Hiding In Plain Sight ~Harry Styles~

Harry Edward Styles. A young but yet London's most wanted criminal. He's the master of escape. But what would happen if Harry runs out of place to hide? Could he possibly hide in someone's house, maybe? I know it sounds weird and creep but its part of his plan. Perhaps Skye Hayes house? She could be his only ticket on hiding.

But what would happen if Skye found out who Harry is? Would she turn him in or will she keep his identity a secret? Read to find out...
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1. Chapter 1.

*Harry's POV*

As I grabbed the black spray can from my backpack I quickly sprayed a symbol onto the plain white walls of one of the buildings. Stepping back to admire the portrait. Soon enough, I heard sirens going on. I knew it. But its just a little paint, what could go wrong with that? Maybe somebody caught me and called the cops.


I dropped the can and sprinted off. Looking behind my shoulders, I saw the police car chasing me. Crap. Where am I going to go now? They literally found every hide out I was at.

I quickly turned the corner and ran into a dark alley. Ducking behind a few garbage cans. Waiting for the car to pass by with out finding me.

Well, now you know what my life is about. Always running away from the police, trying not to get caught.

As the car drove by, I held my breath hopefully they didn't hear. But then continued driving. Phew! That was close! I let out a sigh and leaned my head on the wall near by. Trying to catch my breath, I got up and slowly walked out the alley. Looking left to right in any sign of the cops. None. Thank goodness there wasn't any.

A few drops of water lands on my face. I looked up and the clouds are dark gray almost black. Its gonna rain any second now. I pulled my hoodie over my head and stuffed my hands in my pockets. Its also freezing cold here in London. I could feel the tip of my nose and my cheeks turning crimson because of the cold, rainy weather.

There is no place to stay during this time. Almost everyone in town knows who I am and if someone sees me, my life is over. I looked ahead and saw a café across the street. Maybe I could stay there until the storm is over.

As I entered the small building, the blast of warm air with the hint of tea coffee, and pasteries hit my face. Memories flashed through my mind back when I was a little kid and I would always buy sweets and goodies from here. The tea was my favorite out of them all.

I sat in the back of the room, trying not to make any eye contact with anyone. And pulled out a chair. I looked out the window next to me and notice that the rain is already pouring cats and dogs out there. I chuckled at the thought of literal raining cats and dogs. Now that's crazy! I'd get myself a pet kitten or two if it ever happened. But I doubt it.

You're probably be wondering, how did this even started?

Let me tell you a story. Well I guess a short-ish story.

About a year ago, I was just a normal person. Didn't get in a lot of trouble and such. Until these people at my old school forced me into doing all these things for them. Like steal alcohol, stray graffiti everywhere, and take the blame for them. And some other stuff I'd rather not say.

They said if I don't obey them, something bad will happen to my family and I, to be honest, love my family. I didn't want anything to happen to them. So I had to do it. It was for the best.

But then they stopped harassing me a few months later. I was glad they stopped. My family found out what was happening and kicked me out of my house. Luckily I was able to get some cash from my savings enough to help me survive, some pairs of clothes, and other supplies that I was able to get.

At first I thought my family would come back and get me but they didn't. They just left me alone on the streets, helpless, and pretend that I never even happened.

Trust me, I begged to come back but they just shunned me as if I was a complete stranger to them. I started getting an addiction to do these crimes. And I can't stop.

I didn't want my own family to turn me in if they know where I was, so I ran to London from Cheshire. People say I was like a prodigy when it comes to escaping. But I honestly think it's just luck.

I guess it leads up to this day. If I don't find a place to stay for a while, my life is done. I can't spend years in jail.

I thought my life would be normal. You know, graduate high school, have a degree in college, married a beautiful girl, have kids, grow old, and avoid getting in jail! That simple. But seems to me that I succeed nothing!

And that's the end of my story.

I looked out the window of the café and notice that it wasn't raining anymore so it was okay to go out. How long was I staying here?

I stepped out into the humid, damp street. Puddles everywhere. And the air feels moist. The after rain smell made its way to my lungs. A few drops of water fell on my curly brown hair from the roof of a building I exited. It was very quiet and kinda empty right now in the streets. Not a lot of people here enjoyed being in the rain. Unlike me, I love this kind of weather. It just calms me down.

I stroll through the streets. Looking at houses around me. Until I came across this beige looking house. Two story high, I guess.

Surprisingly, the window was open! Who would leave a window open during this time?!

I walked closer to the house. Peeking my head through the window and scaned the place. The house is quiet as if no one is home.

Stepping inside, I looked around without making a peep. No one's here. No alarm system in sight. No guard animal. What kind of person is this?! A person with no security, perhaps!

I walked into the living room. It, in my opinion, is very nice and organized. As if someone cleans every dust in sight.

Plain white walls. Gray carpets. Dark furniture. Everything was very nicely set up.

I guess I could stay here for a while. Hopefully the owner doesn't mind, right?

"Of course the owner mind! Would you freak out if you found out a random stranger or a criminal would just stay at your house for a few days. Or weeks, months, years?! And the worse part is that they might know who you are!" My conscience said.

Okay, maybe they do mind. But maybe they can keep my identity a secret. You don't know what's going on inside people's head!

But before I could make another step, the front door swung open. I froze at my spot. The girl's eyes wide open with fear and her jaw dropped to the ground.

"W-who are y-you?!" She stuttered. "And what are you doing in my house?".

The girl has dark brown hair with green/blue eyes. American accent. I gotta admit, she is beautiful. And she seems 'bout my age.

"If I tell you who I am, will you promise you won't tell anyone?" I asked closing the door before stepping closer to her. She takes a step back until her back hits the wall. By the looks on her face, she's really afraid but doesn't know who I am.

That's one of my greatest abilities. I can tell if people know me or not. If they do know me, they would have called the police or run away by now. But if they don't,  than they don't know me. Simple. I can be observant these days.

The girl hesitated before slowly nodding in agreement. She flinched at the touch of my hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you" I said, calming her down.

Once her breathing and heart rate is study again, I began.

"My name is..."


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