Hiding In Plain Sight ~Harry Styles~

Harry Edward Styles. A young but yet London's most wanted criminal. He's the master of escape. But what would happen if Harry runs out of place to hide? Could he possibly hide in someone's house, maybe? I know it sounds weird and creep but its part of his plan. Perhaps Skye Hayes house? She could be his only ticket on hiding.

But what would happen if Skye found out who Harry is? Would she turn him in or will she keep his identity a secret? Read to find out...
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3. Chapter 3.

Memories still flows throughout my head from when Sam told me that Dad was released out of jail early. Its been a year already but I dont think he'll ever find me. Let's just hope it stays like that. I also haven't heard anything from Sam at all for a couple of months. I hope he's alright. I should call and check up on him more recently.

The next morning I woke up and turned on the television for the news. Once I flip to the channel, the news lady began her report.

"Hello. Today's report is about the only and only young criminal that we haven't been spotted today. Polices have been estimating that he could have left the country in which they will be searching anytime soon. If you see him please contact us. By the way the name is Harry S-" But before the reporter lady could finish, Harold ran in front of the TV and turned it off. I gave him a confused look. "I was watching the news you know". "I know but I wanted breakfast" Harold nervously smiled. "Well, you could have said 'Hey Skye. Could I have some breakfast to eat?' " I said in a voice imitating what Harold would have sounded like. "Instead you just ran in front of the TV and turning it off to get my attention" I said getting up from the couch and went to the kitchen.

I didn't know having guests at you house can be so stressful! Jeez. Somebody help me!

*Harry's POV*

As I walked down the warm carpet stairs, I rubbed my eyes and spotted Skye intentionally watching the news. Eyes never left off the screen. Until I heard something I would never expected to hear right away.

"If you see him please contact us. By the way his name is Harry S-" The reporter said. Oh no. I can't let Skye know I'm a criminal. She is the only person left to let me stay in hiding.

I quickly ran in front of the TV and rapidly pushed the power button to turn it off. I sigh in relief that she didn't finish. "I was watching the news you know?" She had a confused look. "I know but I wanted breakfast" I lied. But it was kinda true. I am feeling a bit hungry. "Well, you could have said 'Hey Skye. Could I have some breakfast to eat?' " She tried saying it in my voice but failed. Cute.

"Instead you just ran in front of the TV and turned it off to get my attention" Skye says while walking into the kitchen. "Want an omelet or something?" She asked as she opens the refrigerator and took out a couple of eggs. "Sure" I shrugged and sat down on one of the stools at the table as Skye chopped up a few vegetables and adding it to the stirred eggs.

"You cook?" I asked watching her get out a pan and placing it on the stove. "Yeah. But not that good. How else would I be alive if I didnt. I can't just eat fatty fast food everyday". I chuckled. "What about you?" She cooks the omelet. "I would say I'm pretty good myself" I smirked. "Oh really? Why dont one day you cook me a meal?" She jokes. "Maybe. And your going to be amazed at my cooking skills" I laughed.

Skye giggled at my statement and gave me the plate of omelet. Along with a fork and a glass of orange juice.


"Not bad Hayes" I dabbed my mouth with a soft piece of napkin as we both finished eating.

"Yeah yeah" She rolled her eyes as she puts both of our plate in the sink for later washing. "I'm serious! I've never tasted omelets as amazing as yours" I compliment. "Stop lying Harold. You don't have to be nice". "Skye, does this face looks like a lier?" I asked pointing to my straight face. "Yes". "Okay, maybe I'm not good at making expression but I'm telling you, Im not lying" I laugh.

*Skye's POV*

Gosh even his laugh is amazing. And he sparkling emerald green eyes. With that dimple smile nobody will ever forget. He's just......no Skye! What are you thinking?! You can't fall for him! You just met him a day ago. How could you have feelings for him?

"Wanna play 20 questions to just to get to know each other?" Harold interupted my thoughts.

"Sure" I replied.

"I'll go first" He says. "Favorite color?"

"Baby blue" I answered.


"September 12"

"How long does it takes you to get ready in the morning?"

"Um. About 15.5 mintues"

Harold nods.

"Favorite season?"


"Biggest fear?"

"Bugs. And clowns"

"Any addiction?"

"Waffles and the internet" I said proudly.

"Alright then" Harold chuckled. "Do you get grossed out easily?"

"Not really" I shrugged.

"So if I were to just throw up all over your face. You wouldn't mind at all?" Harold grinned. "Well. Of course I do mind! What else do you expect me to do? What if I barf in your face? Would you just shrug it off your should as if it was nothing?" I laugh. He didn't answer but he just laughed is butt off at my respond.

"Next question" He said calming himself down from the laugher.

"Where were you born at?"

"Colorado, United States"

"If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?"

"Well, I quite like Paris, France. I heard it's a very beautiful place. With the peaceful scenery and everything."

"Interesting. You know I fluently speak French" Harold protested.

"Really?". He nods.

"Who was the last person you hugged?"

"My best friend Avery just yesterday"

Harold then pulls me into a hug. "And now its me!"

I let out a laugh. "And now its you"

"What kind of phone do you have?"

"Samsung Galaxy S3". "Good choice". "Thanks"

"Something you are excited for?"

"My brother's going to be graduating university in a few months from now"

"What's your brother's name?"


"Favorite food?"

"Deep dish pizza"

"What's your favorite animal?"

"I love zebras" I said pointing to my phone case with has a zebra pattern printed on it.

"Favorite candy?"

"War heads. Or any type of sour candy"

"Do you have any pets?"

"In fact, I do" I smiled. "Misty. Come here girl" I called out and a small cat popped out from around the corner and sat on my lap.

"She's adorable"  Harold pets her head as she softly meows.

"Do you go to college or university?"

"I take an online university class. Not really into the fact that I have to drive 20 mile there and 20 miles back. Why not take an online class and eat as much food as you want without the teacher yelling at you" I stated. Harold laughs again.

"What color is your toothbrush?". "Why ask?" "Because I am running out of questions to ask you" He answered.

"Red. I guess."

Then there was silence as Haold thinks of another question. I wait patiently.

"What is your relationship statues?" Harold smirks.


Just then, Harold's smirk became wider. I wonder why?

"Hold on, I need to call my brother real quick. Give me a minute" I excused myself and grabbed my phone before walking into the kitchen.

I dialed his number and waited for hin to pick up. On the third ring, his voice came though the phone. "Hello?"


"Yeah, it's me Skye" He says. "What's up?"

"Just wanted to check up on you. See if your okay and everything" I replied.

"I am okay. Not dad" He said the last part quietly.

"Why. What happen" I asked.

"Well. Let's just say that the police tazed him and took him to the metal hospital. You know, for crazy people" He answered.

"Wow" I laughed.

"I know right. Couldn't believe it. How could mom marry this guy?!" Sam chuckled.

My smile faded. Then it hit me. Mom. I miss her so much.

"Yeah" I mumbled.

"Look. I miss her as equally as you do. I really do. But it can't stay in our minds 24/7." Sam sighed.

"Your right"

"So. You still coming to my graduation?" He asked, changing the subject.

"Of course. Why wouldn't I come. I can't miss my bro's graduation! You succeeded really hard for this"

"Great. I also want you to meet someone special too while your there" He said.


"That's going to be a surprise"

"Come on. Please tell me! You know I hate surprises!"

"Then what's the point of it being it a surprise if I tell"


"No" He simply said. "Look. I gotta go. My next class is starting. Bye!"

"Okay bye" I said before hanging up.

I wonder who it is.


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