Change: An Ashton Irwin Fan Fiction.

Ashton Irwin and Camilla Casella are both known all over the world. One is a drummer for a famous band called 5 Seconds of Summer, and the other is one of the best dancers in the world. As fate would have it, the two meet in England, and their entire worlds are changed.


4. Chapter Three;

Harry, already, is fifteen minutes late. This is highly upsetting to me, as I'm already and can't be late. Finally, I hear a knock on my door. I open it quickly to reveal Harry Styles, smartly dressed in a navy blue suit, which matches the color of my dress. "I told you to be here at six!" I shriek.

"You said you wouldn't be ready until 6:15!" he defends as I start to fix my bracelet. "Plus, I had to get directions from Ashton to get here."

My eyes glance up, "Ashton? Like Ashton Irwin?"

He chuckles slightly, "Do you know any other 'Ashtons', love? He told me he knew where you were staying until tomorrow, so I didn't question it. Figured since he's your closest friend, you two have hung out or something."

I wave my hands, "No, no. I am not friends with Ashton Irwin."

Harry shrugs it off, "Let's go. Let's have some fun tonight." He winks after he says this. I force a laugh to act nice. But, if I'm honest, it takes all I have not to call him a pig.


The place where they are holding this party is amazing. There is a photo-booth here and nearly everything is carnival themed. There's a popcorn machine, a sno-cone machine, a henna tattoo artist. It's simply wonderful.

I've been on Harry's arm nearly the entire night, introduced as his special friend to his parents and sister. To this, I simply state that I am his dance partner for his tour. While he is in the middle of conversation with his sister, I spot Ashton and his gorgeous date- dressed matchingly in an olive green color- across the room. I stare for a few seconds, until he notices and slightly waves to embarrass me. I huff, and tell Harry that we should go see him. Without allowing him a chance to say good-bye to his sister, I pull him in Ashton's direction.

"Hello," I state as we arrive.

Ashton smiles knowingly, "Hello, Camilla. Harry. This is my date, Amanda."

"Oh. Date. Good for you," I mumble.

He smiles and raises his eyebrows, "What was that, darling?"

"I said that's wonderful for you. She's... beautiful," I state, half sighing.

"I see you decided to accept Harry's offer on a date," he smiles, as does Harry, who is proudly showing me off.

Amanda finally speaks, "Camilla? As in Casella?" I nod in answer to her question. "I was at one of your competitions last year! To watch you compete. You were amazing to watch. These boys are so lucky to have you." So his date isn't exactly easy to dislike. I stop myself while thinking this. Why do I need to hate her? She's simply Ashton's date.

I get frustrated and huff once again, walking away from Harry as I do so. "Camilla!" he calls, but I continue to walk off into one of the unoccupied backrooms.

The door opens slowly and I sigh, "Harry, just give me a minute, please. I just need to recompose."

"It's not Harry," a voice speaks as Ashton's figure walks in front of me. The room isn't too dark, so I can see Ashton's face when he sits in front of me. "You really shouldn't just walk away from your date. It's rude."

"A: He's not my date. I just brought him so that you could see that I can be nice. And two: now isn't really the time for one of your "positivity lessons"."

He laughs for a few seconds at this before the room returns to being quiet. "I'm not giving you lessons. I just believe that you're a nice person. I can't have a crush on a rude person."

My exterior doesn't falter, but my inner teenage girl part of me screams, "Crush. Crush. Crush." Ashton just said crush. I am frozen in my spot, unsure of how to physically respond to Ashton.

I'm not sure if I've gone crazy or not, but I think Ashton may be leaning is. That is, until, Luke bursts through the door. "What are you two doing? Amanda is looking for you, man." With that, Ashton stands up and dusts off his suit, smiling at me slightly before leaving me alone, the room going silent once again.


It's the day after the party, and I am proud of myself for managing to avoid Ashton for the rest of the night. I even gave Harry a kiss on the cheek while he was watching. My bags are all packed and I am awaiting the tour bus to arrive for me to get settled on.

Two buses arrive, one says 'One Direction' on the side. The other says 'Five Seconds of Summer' on it's side. I stand beside Arabelle, Amena, and Sarah. Sarah and Amena casually chat while Arabelle stands silent. A man steps off of One Direction's bus and walks towards us. His beard makes me giggle slightly, as it is large and unruly. "Sarah and Amena?" he questions. The two of them raise their hands. "You two are on One D's bus. Arabelle and Camilla, you're on the other boys' bus."


Arabelle smiles at me, "I'd much rather be with you than them."

I smirk a little, "Why is that? Don't you all hate me?"

"You may be rude. But they're annoying. That, my friend, is much, much worse," she says, smiling at me.

I laugh at this, "I like you. I'm glad I'm stuck with you in this."

She smiles as she grabs her bags, and walks ahead of me, saying, "Me too."

I grab my bags and follow her onto the bus, avoiding Ashton's gaze as I make my way toward the small room that Arabelle and I will be sharing.

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