Remember Me

Hey I'm Vanessa Flores I'm 18 I meet Justin Bieber when I was 14 we were really close friend then we were more than friends but I had an accident and ended up in the hospital then i heard Justin left four years later i started working undercover and that's when we meet again.
will he remember her? Will they fall again?


11. Packing


 I woke up by my phone ringing and I saw caller id it was Scooter

 (S= Scooter, V= Vanni)

 V= Hello"

S= Good morning Ms. Flores I'm just calling you to inform you that were leaving for tour tonight at 8 so you need to be packed and help Justin get here on time so we don't miss the flight"

V= Oh ok sir I will i'll get ready thank you for informing me"

S= Your welcome see you soon"

 and then we hung up I looked at the clock it was 9am I got up showered did my hair and make up and wore nave jeans and a black shirt and a navy sweater and some black comeback boots I stared to pack but it wasn't much cause I still had my things packed since I came over here I was finished and went to Zack's room to see him if he packed and well he was and  he was eating a chocolate muffin which I ended taking it away and eating it well I love chocolate like omg I can live on chocolate if I could but I cant.

  "Hey that's my muffin you fat ass" Zack said

  "Check again my ass isn't fat and you now if you have chocolate around me i'll take it" I said smiling at him

 "ugh next time i'll hide it, but hey were leaving to New York"

 "Really yayy I love New York they have a M&M store ima go there its gonna be epic"

 'watch you eat all the chocolate from there"

 "Maybe but hey I'm the chocolate Queen"

 "ya ya chocolate queen lets go get Justin ready"
   We got out of the hotel and into the car and drove to Justin's


  I woke next morning with a big headache UGH I got up looked at the clock and it was 930 I went to the bathroom and showered and got changed into navy jeans and white shirt I went down stairs and the door bell rang who can be here this early I opened the door and it was Vanessa and Zack

  "Good morning Justin sorry to bother you but we got a call from Scooter and told us to help you pack were leaving to tour tonight at 8" Vanessa said

 "Morning" Zack said

 "Moring guys and um ok come in I can pack right now no need to help you can stay if you want" I said I went up stairs and started I had three bags and I was done I went back down and sat down

 "well I'm done" I said

 "That fast" Vanessa said

 "yea why"

 "Well your a pop star and you have lot of things" she said looking at me

 "yea but I already had two bag packed"

 "Oh ok" she said then her phone stared ringing

  "Hi Jermy how's it going" she said into the phone and walked to the door I looked at her confused my dads name was Jermy but it couldn't be him how well he know Vanessa but still she looks so familiar but eh whatever i'll call my dad later

  "So Zack where you from" I asked trying to get to know him

 "Oh I'm from London but I moved to Canada coz of my parents" he said he did have a britsh actsent

 "Oh I can tell from your voice  and I'm from Canada tell me about yourself I guess you already know about me" I said

 "Ya I do and well I'm a bodyguard as you can see I always wanted to be since I was little I went to school in Canada and that's where I meet Vanni  and we became best friends and she told me she wanted to be a bodyguard to and that's why we work together we have always worked together ever since and well I play piano um I like laser tag and any kind of sports I like to be active all the time so yea that's me" he said

 Wow I think i'll get a long good with this guy then Chaz and Ryan came down stairs I just noticed they were here and all of us boys got along pretty well


 Well the guys are getting along but what about Vanni  well they just keep reading and find out


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