Cheaters, Liars, Fakers, oh my!

Charlie and Cassie share everything but when Charlie finds out some bad news, she spills her guts out to Cassie,But when Cassie also finds bad news,she can't share it . Will Charlie find out Cassie's secrets and will it ruin their friendship forever?


2. Out the window.


Cassie: What is wrong? Did your dad take away your computer again?

Me: No, Worse!!!

Cassie: Ok, tell me everything

Me: I told Jessie about them getting married and she started screaming and said NOOO! When I asked her why she told me that my dad has been bringing over a girl when my mom is at work and I am with you. Also when we went to Vegas last week, she spent the night. I told my mom everything

Cassie: OMG! No he didn't! Omg OMG OMG THAT IS SOOO TERRIBLE!

Me: I am so mad at him, he is supposed to be at his buddy Greg's house but we called him and Greg says he canceled.

Cassie: You think he is with that girl?

Me: I think, but he could be at the store or something but even then he is such a cheater.

Cassie: Well I feel so bad for you. My mom is talking to someone, let me check, brb

Me: Ok.

I throw my phone onto my bed. I was pacing around my room like a maniac. I hate him so much, and I liked him, he was so nice and I really hate him.

Cassie's POV

I slip my phone into my pocket and slowly creep around the corner. I heard my mom giggle

"Oh, shhh, my daughter .will hear you." she says, still giggling.

She was standing in the living room, and I could barley see the man.

"What is her name again?" he said. I heard that voice before, but I just don't know where

"Cassandra. Now, shhh, she is doing homework and we don't want her to know about this."

I crept more and more until I saw his back. She leaned in for a kiss and he leaned too. They made out for about 5 minutes. "I better get going." the man said and he turned around. I hid before he could see me and before I could see his face.I dashed backed to my room and to my desk. I sat down and got my math homework out and I pretended to do it. My mom slowly opened the door. "Sweetie, almost done. I turned around. "Yeah, only 2 more questions to go." She smiled and was about to leave when I started to talk. "So, who is your new boyfriend?" She turned and gave me a look. The "I don't know what you are talking about now shut up before I ground you look." "You want to be more quiet when you are making out. It is disgusting." I smirk. She rolls her eyes and walks out. I quickly jumped out of the chair and onto the bed, I reached for my phone and I started texting.

Me: OMG I caught my mom making out with this guy. How cute, maybe they will get married.

Charlie: -_-

Me: OMG I am so sorry, I didn't think about it

Charlie: It is fine.

Me: No, it isn't. God I feel so bad.

Charlie: I am over it. My mom gave me the chance to destroy his suit so I am painting the words

CHEATER, in all red and when he gets home, we are going to act like we never knew.

Me: Uhh, fun :D

Charlie: HE IS HERE. Shhhhhh I will be back soon. BYE!

Me: There is a thing called brb

Charlie: SHHHHH -_-

I shut my screen off and just laid there. Poor Charlie and her mom. That pig better never get near them again

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