never going back

Diamond Alexandrea kain That’s it! I’ve had it with you and your not a care in the world attitude . I’m sending you to live with your father!” my mother had yelled.
I had shrugged and said “Whatever.” I mean, how many times had she said that? No matter what I did, she never actually sent me to live with my father, until now. I guess using a fake identity to bypass airport security to sneak onto one directions jet (with the help of my bestfriend Alyssa )finally made her go over the edge I didn't really think it threw I thought she wouldn't go that far so now Im going to live with my father and his wife and two daughters one that will be going to the same high school as me that I haven't see for 14 years but if he thinks I will be the perfect good daughter I used to be he is complete wrong because I am happy bad


1. 1st day


I was walking around the airport looking for my father he was bald and usally wore suits but that didnt make it any eaiser i fianlly found a man holding a sign i was now happy my mom divorced my dad he looked old ms.kain why are you calling me miss because i am your buttler oh i said do you not remeber me he asked umm no well you were only about 5 or 6 last time i saw you anyway lets go to the house shall we we shall i told him we walked out right this way he said okay right there was a huge strech limo wow i said under my breath and hopped in the limo once we arrived i got out the door and walked into the house diamond my father said i followed his voice and i saw him his wife and one girl that looked about my age and a younger one hello i said come meet your sisters and mother oh no she will never be my mother nor will they be my sisters i said hissing well you should be friendly you too will be going to the same school yea sure i said so were is my room stright up and seconded room down oh and here are your car keys thanks i said and ran up the stairs my mother never got me a car cause that meant i could leave anytime i want big mistake father my room was like bigger then my whole house back with my mom i was snapped out of my thoughts by that girl hello my name is diamond i said i know who you are i just came to let you know that at my school you will not be popular and you better not get in my way i laughed at her and said aww are you scared cause you think im gonna still your spot with your friends she rolled her eyes and walked away dad can i have some money i need to buy some uniforms for school sure he said giving me a cerdit car i hopped in my new bugatti and sped to the mall

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