Remember Me

Hey I'm Vanessa Flores I'm 18 I meet Justin Bieber when I was 14 we were really close friend then we were more than friends but I had an accident and ended up in the hospital then i heard Justin left four years later i started working undercover and that's when we meet again.
will he remember her? Will they fall again?




I got up at 6am and grab my bag I was leaving today to go talk to vanni I had to do the right thing and let her go so she can be happy with my best friend I got in my car and drove to the airport and waited for my plane to be called then I got spotted by the paps yo I swear I hate them they try to ruin everything they came up to me and asked me questions and thanks god my plane was called I ran to the tune and gave the lady my ticket and sat down on my seat


It was 2pm and I just got home from food shopping I put the thing away and grabbed a plate and a glass cup poured milk and poured oreos on the plate and went to the living room right when I was about to sit down the bell rang I went to the door and opened it to see Ry

"Hey" he said

"hi what you doing here" I said and moved so he can come in I coled the door and we sat in the couch

"I came here to talk to you and just hear me out please" I just nod to let him continue " ok look I do like you a lot but I know you love Justin im not mad about it I just want you to be happy with him and I know he loves you he went to go get you at the airport that just proves he doesn't want to let you go him and Selena broke it off and well I think we should too and be friends and you and Justin to be together because that is what its meant to be"

 I got up and hugged him "ok friends it is"

"Thanks for understanding and now we should get you pack to come back on tour everyone misses you"

"fine i'll go"

"ok but can we leave tomorrow I just came and im tired"

"ok and you can go sleep in the guest room"

"ok but first let me get some Oreos"

" nooo there mine" and he grabbed the plate and ran of with them I chase him around until I was tired I went to the kitchen to get more and ate them ]

"heyyy you had more not fair" he pout

"yes fair" i said laughing


i was sitting in my room writing a song for vanni i was going to perform tomorrow at the concert because she was gonna be there i went to bed and i couldn't wait for tomorrow i was smiling like crazy


I woke up getting ready i was so happy i was the first one up so i made French toast for everyone then everyone ran in the kitchen i just laughed coz Chaz came down in his underwear and my mom made him go get dress we ate and me and chaz went to the mall to buy somethings while we were in there i saw a couple fooling around it just made me think of me and vanni ugh i miss her i went into some store and brought a bracelet and a key chain that had hearts and i the one with the bracelet had my name and always and the key chain had vanni's name and forever so its JUSTIN +VANESSA ALWAYS & FOREVER



we arrive to marryland and we made it ti the hotel and had to get ready because Justin's concert was in an hour  i wore black jeans with a white V-neck and a black scarf and jacket and we drove to the concert to meet the others there i had to be in my place which was in front of the stage so none of the fans can climb up and attack Justin the concert was about to start and it the place was loaded with bieliebers  Justin came out in his wings


I put on my wings and went out on stage

"hello everyone ready to join me in my adventure" and the bieliebers went crazy i sang all around the world, Favorite girl, Change me, all bad, Bad day, Take you

"ok everyone now i want to sing this song i wrote it's call HEARTBREAKER"

    Girl you don't know how i feel (how i really feel)

since you been away, oh baby

Any chance that  you can take my call (take my call)

 If i called you today, oh?

   Girl you say, that you don't wanna talk but it's cool

I've been thinking 'bout you all day long

Hoping you pick up the phone

girl you know, that i don't wanna lose your love

oh baby (oh baby), oh baby

   Oh girl i got a secret place that we can go

'cause i really wanna be alone

Baby no one else gotta know

just meet me later on the low

Don't tell me your my heartbreaker '

'cause girl my heart is breaking

Don't tell me im you heartbreaker

'cause girl my heart is breaking (hey girl)

girl you see me standing here (standing here)

standing in the rain, oh baby

Any chance that you could stay right here

And never go away?

   Girl you say that you don't wanna talk but it's cool

I've been thinking 'bout you all day long

hoping you pick up the phone

Girl i know that i don't want to lose your love

oh baby (oh baby) oh baby

    Oh girl i got a secret place that we can go (secret place that we can go)

'cause i really wanna be alone (i really wanna be alone)

And no one else gotta know (nobody else)

just meet me later on the low (would you meet me on the low, girl?)

Don't tell me your my heartbreaker (baby don't tell me ,no)

Girl my heart is breaking

don't tell me your my heartbreaker

'cause girl my heart is breaking (heart is breaking, woah)

   So what im really tryna say is

And i hope you understand

Is despite of all the imperfections of who i am

i still wanna be your man

i know it hasn't been easy for us to talk with everyone being around

But this is personal, this is for me andyou

And i want you to know that i still love you

i know the seasons may change

And sometimes love goes from sunshine to rain

and I'm under this umbrella and I'm calling you name

And you know i don't wanna lose that

i still believe in us

i still believe in love

i still believe in us

i hope you believe in us

the way i believe in us

you don't see

'cause what don't see, is when we don't speak

i really don't sleep, i wanna talk to ya

And if i had the world in my hands I'd give it all to ya

I wanna know if you're feeling, the way that i'm feeling

I wanna know if your feeling, the way i , the way that i

You told me to be careful with your heart, your heart

you told me to be careful with your heart, with your heart

         with you heart

  i finished the song but i had tears in my eyes i looked out ant the crowed and yelled out


and with that i walked on backstage and saw a person i never thought i'll see again


oooooo whos that person

i just wanted to tell you guys is don't let your heart fall hard for a person because you never know if they are going to catch it i know that feeling stay strong guys


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