Remember Me

Hey I'm Vanessa Flores I'm 18 I meet Justin Bieber when I was 14 we were really close friend then we were more than friends but I had an accident and ended up in the hospital then i heard Justin left four years later i started working undercover and that's when we meet again.
will he remember her? Will they fall again?


26. Is this right?


After the fight with Ryan I regret it Ryan is my best friend I shouldn't done that even tho he's with the one I was in love with  and now also regret telling vanni to leave and get out of my life I need her in my life even tho she's not mine I grab my keys and went to the airport to look for her I saw her sitting down crying in her lap I ran to her and hug her when she looked up she pushed me away which hurt me

"Look vanni im soo sorry I said that I just cant-" I said but she cut me of

"Justin just leave me alone alright im leaving your life like you told me too im not going to bothe-" I cut her of by crashing my lips to her I know its wrong that she is with my best bro but at the same time it felt so right I heard clicks and saw flashes I pulled away and saw the paps dam Ryan is going to hate me more Vanni smacked me and ran off her plane was call I try running after her but a mob of my fans stop me and paps asking me of questions

"Isn't Ryan and vanni dating"

"Why did you kiss your Best friends girl"

"Do you love her"

"Aren't  you  with Selena"

Shit I forgot about Selena I ran away from them and went to my car to get away from them I got back to the hotel and went to my room but when i  got there everyone was threre even Ryan

"Look Ryan it wasn't like that I wa-" I said but he cut me off

"bro it's alright I know you still love her im sorry I shouldn't have taken away from you" he said he got up and gave  me a bro hug " oh im leaving tomorrow to talk to  vanni  I know she loves you too"

"thanks bro" I said then my phone rang I looked at the caller id and it was Selena shit I went to the bathroom to answer it (J=Justin S=Selena)

J= Hello"

S= Justin really you gonna cheat on me why would you I thought you love me" she began to cry

J= Selena please I didn't mean to im sorry"

S= look if you love her then we should brake up"

J= Loo-''

I didn't get to finish what I was about to say and she hung up on me dam but that just leaves me to get vanni back I need her


I hung up on Justin I couldn't take it anymore now I want to get him back and ruin his life and I had an idea I was gonna free that girl Arianna and were gonna ruin him even if it takes forever I want to hurt him like he hurt me and he's gonna pay for everything


I arrive back home to Canada I took a taxi to my house when I got there I went straight to bed and cried my self to sleep


I woke up and took a shower and got ready r then day I was gonna go talk to my boss Emma and see if there is an other open job I went down stairs and made French toast and when I was about to sit down and eat my phone buzzed I looked at it it was a message from a unknown number



I froze and kept looking at it


OMG who sent it selena or arinna lets see what happens



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