The story about how you move to South Korea get a work and how you meet your Idol, Taemin from SHINee.

Taemin, who is he? what does his dark past mean to you?

Find out in this fanfic :)


7. Safe?

Your perspective.



You were walking. The street in front of you seems long and dark in the twilight, and you hadn’t seen a living human since you left the main street. That makes sense, because it’s not one of the coziest places you had been to. The tall buildings on both sides of you seemed dark and dead, and not s single light was turned on in the apartments.

Why did I even take this short cut? It wasn’t a short cut at all, and I’m already late!

You heard laughs and shouting from a place not so far away. After 5 minutes of walking, you finally sees the light from the café, that you were supposed to meet at. The buildings here have some more friendly looks and doesn’t seem that dead. You began to walk faster, but suddenly you heard a male voice behind you

“Hey, you! Girl!”

You froze. Somebody was laughing behind you, it wasn’t Taemin.

“You, girl!”

You looked over your shoulder and saw a group of 3 young men. Two of them were wearing a hoody, so you could not see their faces, but their laughs made you shiver and raised the tiny hair you your arms.

You began to go even faster, the stage just before running.

“Come on, we just wanna have some fun!” another one of the male voices said.

The fear was growing inside of you and you could feel your heart beat too fast. The blood was pumping like crazy in your veins.

Go ------ GO!

You started to run, but a hand grabbed your arm and held you back from running. You tried to break free but the grab was too strong. The hand turned you around so you were facing the men.

“Don’t walk away. We are just trying to have some fun.”

“Let me go!” you hissed, but the man just laughed and laid his free arm around your waist and held you tight.

The other men were laughing.

“Why are you so upset? Are you afraid” He whispered in your ear. His breath smelled like sour beer and smoke from a cigarette. It was nauseating.

Far away you heard someone run

Please, help me! Help me!

You wanted to scream it, but couldn’t. Instead of screaming, there came a little sound of fear from your throat. You closed your eyes. The men were laughing again, but this time more brutally.

Suddenly, the man got brutally pulled away.

“Get your grabs away from her, you son of a bitch!” Someone roared at him. Not someone. Taemin. He punched him in the face. A disgusting sound of something breaking came from his nose. The two other guys started to run, but Taemin punched the man again without looking after them.

“She told you to let go, didn’t she?” Why didn’t you let go?! He roared again.

“Taemin! stop!” You shouted.

“If you EVER touch her again, I’ll kill you!”

The man rose up quickly, and ran fast into the darkness, looking back to check if Taemin was following him. But he wasn’t. Taemin was standing, trying to breathe normally. His whole body was flexing and his hands were alternately fist and outstretched. He turned around and embraced you.

You felt all kinds of confusing feelings inside of you. You felt relief and being safe made you cry. Your whole body was shivering by the tears.

“Are you okay?” he said soft and silent.

You looked up into his eyes. Brown, warm and safe. His strong arms were protecting you.

He bends down and you closed your eyes. You didn’t think, just feels.

You fees his warm, soft lips touch yours. You feels his hands, touching your jaw, your neck, you hair.

You feel the butterflies in your stomach to crazy and send electric shocks along your bones, out to the fingertips and down to your toes. It just feels so good.

“You make me crazy, you know that?” He said after a few minutes of embracing each other.

You looked at him, with soft eyes, happy to be with him.

Together you walked to the café.


I'm thinking about making a sequel to this so stay tuned ^^ (/・ω・)/

Thanks for reading the fic i hope you liked it ^^ Sincerly Caru-Chan

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