Cheaters, Liars, Fakers, oh my!

Charlie and Cassie share everything but when Charlie finds out some bad news, she spills her guts out to Cassie,But when Cassie also finds bad news,she can't share it . Will Charlie find out Cassie's secrets and will it ruin their friendship forever?


1. Well the wedding isn't going to happen

This is all texting:

Cassie: Hey Chimpy!

Charlie: Hey.

Cassie: so Charlotte, whats up :P

Charlie: Don't call me that, Charlie is my name

Cassie: No, your parents named you Charlotte, but Charlie is great

Charlie: Hey, I have to help get the cat out of the bag about my parents getting married to Jessie

Cassie: She still doesn't know?

Charlie: Nope and she is going to be soo happy

Cassie: Yeah, a 8 year old planning a wedding

Charlie: Nobody said anything about her planning or else we are getting pink everything.

Cassie: Yeah, yuck

Charlie: Well I have to go, Jessie got home. TTYL

Cassie: Bye

I slowly walk to Jess "Hey Jess. Jess turns and smiles"Hey!" I kinda fiddle with my fingers. " So did you hear about mom and dad?" She shook her head. I was so desperate to shout it out loud but since we live in a apartment, it would not be a good idea. " Well .... THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED!" I yell.

She gives me a blank face and then she blew. " NO, NO, NO, NO!" she screams as she runs for her room.  I just stood there, looking stupid. No? Why No? What!?! I went after her. I ran straight into her room. " What is your problem, your are supposed to be happy!" She was crying in her pillow when she lifted her head up. " But daddy and Katie are perfect for each other!" she yells, and she bursts back into crying. "What... who?" She stopped crying for a second to tell me. " The girl daddy brings over when mommy is at work and you are with your friends." Oh my gosh, my dad is a cheater. I turned to tell my mom, but she went on. " When you and mom went to Vegas last week, she spent the night." That blew my top, I turned grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the door.
 Lets go!" I yelled. " But were are we going!" she whines. I just pull her more. " To mom's room"

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