Remember Me

Hey I'm Vanessa Flores I'm 18 I meet Justin Bieber when I was 14 we were really close friend then we were more than friends but I had an accident and ended up in the hospital then i heard Justin left four years later i started working undercover and that's when we meet again.
will he remember her? Will they fall again?


12. lets go


  I was sitting down talking to Justin went my phone rang and saw it was Jermy

 (J= Jermy, V= Vanni)

V= Hi Jermy" isaid and walked to the door so they wouldn't hear my convo

J= Hey sweetie how's it going"

V= good and you and the kids"

J= that's good and were good how's Justin"

V= that's good to and he's well alright"

J= oh does he remember you?"

V= well no he doesn't and well I'm at his right now with Zack and were going on tour"

J= Oh but don't rush it take it remember what I said take it slow and that's nice were your going first"

V= ya I remember and new York "

J= that's good I love new York its a good city"

V= yes it is I cant wait"

J= I know you cant I still remember you call yourself the chocolate queen"

V= yea (I giggled )

J= ima let you go ok behave and make sure Justin does too"

V= yes daddy I well and i'll make sure luv you"

J= ok luv you too take care"

 And we hung up I laughed he's like a father to me ever since I was little so yea I went back to the living room and noticed Ryan and Chaz were here and that Zack all ready got along with them well that was easy

 " Hey vanni were just talking about "Call of Duty black ops" Zack said

 "Oh nice did you tell them I beat you ass at that game" I said setting next to Chaz since it was the only seat

 " shut up at lest I'm good at it" Zack said

 "Wait you play videogames" Chaz said looking at me

 "Yea I have an X-Box 1 and a playstition " I said

 "really that's cool now I like you a lot you wanna play" Ryan said I laughed

 "yea sure" I said

 " Alright lets go to the game room" Justin said and we went up stairs and into a room that had a huge tv scream and an Xbox 360

 "Alright pick a game" Ryan said pointing to a stack of game I got "Call of Duty MW

 "This one" I sad giving it to Ryan he smirked at me and put the game on I sat down in between Zack and Justin and only me, Zack, Justin and Ryan were playing Chaz Wanted to watch we played four player and went  war with each other we played for and hour and guess what I won

  "What how did you win" Ryan said looking at me

  "I'm just better than you" I Smirked at him

  "Wow for a girl you know how to play" Justin said I smiled at him

 " I wanna vs you vanni" Chaz said

  "Fine with me" I said

 It was only me and Chaz and we played for an other hour and I won him

 "really" he said and looking at me I just laughed we played videogames for a long time and vs each other and will I still won in god of the video games,.

 we ordered pizza and ate and talked and we really got close I think its going to be a good tour


 yosi here aw they played videogame well lets see what happens during the tour



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