I Want Her

You just be honest with me, I know we can make this work
love you

I know that you afraid, babe
But you don't need to be saved, babe
You just need someone who understands
And I think I need the same, babe
Show me where you at, let's keep it honest
Home is where you at and that's a promise
Open up and never keep it from us
Nothing left between us, baby, nothing
Tell me what you want, let's keep it gangsta
Tell me who created you, I'd thank her
Open up and never keep it from us
Nothing left between us, baby

Hopefully you'll give me a chance
All I want is love and romance
I wanna give it all, give it all to you.


4. "We need to talk."




Mia’s POV


Doubting my love for Andrew is a first and doing it now just when I am about to marry him is a bad idea. All this time I knew I love Andrew and that’s the reason I am marrying him. I know I love him. I won’t let another guy aka Justin ruined my relationship with Andrew. Is not right. It will never be. I have a career where I am constantly working and that doesn't applied to Justin's life.


“Babe?” I hear Andrew say. I turn to look at him. He is standing naked with only a towel around his waist. I just got home from Christina’s house and now I am laying down in my bed thinking about everything I went through yesterday. Everything is just crazy. All those questions Justin asked.


“Umm yes?” I asked him. He frowns his eyebrows and crosses his muscular arms. Andrew had stayed last night here in my apartment because he wanted me to see me but…


But you were too busy dancing with another guy in a club…


A voice in my head says making me feel guilty.


“Are you okay?” Andrew says walking to where my bed is and sitting down right next to me. I nod my head and give him a fake smile.


“Yeah I am just stressed from work..” I tell him. He believes me and nods his head. I feel him grabbing my chin with his fingers and he turns my head to look at him. I see his blue eyes stare at me.


“Why are you lying?” He mumbles taking me by surprised. How did he?


“What are you talking about, I am not lying to you.” I whispered not looking at his eyes. He looks at me in amusement.


“You know, I may be an Idiot but I am not stupid.” He tells me, getting closer to my face.


“I told you I am just stressed out from work..that’s all.” I tell him. He shakes his hand not believing me.


“You know I known you since a long time ago. I know when you are lying and right now you are doing just that.” He spats. I shivered from his voice being really close to my face. What’s has gotten into him? This isn’t Andrew.


“I told you-” I try saying but he stops me.


“Stop with the bullshit and just fucking tell me was fucking bothering you!” He exclaims making me jump in surprised. What the heck?


"What is wrong with you!" I exclaim really mad. He stares at me not saying anything. I shake my head at him.


“You are keeping secrets from me!” He says pretty loud. I keep quiet not wanting to say anything more that would upset him.  He goes in the bathroom and slams the door shut. Making the wall shake from how hard he slam it. I sigh and roll my eyes. I sometimes feel like we fight too much. He has a short temper and it bugs me. I am confused. I keep thinking about the Justin situation. I know I shouldn't. I need to find a way on getting Justin to stay away from me even If I don’t want to.


I pick up my bag and put on my shoes. I grab my car keys and get out my apartment before Andrew sees me and we start to argue again. The elevator opens and I get in. I dial Christina’s phone number and wait for her to pick up.


“Hello?” She answers.


“I want you to get Justin’s phone number from Chaz and give it to me.” I tell her. The door of the elevator opens and I get out. I walk quickly to my car and I open it.


“What? Why?” she says I pressed my lips together trying to think of a good reason.


“We need to talk.” I tell her sitting down in the driver’s seat of my car.


“About?” she asks. I sigh.


“I need to tell him to back off and to go find someone else to play with because I can’t be doing what he wants me to do, he is crazy.” I tell her. Christina sighs.


“Yeah I understand you…” she tells me. I nod my head and start the car.


“So you will do it?” I ask her she is quiet for a second.


“Fine..” she says I thank her and tell her to do it as soon as possible. Once I hang up I drive to the beach where I met Justin for the first time. I get out and walk to the big rock. I sit down and start thinking. Do I really want to marry someone right now. I love Andrew and I am not lying.


Then there’s Justin wanting me to be with him when we don’t even know each other that much. He wants me to cheat on my fiance. Like what the heck? I hate lying.


My phone rings interrupting my thoughts. I look down at the caller and see is a unknown number. I answer it.


“Hello?” I say.


“Hi..Mia?” I hear a familiar voice say. I sigh and relief knowing well is Justin.


“Justin we need to talk….” I say he is quiet for a minute then I hear him sigh.


“Um..okay” he says.


“Meet me in the beach where we met..” I tell him.


“Okay I’ll be there in 5 minutes..” He says.


“Okay bye.”


“Bye.” I hang up and take a deep breath. Good thing today is Sunday or else I will be right now working. I wait 5 minutes and turn behind me to see If Justin is there but I see no sign of him. I start to get bored. I start singing a song. I look at the couple playing in the water. I smile. Gosh they are so adorable.


“You have a beautiful voice..” I hear someone say. I jump in surprise. I turn to look behind me and see Justin behind me laughing at me. I try to not smile from his cute laugh.


“Oh my god..you scared me.” I tell him. He smirks.


“I can see that…”He says giggling. I see his little dimple on one of his cheeks. His brown hair moving from the wind blowing on it. His hands inside his pockets. I bit my lip trying to look at somewhere else but him.


“What did you wanted to talk about?” He asked. I sigh and he sits down next to me. I shivered when his arms touches mine.


“Well yesterday..you told me that...um you wanted to….I don’t know..” I say nervously. He smiles looking down at his hands. I look at him and he is already looking at me. I blush. He chuckles and I turn to look at the water ignoring his stare. Why is he making me feel this way when we barely met.


“I know. I probably said some stupid stuff..” He says with a raspy voice. He clears his throat and bites his lip making me feel weak.


“What do you mean?” I frown my eyebrows he shrugs his shoulders.


“I was drunk.” He says. I looked at him and he is looking at the water. I nod my head. Oh. I basically worried for nothing.


“Sooo.” I say.


“Whatever I told you it was probably stupid and dumb..” He tells me. I kinda hope he wasn't drunk and he was actually telling the truth. But is better this way, I guess.


“Okay..” I say looking at him. He looks at me and we stare at each other.


“You know I always wanted to have a friend that is a girl..” he says.


“Really?You never had one?” I asked him he shakes his head.


“I don’t get close to any girls well my mom but that’s it..” He says. I nod my head.


“So you are getting married?” He asks.

“Yeah in 3 months..” I tell him. He bites his lip again making me go weak.


“Nice…” He says.


“So tell me about yourself.” He continues.


“Well what do you want to know?” I asked him.


“Anything..” He tells me. He smiles at me I smile back.


“Ok well I-” My phone rings cutting me off. I pick it up and answer it without looking at the caller.


“Hello?” I answer.


“Mia! is Andrew’s Mom, something happened to Andrew.” she says. I freeze.


“What? What happened?” I asked her standing up. I see Justin stand up and look at me confused.


“He got in a car accident….” she says sobbing. I freeze.


“Oh my god..” I whispered to myself.


“Hey what’s wrong?” I hear Justin says concern. I looked at him then once I hear Andrew’s mom say the next sentence. I break down in tears.


“He’s in comma..”


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