Change: An Ashton Irwin Fan Fiction.

Ashton Irwin and Camilla Casella are both known all over the world. One is a drummer for a famous band called 5 Seconds of Summer, and the other is one of the best dancers in the world. As fate would have it, the two meet in England, and their entire worlds are changed.


8. Chapter Seven;

"You seem pretty close with Lucas over there." Harry nudges me.

After my talk with Luke, the instructor calls a timeout so I am now headed off to lunch. "Shouldn't you be at sound check, Harold?"

He laughs before continuing again with his antics, "So you and Luke, huh? I thought I'd have a better chance than him." I join in with his laughing, but mine is sarcastic. 

"Harry what in the world are you talking about? As if I would date Luke. We have nothing in common and he's a bit too immature for someone of my profession. I'm still single and-" 

"So I do have a chance?" 

"You didn't let me finish." I roll my eyes at him, trying my best not to snap at his desperate behavior.  "Can I tell you a secret? Something that only Luke knows?"

Harry nods his head eagerly and I chuckle slightly before leaning in toward his ear, "I sort of have a thing for Ashton."

However, this fact did not remain a secret. Harry could not help but to tell Louis, who couldn't help but to tell Niall, who couldn't help but to tell everyone. Soon enough, it got back to Ashton. Which would bring me to where I am right now: sitting at the table of the tour bus with Ashton, who has finally decided to talk to me.

"You like me," he states.


"You like me. Just say it. I'll hear you out, Cam. I'll listen to why you're not willing to date me. I just need to know that there's some sort of shot for me."

I sigh and lift my gaze up to meet his. "I like you."

"I like you."

"I know that, Ash. I know that."

"Why won't you give me a chance?" he begs, his eyes growing teary and his voice strained.

I begin to explain myself again, as I have to nearly everyone when they asked me why I wouldn't date Ashton. "We won't have time after the tour-"

"So let's focus on this tour. Me and you," he smiles broadly. "You don't have to promise anything beyond the tour. But, who knows? You might end up sticking with me."

I shake my head slightly, and avert my eyes from his, before looking back again, "For the tour, we'll try it out. And if we can't make it work, no hard feelings?"

He reaches his hand out to touch mine and I slightly flinch before he grabs it, "No hard feelings."


That's the start of how I began to learn everything about Ashton Irwin, and that we actually have a lot in common. I learned that his favorite food is spaghetti, and that he dislikes cats, and all of the little things that don't really matter much at all. The things that make us each our own person.

So, now, here we are, on our first official date.

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