Remember Me

Hey I'm Vanessa Flores I'm 18 I meet Justin Bieber when I was 14 we were really close friend then we were more than friends but I had an accident and ended up in the hospital then i heard Justin left four years later i started working undercover and that's when we meet again.
will he remember her? Will they fall again?


20. Why You:(

 please read note at the end thank u *ZACK'S P.O.V*

I was out in the front of the stage when I heard a gone shot I turn around and see Arianna running I run after her and grab her picked her up and took the gun away I call the "popo" but it was my boss since were are agents they came and took her away the concert was cancel for the rest of the night I went to see who got shot and no it was Justin and next to him was Vanessa.


 I was back stage watching the concert when I heard a gun shot next thing I know Justin is on the floor holding his arm and head I told the other bodyguards to get the bieliebers out of here I ran to Justin and he looked dead I called the ambulance and they came right away and took him to the hospital I got in the car with Zack and Vanni and headed there once we got there vanni ran to the front desk

 "Um I'm looking for Justin bieber I'm his bodyguard and over there is Scooter" she said

 " Justin is in room 143" the lady said we ran upstairs looking for 143 and we found it the doc came out and said we cant go in there unless it's family dam I called Pattie right away and told her what happen and she said she was on here way down here I saw vanni on her phone talking to someone I wonder who?


 I couldn't believe what was happening Justin got sot I couldn't take it I wanted to run in his room hung him kiss him and see if he was alright but I couldn't ugh I got my phone out and called Jermey and tell him everything that happen plus Jermy knows about Arianna and her plan and I know he wouldn't tell any one about it even though it was gonna hurt him since it's his son they are going after Jermy said he'll come down and see if Justin's ok but he had someone take care of the kids when I was done talking I went to sit Scooter keep looking at me it was weird ugh the doc came again and said we can see him I ran in the room and saw him awake I ran to him and hugged him until I heard some words I never thought I well hear

 "Who are you " I looked at him and stepped back I cant believe what he just said I looked at scooter and the doc went in the hall they talked and then scooter called me and Zack over

 "What happen why does he not remember me" I asked

 "Well he lost  some of his memory" I felt tears run down my face no this cant happen we went back in and I dry my tears and sat down while scooter talked to Justin Zack came and hugged me to keep me safe ugh how I wish it was justin


 I woke up in a hospital bed weird my door open and some girl ran in and hugged me I didn't know who she was I thought she was a fan and then scooter came behind and a other guy it was weird some how I feel like I know this girl ugh think Justin she might be important come on Justin think ugh I saw her sit down and it looked like she was crying and then the guy that came be hide scooter went up to her and hugged her for some reason I felt jelouse


Aye omg Justin lost his memory

 Well guys Im in high school so im sorry if I don't update and well I need ur help theres this kid and well I like him idk what to do I want to talk to him well we do talk sometimes he's in one of my classes and well I just want to be with him I just feel a weird feeling what should I do please comment if you have any ideas or kik me at floresyos please


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