Moments With Him

Alayna works hard and tries to live a normal life. She can't though, only being 21 and a doctor? It's not that simple. She doesn't expect what is coming. She's had to work hard her whole life. Not having much luck with boys, will this be any different?


2. Intro.

Alayna Stevens:

21 years old, birthday July 17, doctor. Middle child- older brother is Ryan, younger sister is Lacy. Directioner, but not crazy obsessive. Got into college at 16 years of age, graduated college early. Music is very important to her, whimsical, and artsy. Bright curly red hair, green eyes, freckles, no dimples, light skin. 5' 7 1/2" tall.

Berlyn Rhodes:

21 years old, birthday September 14, going to college to be a Marine Biologist. Single child, also a Directioner. Music is also very important to her. Dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, no freckles, one dimple, light tan skin. 5' 6" tall.

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