway going to period 5 when I bumped into someone I didn't really see I just looked down and collected my books until a familiar voice said "I'm sorry, are you okay? I'll help with those." Oh my gosh. It's Jaden again. He helped me take my books, he saw my tfios book that is in great condition if you ask me and smiled at it "you like these kind of books huh?" I nodded, why is he talking to me? My arm feels hurt, I pulled up my sleeve to see what happened, a big blue purple bruise on my right arm. "Oh no, did I hurt you that bad? Let me take you to the nurse" he told his friends he needed to take me to the nurse, I tried to refuse and said it's okay but he insisted. He's not that big of a jerk as I thought he was, weird.


The nurse asked about my name and gave me an ice pack, Jaden sat next to me, probably cuz he didn't wanna go to class.

"So your name is Christina?"


"I feel bad that you have to do the model, especially cuz your arm is still hurt, why not after school I come over to your place?"

Uh oh.


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