The story about how you move to South Korea get a work and how you meet your Idol, Taemin from SHINee.

Taemin, who is he? what does his dark past mean to you?

Find out in this fanfic :)


1. Meeting

That day

Your perspective


It’s been two months since you left your home country – to go to South Korea. You remembered when you were standing in the airport waiting for the plain to arrive with excitement.

Now, it’s been two months. After a week of searching, you finally found a job at a tiny coffee-and-cupcakes-café in the city, where you lived. Seoul. You became the girl who served people their coffee. That’s the not the funniest thing in the world to do when you are in the age of 20, but there are always some fun people to talk with.

You woke up

“What a great dream,” You mumbled sarcastic, half in sleep, to yourself “Something about Second World War in my couch?” “What the…?”

You got dressed in the café’s uniform, which was kind of cute, if you close your eyes for the blue sock-like baggy things you was forced to dress her feet with.

Your roomie Sunny, was still asleep, and her big, curly, brown hair was spread all over the pillow and I her face.

You made a cup of coffee, brushed your teeth and wore a little natural looking makeup. Just some mascara and a little bit of eyeliner.

You went outside and grabbed your bike and drove off to work.


“You look beautiful today”, Sungjong said as the first to you. You were standing behind the desk, with skinny jeans under your uniform.

“Ya, right” you answered.

“You have to be great’n’happy today, darling. Today is our lucky-day. I can sense it in my everything” He said.

“I had the worst the dream ever. It was like Second World War in my couch and you were there,” You started, beginning to wake up a little bit.

“Oh, was I?” Sungjong looked at you with the most dramatic kind of shocked look, he could do.

“Yeah, but you kinda died in the end.” You shrugged.

The bell in the door ringed to highlight, that a new costumer was preparing to go inside.

Sungjong shooed you out the kitchen and turned around serving the costumer.

After a little while with dishwashing, Sungjong went into the kitchen and looked excited at you and said: “This one is for your hard work here at Cupcakes’n’Coffee. And because of the fact, that I already have a boyfriend. You’re such a lucky bastard.” Sungjong patted you on your shoulder.

You looked at him, a little confused, but took the tray with the cute little chocolate-cupcake and the cappuccino and went to table 3.

You went to table 3. You only managed to perceive the black hair of the costumer before you were standing right in front of him. It took you some time to memorize him. But after a few seconds standing straight with the mouth half-open, you putted yourself together and looked him right in the eyes.

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help noticing. Are you…” You held a short break and continued.

“Are you Lee Taemin?”

The guy in front of you smiled and said:

“Yes that’s me.”

“Taemin… like in SHINee. Like you’re Taemin. Like in K-pop?”

“Um, yeah, that’s me.”

“Would you be upset if I freaked out right now?”

“Um… yeah, a little.” He said and smiled again, it was a tired but cute smile.

Oh ma fahking God! You thought to yourself

“I’ll try not to, then.”

Awkward silence.

“Can I have my muffin and my coffee?”

You looked embarrassed at your feet and put the cupcake and the cappuccino on the table.

“Actually, it’s not a muffin. It’s a cupcake. Muffins are quite big and spongy, usually not decorated with icing or frosting, while cupcakes are smaller and have a more soft and sweet consistency. They are usually decorated with frosting and icing and other decorations like chocolate chips and other things. You exclaimed.

He looked at you as he was about to laugh.

“Seems like you know a lot about it, huh?” he said softly and looked you in the eyes.

“Yeah you know I work here. So… I have to.”

“Well hi, girl-who-works-here, my name is Taemin, and yours?” He said and smiled again.


The moment you told him your name, he looked down and knitted his eyebrows.

What did I do wrong?

“Is anything wrong? You seem a little… sad.”

“No, No. Eh, I have to go.” He exclaimed. He jumped up and walked out of the Café. On the table were 5000 won and the cupcake and the still hot coffee.

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