You Ruined Me

My life changed when I met that one guy


1. introducing

Hi my names Jane I'm 19 years old and pretty short but tall at the same time. My hair is red ish brown ish hair that perfectly curly. My life changed when I meant that one guy. But whatever forget about that let me tell you about things that happen now. I've been living with step-mom since my dad passed away a few years ago. Ever since then I really had no one except for her. Okay forget that. When my alarm clock rang I instantly jumped and shut it off. It was signaling that it was 6:30AM and I have to get up for school,I got info the shower quickly an did my makeup dark ish but light ish. My hair was perfect so the was no use of doing it. After I was done with that I slipped me dress on, it was pink with a black belt. I looked really pretty.

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