I Want Her

You just be honest with me, I know we can make this work
love you

I know that you afraid, babe
But you don't need to be saved, babe
You just need someone who understands
And I think I need the same, babe
Show me where you at, let's keep it honest
Home is where you at and that's a promise
Open up and never keep it from us
Nothing left between us, baby, nothing
Tell me what you want, let's keep it gangsta
Tell me who created you, I'd thank her
Open up and never keep it from us
Nothing left between us, baby

Hopefully you'll give me a chance
All I want is love and romance
I wanna give it all, give it all to you.


2. "You don't deserve her."


(Justin's POV)

"Hi.." I fake smile at him. He nods.

"I see you met My Fiance Mia" he says saying the word 'My' louder than the rest of the sentence.

"Yes she is really good at modeling.." I say looking at Mia she smiles at me.

"I know, my baby sure is amazing on everything." he says putting his hand around her waist. Fuck you. I mentally tell him.

"I can tell.." I mumble. Mia looks at her 'Fiance' with a confused expression. She then looks at me and I look at her.

"Well babe are we leaving now?" that asshole says. She looks back at him.

"Sorry I am going shopping with Christina.." she tells him. Ha you prick.

"Oh well I was planning on going to eat dinner with you.." he says fake pouting. I mentally scoffed. Why is she marrying this dumb ass?

"We can go some other time.." she tells him. He nods.

"Mia!" we hear a girl's voice screaming. We turn to look at the girl and it turns out she was talking to Chaz. I look at Chaz and he smirks at me and I smirk back at him. The girl comes running to where we are.

"Mia we need to leave now because is going to get late." she tells Mia she nods.

"Yeah I agree, well Andrew I have to go. See you later." She says kissing Andrew's cheek, Mia grabs her stuff. Then Mia turns to look at me.

"Oh and Justin, nice meeting you." she says smiling at me. I smile back at her.

"Same here, hope to see you soon." I tell her feeling Andrew glare at me. She nods. I ignore Andrew's death stares and stare at Mia as she leaves with I assume is Christina. Once she leaves I see Chaz walking to where I am.

"You seem to know how to flirt with my fiance.." I hear Andrew say. I laugh and turn to look at him.

"You seem to know how to cheat on your fiance.." I tell him. He looks at me in shock.

"What are you talking about?" He says. I scoffed.

"I saw you prick, I went to the nightclub last night where you were making out with a bimbo.." I tell him. taking him by surprise. Yeah I saw him last night in the nightclub. Me and Chaz got in with a Fake ID since we are not old enough to get in. So we go in and I just remember seeing him at the nightclub by the bar with a girl, making out. Disgusting.

"You are crazy!" he tells me I laugh.

"No he is not I saw you too." Chaz tells him. He scoffs.

"Even if I was, is none of your guys's business." He tells us.

"So you are saying is true?" I say. He freezes.

"Fuck you, Mia will never believe you because she just met you and she will never listen to you.." he says. He is right but c'mon he shouldn't done that especially to a girl like Mia. She doesn't deserve this.

"You are a fucking prick for doing that to her.." I tell him. Since when am I getting so defensive over a girl I just met.

"Why you give a fuck you barely even know her?" he says.

"So? is something you don't do to a girl especially to your Fiance" I tell him. He scoffs.

"Like I give too fucks." He says. I shake my head. Damn this guy is so stupid.

"I know something tho.." I tell him getting close to his ugly face.

"You don't deserve her." I spit out. I turn to walk away leaving Andrew in shock. Chaz follows me.

I smirk. Like a Boss.


(Mia's POV)

"How about this one?" I ask Christina showing her a cute top from Forever 21. She shakes her head.

"Nah something more sexier." she tells me. We decided we where going to the nightclub since we haven't been there since forever. The only the bother me right now was thoughts about him. Justin.

He was so sweet. He was good looking. He had golden eyes, a define jaw, his lips were heart shape with a pink shade of color, his scar under his left eye was perfect. He was handsome. His abs were perfect, then down his arms were tattoos, he had a sleeve and the other arm in the process. He was just Perfect.

Then there's Andrew, my fiance. He honestly was such a dick today. He always has to tell every guy that talks to me that I am his damn Fiance. Is annoying. Is like he owns me. I love him, but he can get a little bit too much.

"Christina, I thought we where going dress shopping?" I asked her. She shruggs her shoulders.

"We have time is okay." she says looking at a dress.

"Okay" I say. Not really in a mood for that either.

"By the way, who's was the guy you were talking to earlier today?" she says.

"Just a guy." I tell her. She raises one of her eyebrows.

"I don't believe you.." she tells me.

"What? Is true." I say. I can't date him even if I wanted to.

"Yeah sure, and I met his friend" she says. Friend?

"What friend?" I asked her.

"The one sitting there on the sand while starring at you and Justin.."she tells me.

"Really, I'd never noticed." I tell her.

"Maybe because you were too busy flirty to the hottie over there" she teases. I blush. OMG.

"I wasn't flirting we were just talking" I tell her. She laughs not believing me.

"Christina you know I can't look at any other guy. Remember I am engaged to Andrew." I tell her.

"So that doesn't mean you can't have a tiny crush on the Justin guy..." she stated.

"Christina!" I scolded her.

"What? is true!" she exclaims. I shake my head at her.

"Christina can we please stop talking about another guy that is not my fiancé." I tell her. Few Minutes later we end up talking about something else.

We where finally on our way back to my house so we had time to get ready to go clubbing. I put on a short dress and some heels. Once we where done getting ready we left on Christina's car.

"Are you ready to dance?" Christina yells in my ear. The music from the club playing loud, almost making me go deaf.

I smirk at her knowing well, I was ready to party without doing bad stuff like cheating on my fiancé.

Christina dragged me to the dance floor and we started dirty dancing. The song by Enrique Iglesias 'Tonight I am loving you' was playing making people dance to the beat.

I move my hips and my hair not caring if anyone saw me.

"Nice moves." I hear a raspy voice say in my ear. I shivered.

I turn to look at the person.


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