Moments With Him

Alayna works hard and tries to live a normal life. She can't though, only being 21 and a doctor? It's not that simple. She doesn't expect what is coming. She's had to work hard her whole life. Not having much luck with boys, will this be any different?


3. 1

Alayna's POV:

I woke up to the shrieking sound of my alarm clock, I can't believe it's already 4:17 already. I'm not a morning person, but I like my job. I graduated college last year, so I am learning under real doctors to become one myself. I walked out of my room into the hallway, going into the bathroom to get ready.

I live in a house that we rent with my best friend Berlyn, we didn't want an apartment. She is still in college, but she has a job to help out with the payments. We aren't that bad off, we have enough money for food, electronics, and shopping every now and then.

Anyways, I got in the shower and quickly washed my hair. I finished my shower and got out. I went back to my room to put on a pair of skinny jeans and a mid-sleeved shirt. I put on my black sneakers and laces them up. I don't wear makeup except if we go out, then I put on some mascara, but other than that I don't wear it. I put my hair in a quick fishtail, and went to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

I grabbed my keys, purse, and iPhone. It was a nice day outside, so I don't need a sweatshirt. I pulled out of the driveway, we live about 20 minutes away from the hospital, so it's not that bad of a drive. It was already 5:02 so I still have about 25 minutes till I have to be there. I stop about 5 minutes away from work at a stoplight. I look to my left, to see Drake. He is such a player. He has this list that shows what girls he wants to get with, I happen to be at the top of the list, he's very annoying!

I quickly drove ahead, trying to get away. He starts to follow me, so I don't see the point in driving ahead. I got out of the car and start to walk towards the entrance. Drake stops me and says, "Alayna, have you thought over what we discussed last time we spoke? Deep down you know you wanna be with me, you just don't know it yet." "Drake, I'm pretty clear when I say I'm not even remotely interested in going out with you!" "You sure about that doll?!" "Yes, I'm 100% sure!" "I'll hang around just in case you change your mind." "Trust me, I won't!" I push past him without waiting to hear his answer.

I walk in and get changed into my uniform. I talk with Anna, she's a 27 year old intern with me. She seems to be one of the only ones who gives me a chance to be friends with them. Being my age, having a photographic memory, and not having any experience when coming here isn't the best way to start. She has earned a lot of people's respect, me in the other hand, maybe 7 or 8 people.

When I walk out of the changing room, I go see who's service I'm on today. Great, I'm on Dr. Thompson's service! I like him, even though he is one of the toughest surgeons here, he respects me. I can't tell you why, but he does.

The day goes by fast, when I look at the clock, it's already 4:28! I'm scheduled to scrub in with Dr. Thompson in an hour. I get assigned to an emergency room patient. It just so happens to be Sami Jackson. I've known the Jackson's since I came here about a year ago. I helped them get through a car crash in which Sami's twin sister had to get her leg amputated. It's a sad story, I mean they are just 8 years old, 7 when Colette lost her leg.

I ask her what hurts, she says it's her tummy. I ask her parents what she was doing when the pain started, they say she was just playing dolls with Colette. I feel her stomach, she has an enlarged appendix. I tell her parents that we are going to need to check her out, just to make sure she's okay.

Sami ends up being fine, she just can't do any sudden movements or activities for 2 months. It's only 10 minutes till the surgery I scrub in on, I walk to the OR and clean up. The surgery only takes about 1 hour so it's not that bad.

I get off work at about 11:36, go home and eat a snack. I didn't have a big dinner, so I eat a pop tart. I walk into Berlyn's room, she's not in there, so I walks into my room. I have a TV in my room, so she sometimes comes in here to watch her favourite shows. I change into my pjs, take out my contacts, and get ready for bed. I lay down, and watch the rest of the show with Berlyn. I shut the TV off and tell her goodnight. I can't wait till tomorrow, it's the last day of work this week. I get Sunday off, finally.

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